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Desolation Row


How difficult would it be to obtain emails from Trump-supporting FBI agents threatening Hillary ?

Would a $10,000 cash prize bring any of them out of the woodwork?

With all the talk about the "lovers" talking bad about Donald Trump, one might think there were no Trump supporters in the FBI that said anything negative about Hillary Clinton?

Did any of them threaten her life?

What kind of nicknames did they call her?

Or was the entire FBI against Donald Trump? I rather doubt that.

He really needs to be called out on this nonsense. Another of his destructive lies.

But what about "what aboutism"?

Trump supporters are now in their "what about" defense.

No matter how serious the charges, they respond with "What about Obama", or "What about Hillary?"

If you mention the children being locked up on the border, and some dying in America's custody, they say "What about Obama and the 'Fast and Furious'?

If you mention the education plan of Democratic candidates to pay off student debt, they say, "We don't need a college education....how about a new car?"

If you mention the murder of Khasoggi by the Saudi assassins, they say, "What about Hillary and Benghazi?"

The "what aboutism" is all about covering for Donald Trump, no matter what charges might come up.

Yeah, what about all those babies dying with abortions?

These people make it impossible to compromise on anything. You have two choices. Fight or surrender.

Just to prove there was "no collusion", Trump colludes with Putin.

For anyone that had any doubts, he kicked out all the American media and only permitted Russian media in the meeting. How much more proof do you need?

Then, when they make their public appearance, they both degrade the news media as "fake news". With a wink and a nod, they agree there will be no Russian "meddling" in the next election.

Every American should rest comfortably knowing that Donald Trump has their back. Not!

He is selling all of America down the river, whether or not his supporters think he is a strong patriot who loves America. He doesn't love America. He loves money.

For those that think there was no collusion or no obstruction, there is a bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale.

The 2020 issue that matters is democracy itself (WashPost)


The future of U.S. democracy will be on the ballot next year. No one should pretend otherwise.

We witnessed President Trump’s obvious disdain for democratic rights and liberties once again last week during his warm encounter in Japan with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

And the Supreme Court’s partisan, antidemocratic decision on gerrymandering, written by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., showed how dangerous it would be to expand a right-wing majority hellbent on making our system less inclusive, less fair and less equal.

For these reasons, Democratic primary voters should not be knocked for making “electability” their highest criterion in picking a presidential candidate.

How Donald Trump sees himself?

He sees himself as a producer and a director of a TV show. Each day is a new episode for which he must have a new script.

(His many years of running 'The Apprentice' TV show gave him great insight and experience in understanding how the media works. Although he is ignorant in many areas, this is not one of them.

His trip to the DMZ was already scripted. That was likely the content of the last letter he received from Kim? Everything must be scripted. He is a control freak.)

He sees himself as one of the great leaders and "businessmen" of the world, second only to Vladimir Putin, with deference to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Nobody is smarter than he. He will listen to advisers, but if he is familiar - even slightly - with the topic discussed, he will go with his own opinion.

(He knows how to get the attention and support of the Republican Party, including its leaders in Washington. "Divide and conquer" should be his motto.)

He knows that money talks and bullshit walks, and sometimes, bullshit talks and money walks. Money is his god. He knows that sometimes he has to pay people off, and sometimes, he has to put people on...

Which is the biggest gamble??

To impeach Donald Trump and permit the Republicans to rally their base and their supporters?

Or to not impeach and deflate Democratic Party turn-out?

I think this is a serious question that Democratic Party leaders need to ask themselves.

After all, all Democrats do not think or vote the way their supporters on DU think and vote.

In my opinion, they are taking a bigger gamble by not voting to impeach. Whether or not he is convicted in the Senate is irrelevant. Democrats must show that they are willing to stand for something, even if there is the possibility of defeat.

However, experience teaches us that it is much more difficult to defend a criminal than to prosecute one.

If, after the testimony of Robert Mueller, the Democrats do not move to impeach, it could be a very costly move for Democrats, in my opinion. Of course, that would assume that Mueller would validate the information that is in his report.

It would be very sad, if Trump and the Republicans were to win the next election, and the Democrats had chosen not to pursue impeachment. The Party would have a huge task of re-building.

So, it is a gamble with either course they take. To take the politically safe course is not a guaranteed winner.

They should choose what is morally and constitutionally right, rather than what is politically right. That is a safer ground to stand on, and much less of a gamble, in my opinion.

A couple of questions for John Bolton and Mike Pompeo?

Do you trust Donald Trump in a room alone with Vladimir Putin?


It might have been...

For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'.

John Greenleaf Whittier
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