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At what point, can you not work in a "bi-partisan" way with the other Party?

There are probably a lot things we can work together on? Such as fixing our roads and bridges, fixing our Social Security System, spending for Defense, creating jobs, childcare, healthcare, etc.

But don't ask us to turn the other way when children are being locked in cages. Do not ask us to work in a bi-partisan way on any cruel, unempathetic, criminal, dangerous, or treasonous activity? Do not dare seek our support in suppressing the votes of our citizens. Do not ask us to look the other way as Russia is manipulating our voting system.

Do not ask us to ignore the lies. Do not ask us to overlook the dangers to our national security. Do not ask us to understand your leaders that put their heads in the sand and pretend it is "just politics". Do not ask us to respect and honor a leader that possesses all of the qualities above.

We cannot work in a bi-partisan manner on such matters. We refuse to promote your immorality. We cannot support your treasonous activities.

Has anyone watched "Hitler A Career" on Netflix ?

It was difficult not to relate it to present times.

Watching Hitler shock the world with his behavior. His march into Sudetenland to take back the land for the Germans and later, his Blitzkrieg into Poland, as the world watched helplessly. His aggression could not be stopped, so some countries tried to appease him, such as Britain and France.

The more he got away with, the worse he became. He was idolized by so many people. And they followed him right up to the end.

It was very informative with a lot of video I had never seen before and gave a different perspective on the madman.

The White House is putting these types of messages on Facebook:

Behind the scenes, they are quite busy on social media.


Farmers are pissed off with Trump.

Traditionally, farmers have been loyal Republicans. Donald Trump is making that tradition very difficult to continue.

Farmers understand that these trade wars are going to hurt for a long time. They are not "easy" to win, as Donald Trump has said.

Because once the tariffs are lifted, the markets do not return to where they were before. There are new exporters and new supply chains. It takes time to build those up.

Although many of the farmers supported Trump and believe he is right in standing up to the Chinese, it does not lessen their pain. The corporate welfare (taxpayers dollars) that is given the farmers as a subsidy does not make up for their losses.

Their votes are not money in the bank for Donald Trump, in my opinion. Democrats should re-assure them that their markets and their livelihoods will be protected under a Democratic president.

Are people in Florida already evacuating the coast?

Who is leading the evacuation?

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

If Comey had been indicted, could he have forced Donald Trump to testify?

That is probably why the partisan IG declined to prosecute?

The IG report failed to put the charges against Comey into any sort of context.

He never mentioned that Donald Trump wanted Comey to swear loyalty to him and to drop all charges against General Flynn. James Comey made personal memos after his meeting with Trump.

The IG report helped Donald Trump more than anyone else.

Has Someone Already Asked?

Where are the other hundred Democrats in the House?

I saw a report on cable news that there were now 135 votes for impeachment.

That means they only need 83 more votes to have enough votes to impeach? It doesn't mean they will vote to impeach. Only that they have the power to impeach with 218 votes.

What are they waiting on? Isn't it about time to act? Isn't it about time to go on the offensive?

Just today, we read about another abuse of power. He tells his people he will pardon them if they break the law while constructing the wall. Don't worry about environmental laws. Don't worry about eminent domain - just take the land! And if you are charged with a crime, I will pardon you?


Perhaps the Congress should investigate that story?

Republican Senators up for re-election in 2020.

If the Democrats can take back the White House, they will need to net three wins to control the US Senate. From today's vantage point, that looks very possible.

It is very possible that Martha McSally could lose in AZ. The astronaut husband of Gabby Giffords is running very strong and a recent poll had him leading in the race. Also, Cory Gardner could easily lose in Colorado to Hickenlooper or whomever might win the Democratic primary.

Joni Ernst could very well lose in Iowa as well as Susan Collins in Maine. Ernst was recently shouted down in one of her townhalls in Iowa over her voters desires to pass some sort of gun safety legislation. Of course, Collins recent votes have called into question her judgement.

Thom Tillis, John Cornyn, and Tom Cotton could be in much closer races than anyone presently anticipates. And there always seems to be a surprise amongst the races that everyone overlooks. This might be a year for that?

In my opinion, it is very possible for the Democrats to re-claim the Senate. The country needs them.



The moment that FOX News is forced to report a damaging story on Donald Trump...

...will be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.

If FOX News reports that Donald Trump was getting huge loans from Deutsche Bank and having them co-signed by Russian oligarchs, that will be a story that will be very difficult for them to explain away.

After all, Trump assured everyone that he had no business with Russia. When the truth was that he had almost all his business with Russia, then it is a lie that is hard to dismiss.

FOX News has always been an obstacle to getting to the truth and holding people accountable before the law. They have always been able to laugh and shrug it off as nothing but "Democrat partisanship".

But, if they report that Trump was in bed with Putin and the oligarchs, which we already know to be true, then it will shine a different light on their hero and messiah, in my opinion. It will change the entire narrative from the right and from FOX News.

It will be extremely damaging for Donald Trump.
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