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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
May 31, 2021

Does Roger know something ??


Roger Stone said he expects former President Donald Trump to face charges in New York.

The longtime confidant to Trump made the prediction on Friday while speaking to Alex Jones, the founder of right-wing website Infowars, as investigators dig into the former president's business empire, according to Salon.

"I would be shocked if they did not come forward with a fabricated indictment for bank fraud or tax fraud against the former president by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance," Stone said.

"Don't be surprised if the announcement comes at the exact time that we learn the truth about Maricopa County, Arizona," he said, suggesting the audit will find fraud in the contest that Trump lost.
May 31, 2021

Biden Calls for Defense of Democracy on Memorial Day


WASHINGTON—President Biden honored American military service members who died in the line of duty, using a Memorial Day address to call for a defense of democracy in the U.S. and around the globe.

“Democracy must be defended at all costs. For democracy makes this all possible,” Mr. Biden said Monday at an amphitheater in Arlington National Cemetery. “Democracy. That’s the soul of America. And I believe it’s a soul worth fighting for, and so do you, a soul worth dying for.”
May 31, 2021


May 31, 2021

Is the "Trump Party" stronger than the Democratic Party?

Most folks would say "No". I think there is little doubt about that.

But, is the "Trump Party" stronger than the Democratic Party? We like to think not.

However, there is no guarantee that the Democrats will ever again get the turnout they got in the last election? Due to the COVID, there were creative ways for people to vote. They were not illegal votes. But they were not Democrats that normally voted in previous elections. Fortune smiled on the Democrats.

We do not like to think about how strong the Trump "coalition" is, in comparison to the Democratic and Republican Parties. In my opinion, we should not overlook the substantial number of Democratic and Independent voters that joined the Trump Party. (After all, he got 75 million votes) That was about 9 million more votes than Hillary got in the previous election.

So, what happens if the Trump Party is stronger than both the Democratic Party and the remaining Republican Party? That is a whole new ballgame that we have not envisioned. However, that is not an impossibility.

Indeed, that could spell the end of democracy as we have known it. In effect, the majority of the people of this country could vote to do away with democracy, in favor of a authoritarian dictatorship.

What does it mean?

It means that "normal" Democrats and Republicans are fighting the wrong battle. If they truly want to defeat this very strong fascist movement, then they need to join forces. As improbable as that may sound, it may be the only way to save democracy?

The issues that unite the American people are stronger than all the issues that separate the present Democratic and Republican Parties. They must find a way to fight this "enemy" together or we will all lose our democracy.

Not a pleasant thought.

(Edited title of post - changed Republican to Democratic)

May 30, 2021

A quote from Erich Fromm: The Sane Society

“The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make these vices virtues, the

fact that they share so many errors does not make the errors to be truths, and the fact that

millions of people share the same form of mental pathology does not make these people sane. “

Erich Fromm; The Sane Society

May 30, 2021

A mad dog cannot be left to roam the streets alone.

It must be put away or put down.

Those that say, "Oh, what a beautiful dog!" are not rational people.

Those that wish to ignore it, in hopes it will just go away, are not in touch with reality.

The mad dog must be taken off the streets or no one is safe.

Those that wish to pet the animal will soon find out that it is not their friend.

May 30, 2021

The line in the sand.

On one side of the line are those who believe that Donald Trump is still the President and that those people that attacked our Capitol on January 6th were totally justified. (After all, they were chanting "USA! USA! USA" )

On the other side of the line are those that say they believe in the facts and the truth. Joe Biden is the President because he got more votes. They see an existential threat to our democracy and our country.

Neither is ready to cross that line and accept the other side's argument as legitimate. That is the reality. That is where we are today.

As the Buddha stated, there are three things that can be long hidden - the sun, the moon, and the truth. Eventually, the truth will be exposed.

Until then, we can only stand on our side of the line. They can stay on their side of the line. In the next election, Americans can choose which side of the line they choose to stand?

May 30, 2021

What should happen if...?

...A few US Congressmen were proven to be connected to the "Capital Coup"?

Can Congressmen be charged with crimes? Some would argue immunity, so long as they are in the Congress?

It would present a difficult situation.

But, just as Congressmen have free speech to say whatever they wish to say, without threat or censorship, so too, do we common citizenry.

Should Merrick Garland and the DOJ investigate those Congressmen? What were they thinking and what was their intent?

(But I am pretty sure they are on top of it)

May 30, 2021

Goodbye USA

(I wrote this as a short melody a few years ago)


We’ll leave here in the morning-
Goodbye USA-
We’ll stop in Arizona on the way.

Put the kids in the car -
And fill it up with gas -
The American Dream -
Was too good to last.

Left our families and our friends-
And drove day and night-
Looking for a place-
With a friendly light.

Worked our fingers to the bone-
In the mines and in the fields-
Trying to make enough-
Just to pay our bills.

So put the kids in the car-
You know we can’t be late-
‘Cause tonight we’ll be-
Sleeping in Santa Fe.

We’ll leave here in the morning-
Goodbye USA-
We’ll stop in Arizona on the way.


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