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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Carp are dumb fish.

They are these big orange fish that are known as "bottom feeders". They glide along the bottom of rivers and ponds, with their fish lips vacuuming up all the filth they can find.

There is not a lot of sport in catching them. They will bite on anything. They are big and sluggish.

Some people have been known to eat them. However, they have a mud streak down their sides, which has to be cleaned away, before they are edible. But, there are some folks who will eat just about anything.

They like to show off. Sometimes they will come to the top of the water just to let the sunlight reflect off their shiny orange scales.

The moral of the story is that you can put a big fish on the dining table, if you don't mind the mud.

Is Donald Trump daring the DOJ to act?

With his dangerous and inciteful comments at his recent rally?

It looks and smells like seditious conspiracy.

So far, only one person has been charged with "seditious conspiracy", that I have heard about. Elmer "What's-his-name"?

I think the US Marshals and the US Attorneys, and maybe the FBI, may need to be re-inforced, in a few places, especially those states and towns where they hold rallies?

The DOJ needs to make its presence known, in my humble opinion.


The disgraced ex-President has no other option but to pretend he is running again in 2024.

It keeps up the spirits of his MAGA followers.

It keeps his stream of revenue coming in.

It keeps the media talking about him.

But, most of all, he thinks it protects him from criminal indictment.

Once he is charged, his presidential ambitions will disappear like a puff of smoke.

Republican opposition to a AA woman on the SC makes it necessary to put an AA woman...

...on the Court.

It doesn't change the make-up of the Court or swing it in another direction.

The open and brazen racism cannot be allowed to succeed.

They don't even try to hide their racism anymore. It is out in the open for all to see.

Joe Biden must put an African-American woman on the Supreme Court.

We cannot turn back on our march for equal rights and human rights.

Some New Bluegrass - Billy Strings

The timeline of the conspiracy

It started the moment Donald Trump entered the arena. The moment he came down the golden escalator and started blaming the immigrants for all our problems. He was always the victim. If Hillary won the election, that means it was rigged, he said.

So one year out from his re-election bid, he began anew. There was no way Biden could win unless the election was stolen. He would leave the country if Sleepy Joe won, he said. It was impossible for him to lose, he told his supporters.

Then, he lost.

He wanted revenge and the conspiracy began. Plan A. He went to all the courts. He lost all his cases. He had zero evidence anything was "stolen" from him. He used the courts in an attempt to get them to rule in his favor. This was immediately after the election in early November.

When he saw that was not going to work, he moved to plan B. He would pressure the politicians and the state legislatures in the toss-up states. He would call them and threaten them, as he did with Raffensberger in GA. He conspired heavily with the Republicans in Arizona and they were willing to cooperate with him in every instance, including a recount of the votes by the Cyber Ninjas.

Then he moved to Plan C, as a backup if none of the above worked. He would get the Republican legislators in the toss-up states to create "alternate" ballots to mail in declaring Donald J Trump the winner in their states. He would use Rudy as his point man in the plot. In the interim, he would pressure Mike Pence to declare the "alternate" ballots as the real ballots on January 6th and he would remain in the White House. If Pence balked at that idea, he could simply send the ballots back to the states and let them verify the winner. In the end, Pence chose to do neither.

There was nothing left but Plan D.

On December 19th, 6 days before Christmas, he sent out a tweet to his followers. He was requesting they be in Washington DC on January 6th, the day Pence would make his decision. "It will be wild", he told them.

Then he set up a team to handle Plan D. They would work out of the Willard Hotel in a "war room" with Steve Bannon and Boris Epshteyn and others. They would coordinate the final step in the conspiracy. They would prevent the ballots from being verified by Pence on January 6th. Trump would handle his Republican friends in the House and Senate to make sure they did their job to block the certification of Joe Biden as the next President. People like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, and many others were more than willing to do his bidding.

When it became evident that Pence was not going to go along with their plot, Plan D was put into place. If they did not "show strength, they would have no country", he told them in his speech. He incited them to march down to the "Cap-i-tol" and that he would be with them. But he never went with them. He went back to the White House to watch it on TV and to enjoy what they were willing to do just for him.

And now, the Select Committee is putting all the pieces together.

Blues, Stay Away From me (Delmore Brothers)

Did anyone watch the J/6 Committee interviews on Nicolle Wallace's show?

It was quite enlightening.

The interviews with Dan Goldman and Betsy Woodruff, with the guidance of Nicolle Wallace, were very informative, in the way they have put the plot together. Who told them and why were the electors told to sign fake elector ballots?

They put together the plot very effectively. They discussed whether or not Rudy Giuliani did it by himself or whether he was informed by Donald Trump?

The interview with Zoe Lofgen indicated that the Committee probably has a grasp on how the entire conspiracy has gone down. They know how it all happened.

Also, that there is a better chance to get information from these subpoenaed electoral workers than from someone higher up the chain. One had already agreed to testify.

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together rather quickly.

Most of the crumbs lead to the door of the disgraced ex-President.

Who or what is preventing Trump, Giuliani, and Big Lie promoters from finding the evidence?

About all those elections that were stolen?

It's been over a year since Biden was sworn into office and we are still hearing the Big Lie about how the election was stolen but no one has shown any evidence. They have had plenty of time to find out the facts and present them to the American public if they were serious about it. But we have seen nothing.

What could possibly be the reason they have not found the evidence of cheating in the last election? The only evidence we have seen about rigging an election shows it was these same people, not the Democrats?

How long can they ride this dead horse?

How long until their supporters open their eyes?

Some of these wannabe insurrectionists probably feel like they have been sucked into the matrix?

They just wanted to show off their new guns and brag about how they were "going to take back their country" and just got caught up in all the excitement and bullshit?

They just wanted to be part of the club. They listened to Hannity and Tucker and they didn't believe anything from the "fake news". Whatever they needed to know, their Leader would tell them. They never meant real harm to anyone.

But now, they find themselves looking at criminal charges and possible prison time for their actions. They were ignorant of what was really happening. They were just playing the "game".

They hid their guns in their motel rooms. They ransacked the US Capitol and threatened the lives of the elected representatives and the Vice-President. They conspired to send fake electors to the National Archive, just in case they were able to steal a few elections. They sought to overthrow our government and put a strongman in charge.

Now, some of them must feel unfairly used and betrayed. They didn't go to the eighth grade for this shit. They are not criminals. They were just looking for some meaning to their lives.
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