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"American democracy is not a reality show"....Joe Biden

The quote of the night from the Correspondents Dinner, in my opinion.

President Joe Biden used Saturday night’s return of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner to reaffirm the role of the free press — a stark contrast to his predecessor’s toxic relationship with the media and refusal to attend the event during his four years in office.

“The free press is not the enemy of the people, far from it,” Biden said, in a nod to one of former President Donald Trump’s favorite media attack lines. “The truth matters. American democracy is not a reality show. It’s not a reality show. It’s reality itself.”


Have Republicans miscalculated political impact of January 6th coup attempt?

I do believe that Kevin McCarthy was persuaded by Donald Trump that people would forget all about the coup, just as they forgot about all the other crimes he committed and the previous impeachment. There was plenty of time until the next election and by then, the coup attempt would be buried and forgotten.

But, in my opinion, if they are wrong, the midterm elections could be a shattering defeat for them. In normal times, the minority almost always picks up seats, commensurate with the state of the economy. However, this time, the voters might have a different idea?

Especially, since the coup attempt is about ready to take center stage in the next few weeks. We don't know what information will come out and we don't know how people might react? If it is shown in the starkest terms how the former President and the Republican Party tried to overthrow an election and keep the former dictator-wannabe in power, it may not reflect as favorably on the GOP as they now think?

When the people see how close they came to losing their democracy, I do not believe they will reward the insurrectionist Republicans, regardless of where the economy is at this time.

Just my opinion.

Is there a consensus on why the militias and white supremacists came to the Capitol on January 6th?

Did they get an email?

Who was it from?

Did they then organize in numbers to come to the Capitol?

Did they plan violence beforehand?

Did they bring weapons with them?

Were they just "following orders"?

Were they given "legitimacy" by the former president?

I think it would be good information to have about why they decided to come to Washington on January 6th?

Or do we already know?

*Bulletin* - FOX News "Fake News"

After all those years listening to Donald Trump and his cult rave about "fake news", we now find out, through the latest released text messages, that Sean Hannity and FOX News were working hand in hand with the Trump White House.

As we now discover, Hannity was one of the top advisers of Donald Trump. He was willing to report whatever was helpful for the Trump campaign. Also, right up to January 6th, he was willing to assist in over-throwing the election of Joe Biden and the 81 million voters that supported him.

At almost every rally, Trump would point to the reporters of CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, and others and accuse them of being the "fake news". After a while, his supporters would only listen to Donald Trump, thru FOX News, for their news. They did not trust any of the "fake news" outlets.

Now we see that FOX News was the "fake news" all along.

Justice is on trial.

As one of the three Branches of government, if it collapses, the other Branches collapse with it.

Without justice, there can be no legitimate government.

Our Justice System is supported by the ideals within our Constitution. If those that break the laws of our Constitution are not held accountable, then our government, as established by the Founders, no longer continues to exist.

George Washington warned us about "political Parties". I am almost certain he was thinking of "political Parties" as they exist today. The loyalties to political Parties supersede the loyalties to the nation.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Joe Biden sit on the threshold of history, in my opinion. It is the Executive Branch that is responsible for the execution and enforcement of the laws created by Congress.

I hope I'm Stoned -- When Jesus Takes Me Home

I hate what the Republicans have done to our Constitution and the rule of law.

I despise the way they had a chance to stand up and protect the rule of law and they chose to destroy it, instead.

As if it wasn't enough when the former President attempted to extort the President of Ukraine by "asking a favor", they had to go further, to vote that he should not be convicted for his transgression. They were warned that he would do it again and that it would be worse. The rule of law was severely wounded. Then, it happened again.

It is despicable the way the Republican cult murdered the rule of law on January 6th. Our Capitol was captured by a gang of criminal, brain-washed, misfits. There was a conspiracy to take over the Capitol, stop the Electoral College vote certification, and declare that Donald Trump had won the election, after all the alternate ballots were counted. They have done nothing short of betraying our country.

It hurts to realize that they had a chance to do the right thing and chose the opposite path. There is no need to mention names. They know who they are and you know who they are. They are a disgrace to America.

They have forgotten their oath to the Constitution.

What are the top issues the Democrats should be discussing?

Hopefully, they can be more focused than all of us posters here on DU?

Try to choose the one you consider the most important.

Will the Committee be so daring as to subpoena Pence and Trump?

Before they begin their public hearings?

If they do not get testimony from Pence and Trump, is their job incomplete?

Or is that a bridge too far for them?

The Grand Old Cover-Up

Listening to the latest tapes of Kevin McCarthy and his fellow Republicans, one cannot escape a disheartening conclusion. They chose to cover-up the January 6th insurrection and the actions of some of their own members, in the hope and belief that it would all go away with time.

The tapes expose McCarthy and other leading Republicans as fully aware of the danger and the seriousness of the situation on January 6th and afterward. In some instances, they called out fellow members by name. They were fearful that they would incite further violence, after the mob on January 6th brought "ropes and everything else".

They understood that it was not a simple tour thru the Capitol. They knew that some of their own members were involved with the violence.

But, they decided to do nothing about it. They chose, as a Party, to cover it all up. They would minimize it all and try to stay in the good graces of Donald Trump, who they hoped would keep them in power. They chose Party over country - Party over democracy.

The tapes show the extent they went to cover up the crimes of January 6th. The hit dogs are now barking. The Grand Old Party Cover-Up is now being exposed.
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