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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
July 1, 2022

When Trump told his followers to "march peacefully and patriotically" to the Capitol?

He meant exactly that, in my opinion.

He wanted them to be peaceful and patriotic on their way to the Capitol.

But then, he wanted them to "fight like hell".

Or they "would not have a country anymore".

They did exactly as they were told. They marched peacefully to the Capitol and then all hell broke loose.

They knew exactly what to do once they got there.

Trump's comments, in my opinion, was meant for his supporters not to create any disturbances on the way to the Capitol.

Once they got there, they had their orders.

It was like walking across a pasture of cow patties and pointing out the one clover blossom in the field.

July 1, 2022

Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump have thrown the Supreme Court totally out of balance.

Indeed, they are more like another legislative body. They have become power-drunk with their politics. It is a dangerous predicament for American democracy.

What should be done?

There are many arguments against expanding the Court, including that of President Joe Biden. But something needs to be done.

There was a time when the Chief Justice could protect the minority. However, with the present 6/3 majority, his vote is of little concern. The Court is stacked, even against the Chief Justice.

In my opinion, the Court is not legitimate at this time. It needs some sort of balance, without trying to achieve a political majority. They should try to give power back to the Chief Justice.

It is my theory that the addition of one more Justice would help to correct the course. Instead of a 6/3 or 5/4 vote, the Chief Justice could cast the tie-vote, which would send it back to the lower court decision.

This would NOT give the Supreme Court back to the Democrats. However, it would give some power back to Chief Justice Roberts. It would take away some power from the radical religious Justices now in power.

The addition of one Justice could not be argued as giving power to the Democrats. It absolutely does not. The conservatives would still maintain a 6/4 majority. Only the vote of the Chief Justice could create a tie vote.

But, at the present time, that would be better than nothing.

If that did not correct the imbalance, they could think of adding more Justices to balance the political drift the Court has now taken. But at the present time, they should add one more Justice and give some power back to the Chief Justice.

Retirement or death could resolve the problem, but the problem is now.

June 30, 2022

Speaker Pelosi's invisble hand behind the J6 Committee hearings?

I am almost certain that it is she who is calling the shots on the witnesses and who is going to do the questioning? It is Speaker Pelosi who has determined that they will "prosecute" their case with almost all Republicans. It removes a major weapon from Trump and the Republicans' hands, the one of "partisan" biases. Behind the scenes, it will be shown that Nancy Pelosi was maneuvering the Committee in a brilliant, non-partisan fashion.

In the end, Liz Cheney may get most of the positive press from the Hearings, but Nancy Pelosi is pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes, in my opinion.

June 30, 2022

How Trump gets away with it?

First of all, any charge against him is false. It is the radicals on the left that are lying about him.
He calls into FOX and other right-wing outlets to express his innocence.

He pretends it never happened at all. Anybody that contradicts him is a liar and has deep personality flaws.

He could not get away with anything if he did not have his own propaganda network willing to spread his lies and propaganda. No matter how serious the charge, he shrugs it off as nothing but his political opponents going after him. He ignores all evidence and blatantly lies to support his innocence. FOX News is always willing to support and report on his version of events.

Those that challenge him do not have the "courage" to do the "right thing". The "right thing" is whatever is in the interest of Donald Trump. Those willing to break the laws and go along with Trump's schemes are "great" Americans. Those that disagree are anti-American.

Rinse and repeat. Run it thru the propaganda machine.

Nothing is ever fully exposed. Thru propaganda and partisan division, it is all filed in the "it never happened" and anyway, they deserved it.

June 30, 2022

Tina Peters, a bellweather in Colorado?

Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk. was very popular with the pro-Trump crowd in Colorado. She had been arrested last year and put in cuffs, on video, for her efforts to prove the machines were not accurate. She had been restricted from monitoring any county elections.

So she decided to run for Colorado Secretary of State, whereby she would be in charge of counting the votes in all the counties. She had traveled to numerous events outside of Colorado to push her conspiracy theories. She was always well-received by the Trump crowds.

But, last Tuesday, she lost her race badly. She came in third with about 25% of the vote. I am sure Republicans still in Trump's orbit took notice? Trump did not help her at all. In fact, he may have cost her votes?

The present Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, a Democrat, is expected to win in November. She is very popular and competent.

June 30, 2022

Just when you thought you could never imagine anything worse....

Your imagination gets shot all to hell.

Was this guy actually going to go down to the Capitol and join the mob in celebration of him becoming dictator of America? It appears that may have been the case. Like a Third-World strongman, he was going to stand behind the podium of the people's House and wave a sword in the air like a tin-horn dictator.

Did he actually take the fine china at the White House and fling it against the wall like monkey at the zoo flinging its poop? It appears likely that it happened. And more than once.

Did you ever imagine that?

We will all need to expand our imaginations before this is over.

June 30, 2022

Trump World Tremors..

A few FOX hosts and commentators have expressed concern over the recent testimony before the J6 Committee. One even called it "devastating".

Andrew McCarthy, the very conservative lawyer, and Trump supporter, said that some laws may have been broken?

There are a few examples here and there that show the hard core supporters in the cult have been processing what they have heard from the J6 Committee?

FOX "News" has always been a threat to our democracy. They felt obligated to give the opposing opinion on every issue of the day. There would be no consensus in our democracy so long as FOX News was around. It was not about "free speech" or "fair and balanced". It was about opposition to everything our democracy proclaimed to stand for.

Unless and until FOX changes their position on politics and telling the truth, we cannot expect to heal our nation. They are a cankerous sore on America.

So the small tremors we are hearing about are probably not that significant. We should not expect a political earthquake anytime soon.

June 30, 2022

Why did everyone wait until after January 6th to ask for a pardon?

Was it only then that they saw that the coup had failed?

And they wanted a pardon to clear them of everything they had done up to that point?

But when Pence ordered the National Guard to restore order to the Capitol, and after Trump had told all his supporters to go home in peace and that they were loved., it was then they realized it was over.

John Eastman, Trump's attorney, asked to be put on the "pardon list", if it was not too late.

After January 6th, the reality had set in. Their quixotic overthrow of the US Government had failed.

Trump promised his followers that he would go down to the Capitol with them, in his speech at the Ellipse. He knew that the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers were armed. And he did not expect the National Guard to be there. He had ordered them to stand down.

Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and Rudy Guiliani were leading the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers from the Willard Hotel. They were to be Trump's Praetorian Guard as he marched into the Capitol to declare himself President for life for America. As much as he wanted to be there, something happened to interfere with his arrival. Reportedly, his Secret Service detail refused to go along with his request and he was "irate" about it.

But he still believed he could make it back to the White House. His Cabinet and many of his followers deserted him and he was left alone with his madness.However, he had made them believe what he believed.

Many more shocking details are left to uncover.

June 29, 2022

Did Trump truly want to lead the mob into the Capitol?

It is possible.

Because at the time, he knew they had a lot of weapons. He had asked the security to shut down the MAGS because the large number of weapons was preventing him from getting the crowd he wanted at the Ellipse.

Also, this was immediately after his speech and the SS was taking him back to the White House. It was reported that he was very "irate". We do not know for sure how this was manifested?

But, Trump knew that the National Guard was not going to interfere per his orders. This was a couple of hours before VP Pence had taken it upon himself to call in the Guard and restore order.

So, at the time, Trump felt safe and secure going to the Capitol. He knew those with the weapons did not come there to hurt him.

It is not totally unbelievable that he wanted to lead the mob into the Capitol, however absurd it may sound.

June 29, 2022

Are we now ready to enter the "Cover-Up" phase?

Will the Congress be investigated? Will the 139 Representatives that voted not to certify the election be asked any questions?

Will we ever know the plans of those in the "War Room" at the Willard Hotel?

Will we ever know how far Donald Trump was going to take it to remain in power?

Will the American people ever understand that the Big Lie about a stolen election was nothing more than an excuse to do all the illegal acts leading up to the attack upon our Capitol? The entire purpose was to keep Donald Trump and the Republicans in power.

Will Donald Trump or Mark Meadows ever serve any time?

Haven't we seen enough? Isn't it about time to sweep it under the rug and cover it up and see how much history will remember?

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