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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
July 31, 2022

This Democratic narrative should begin today.

It was not OK to attack our Capitol.

Those that did so should be held legally accountable.

There was no justification for attacking the most sacred place of our democracy.

No one should be above the law.

Everyone involved in the attack upon our Capitol should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Believing a lie does not make it true.

This is the narrative that should be widespread if the day comes when the Justice Department might have to indict very popular figures who committed criminal acts.

The time to start is now.

July 31, 2022

How do Trump supporters justify the attack upon our Capitol?

Obviously, if they did not support the attack upon our Capitol, they would not be supporting Trump.

Conversely, if they still support Trump, they must have supported the attack upon our Capitol?

How do they explain that the Secret Service was trying to protect Mike Pence on January 6th and move him to safety but they made no attempt to move Trump anywhere away from his TV?

How do they defend such traitorous acts and still call themselves patriotic Americans?

Or do they not call themselves "patriotic" Americans anymore?

July 31, 2022

The flood in KY brings back a lot of trauma and memories from 1977.

Jimmy Carter was the President.

I was driving from Nashville back to the mountains of KY and it rained my entire trip. The roof of my car started leaking.

By midnight, people were going door to door to tell folks they had to evacuate their homes. My Mom and sisters went to the big Baptist Church in the middle of town. It seemed like a safe refuge.

By two or three am, the water was coming over the floodwall and started to cover the homes. My mom lost her car and all her possessions.

There were so many stories from that flood. I recall how one man was rescued halfway up a telephone pole in his diver's frogsuit.

I remember a neighbor that had an invalid grandmother and decided to move into the third floor of their home where they thought they would be safe. When they stepped out of their bed in the dark at 2:30 in the morning, the water was up to their knees.

The postmaster killed himself.

The water was about to get into the hospital as they brought people into the back door in boats.

My Mom and family and others were rescued from the church about midnight and they had to crawl out a window in the top floor of the church and duck under the electrical wires as the boat got them out of the church.

A woman on the other side of the town was having a baby and they had to bring her to the hospital as the boat crossed the steel-span bridges on the way.

My brothers and friends parked on a road above the graveyard as the water kept rising. There was a rumor that a coffin had come out of a freshly dug grave.

There were so many stories. This flood in Kentucky brings them all back.

Three days later, the water had receded and many were able to get back into their homes. The mud was 6 to 8 inches deep on the sidewalk leading to the door. There was a stick of butter behind the screen door. The refrigerator was on its back in the kitchen. Some photos and few items were saved. Everything else was destroyed by the water and mud.

(Before I had evacuated, I had put my record collection on my bed and covered it up with the blanket. When I uncovered it, the album on top of the stack was Fathers and Sons by Muddy Waters. It was an ironic coincidence.)

But then, just as the people in Kentucky today, there was no place to live. Many people were homeless and did not have family to live with. There was no food or water.

Jimmy Carter will always be revered by our family. He sent in FEMA as soon as possible to help all the victims. He managed to get mobile homes brought in from all the surrounding states for people to live in, some as far away as Georgia and Florida. It was a lifesaver for my Mom.

I can understand what these folks in Kentucky are going thru at this time.

July 31, 2022

Which burned the most?

The 15% tax on billion dollar companies?

Or the 87,000 IRS police that was included to make sure the billionaires pay something - we should not call it a "fair share" - that was in the bill passed by the House?

The IRS had been totally demolished and no one had any fear if they did not pay their taxes. There was no one to police them. That may have changed yesterday?

McConnell don't like Manchin no more...

July 31, 2022

Why Trump will not announce whether or not he is running until after the midterms?

Because, if the Democrats maintain control of the House and Senate, who would be there to protect him? The Republicans cannot protect him if they are in the minority.

Also, if he were to announce that he was running before the midterms, and Republicans lost both the House and Senate, they would blame him. So, he will wait.

The only reason he would announce a run in '24, if Democrats are in control, would be to stuff his pockets with campaign donations. He would steal as much as possible from his gullible followers.

His only strategy would be to disrupt and create havoc in our political system. If Republicans do not win either the House or Senate, he may just call them a bunch of losers and start his own Third Party?

Republicans are going to have a helluva mess to clean up.

July 30, 2022

An indictment of Donald Trump is an indictment of the Republican Party.

That is why it is so hard to convict a former president.

A conviction of Trump is a conviction of the Republicans. They were with him every step of the way in his criminal spree against our nation.

To their credit, many Republicans left their Party when it was obvious the direction they were going. But, unfortunately almost all elected Republicans chose to stand with him, as his crimes grew more and more hideous.

It is probably impossible for one political Party to convict another political Party thru the courts, even if they are all guilty. They can only be convicted thru public opinion.

In my opinion, this is the impossible situation we, as Democrats, find ourselves today. We know that Donald Trump is guilty of serious crimes against our nation, and that the Republicans in Washington are accessories to the crimes.

But what, realistically, can be done? Other than to convict them in the arena of public opinion and to defeat them at the polls?

It is a political dilemma. This is the reality that confronts Merrick Garland and the Dept of Justice. Can they convict a former president if his political Party is also guilty?

July 29, 2022

When do we learn that the National Archives helped Trump move and destroy records?

I would not be surprised.

We tend to think of the NARA as incorruptible, but how did they get 15 boxes back from Mara-a-Lago?

These people were so corrupt that we can not begin to comprehend how deep the corruption went.

July 29, 2022

The damn dam has broke.

Usually, when Liz Cheney makes a statement, you can take it pretty seriously. Near the end of the Committee's last hearing, she made the comment about "the dam has broke"? What did she mean by that?

Now, we see people like Mulvaney and Pompeo, and others, agreeing to testify in front of the Committee. Why are they doing it?

Likely, because they would like to be on record before they are subpoenaed to be in front of a criminal grand jury? Somehow it would make them look more cooperative, with nothing to hide. They do not wish to be directly connected to the DOJ investigation to overthrow our government, by violent means. They prefer to put some distance between themselves and Donald Trump.

July 29, 2022

Questions the DOJ must ask the former VP ?

These are questions that cannot be answered by a former Chief of Staff or a representative of the former Vice-President. They can only be answered by Mike Pence.

Did you or any of your family ever feel threatened on January 6th? And why?

Why did you not come forward until now?

How much pressure did you feel to change the electoral votes on January 6th?

Did you, with the approval of General Milley, call out military assistance to clear the Capitol on January 6th?

Did you ever receive a phone call from Donald Trump during the siege of the Capitol?

Did you ever feel that our democracy was under threat?

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