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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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30+ counts of document fraud related to the election?

That would include the 3 or 4 payments to Michael Cohen, we would assume? Also, perhaps a few payments to Karen McDougal, the playmate girlfriend?

What would be included in the other payments?

Was Trump paying off several women to keep them from talking?

Did Bragg get this information from Weisselberg or Pecker?

And the purpose of the payments was to keep it quiet before the election in 2016?

There seems to be much more than just the Stormy Daniels payment involved if there are that many counts of document fraud?

Regardless of what transpires from this point forward, one fact we should all remember...

Only one person is to blame for the tribulations of Donald J Trump.

Although weak and naive people will follow him, like the vermin followed the Pied Piper, it was always he that was playing the flute.

He needs the greedy politicians of the Republican Party and the Red Hat Brigade in order to remain relevant. He wants their money because once they give their money, their souls will follow.

Will we remain a nation a men or a nation of laws? Unpatriotic men will follow the siren song of criminality and curse the rule of law. They will pretend an "indictment" is the same as a hangman's noose.

Meanwhile, some will say, "Don't show me the indictment - show me the conviction!"

This is a test for our democracy. This is a test for our judicial system. If no one is above the law, then this is a road we must travel. This is a test we must take.

Two of the first Republicans to speak in Trump's defense...

...are Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin, two Republicans who want to be the next president and who want to be first in line to fish for the Trump base.

If nothing else, they are opportunists.

Stormy Monday

Can a media operation ever be charged with a crime?

Could they be charged with conspiracy or accomplices to sedition?

Granted, there are almost no limits to what a "news" organization can say or do under the auspices of the First Amendment.

However, FOX conspired with Donald Trump and the Republican Party to lie to the people about the election of 2020? They lied about the voting machine companies. They lied about what had transpired on January 6th. They lied about everything to protect Donald Trump.

Did they commit a crime?

Were they part of a conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States?

A British reaction to attack upon our Capitol the day after it happened

Into the Mystic

Until the Republicans come to their senses...

...we are doomed to continue the path we are on. The insanity of permitting assault weapons on our streets and in our schools will continue.

The Republican voters have no one to blame but themselves. They can continue with their thoughts and prayers or they can choose to do something about it.

Until their Republican leaders see that there is a political price to pay, they will continue the insanity.

They are the problem.

Trump in a pickle over Pecker

He is scared to death that Pecker will tell everything he knows about the different women that have been paid off. And the odds are that there are many more than Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

The panic and desperation has now surfaced for all to see. None of it may matter to the Trump loyalists but it would to many other Republicans, in my opinion.

If a Republican wins the next election, will he/she pardon TFG?

What do you think?

The Justice Department knows that.

But, the new President cannot pardon state charges.

That is why the NY Stormy Daniels case and the Georgia election fraud case are so important.

Trump cannot be permitted to get off with a stroke of the pen.
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