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No more lines to draw.

No more arguments to make.

No more minds to change.

Everything is already out there for all to see.

The only thing left is to do or not to do.

There is no trying.

The lines have all been drawn.

In a break with Republicans, Biden declares "press is not the enemy of the people".

Biden defended the "free press" at the White House Correspondents Dinner. He was on top of his game as he quoted Thomas Jefferson as saying that "if he had to choose between “a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter”.

Jefferson had written to Edward Carrington, who was a delegate to the Continental Congress from 1786 to 1788, on the importance of a free press to keep government in check.

Biden was sharp as a razor with some of his cutting remarks, especially ones directed toward FOX News. He pulled no punches. It had to be uncomfortable for the FOX reporters in the room.

He joked about his age and laughed at the timely remarks of the guest speaker, Roy Wood Jr., who also reminded FOX that they still had Smartmatic to deal with.

Biden reminded the guests and the viewers that democracy was still under threat and stressed the value of the truth.

Mike Pence brain droppings.

He truly believes he can re-claim the Republican Party and win the Presidency. He doesn't realize that that train left the station a long time ago.

He worries that he will be physically assaulted by Trump's soldiers, the MAGA Special Forces.

He would like very much to keep his testimony before the Grand Jury out of the public realm.

He is concerned that he may be criminally liable for some of his actions before January 6th.

He loves his political Party, maybe moreso than his country? He wants to protect a Party that no longer exists.

He thinks about how history will judge him. Did he betray his Party and country and go along with the evil Democrats and the "deep state"? Or did he choose to protect and defend the Constitution?

He knows there are people that hate him and will be looking for vengeance if his testimony before the Special Counsel becomes public.

He continues to believe that the Republican Party will survive Donald Trump and look to him, Mike Pence, as the leader of the Party.

Trump is a serial criminal. All of his crimes will never be discovered or prosecuted.

As soon as you turn over one rock, there are two more to turn over. The truth is that even if he can do something legally and straight-up, he will choose to do it illegally. Because he is a snake and he will never be an honest person.

The latest news is that the Special Counsel may be looking at mail fraud for illegal campaign spending and raising of funds. Sure, he can uncover that rock but there will be another, and another, and another.

Someday soon he will be called to answer for "some" of his criminal activities. However, there is not enough time left in this world for him or his prosecutors to charge him with all his crimes.

Also, he is unable to tell the truth, even when it is to his advantage. He should never be trusted by anyone.

Surely, if there is dogshit on the bottom of his shoes, then someone else must have carried it into the room.

We are dealing with a very mentally-ill person.

How angry will the MAGAts be with Pence?

Although no one knows what he has testified at this time, it is embedded in their brains about how much they want to "hang Mike Pence".

Trump was quoted as saying that he had a lot of "confidence" in Pence's testimony. What? He threatened his life and now he has "confidence" in him? What is that bullshit?

There must have been a lot of questions for Pence, since he was questioned for about 7 hours?

After what he has said in public and what he has written in his book, there is no reason to believe that Mike Pence came in and gave Donald Trump a clean bill of health. However, we do not know how much Pence said about their personal conversations?

As a show of bi-partisanship, Joe Biden might offer more Secret Service protection if he is physically threatened? It would show to the country that some things are more important than whether one is a Democrat or a Republican.

Just my opinion.

I switched over to FOX yesterday evening...

I was curious as to how they were reporting on the breaking Mike Pence story.

No need to worry. They were not reporting it at all.

They were in a half-panic mode reporting on the new gun laws in Washington state. They were interviewing a gun shop owner who was pointing out the number of AR-15's left on his display wall and how the people were buying them.

But Mike Pence behind closed doors, giving testimony to the Special Counsel? It was not the lead story for FOX.

With about 400 million guns in this country, more guns than people, they seem to believe that what this country needs is more guns.

It is inevitable that guns plus political division will eventually lead to violence. Is that the direction we are headed?

Whatever problems our nation may have now or in the future, guns are not the solution.

Instead they may be the end of our democracy.

Does Trump appeal to the Supreme Court the Appeals Court decision on Mike Pence's testimony?

When is the earliest Pence can go under oath and give his testimony?

Trump tried to say that Pence was covered by executive privilege and should be prevented from testifying in front of Jack Smith. The Appeals Court put the kibosh on that idea.

When will there be enough evidence to indict?

Ted Cruz's "Commission"?

For the first time, we have heard of the plan for a "commission" from an audio tape between Ted Cruz and Maria Bartiromo. How was a "commission" going to work in their plan to de-certify the election of Joe Biden and put Donald Trump into power?

At first glance, it appears that the "commission" plan was assuming that VP Pence would send the electoral vote back to a few designated states to do over? And with the vote of 7 other Senators,along with Cruz, would create a "commission" to designate new Trump electors to send to the Congress, naming Donald Trump as the winner of the electoral votes.

There is no evidence, thus far, of any communications declaring that the vote would be stopped by violent means. That was all the doings of the Proud Boys and the other violent militias, with the assistance of Donald Trump. This is what the Proud Boys are saying in their defense at their trial. Unless it is proven otherwise, it is doubtful Trump will ever be charged in the assault on the Capitol.

The idea of a "Commission" is all new information in the investigation.

The long and winding road to justice...

There was so much we did not know when the January 6th insurrection happened.

Now, over two years later, there is still a lot we do not know.

But, we do know that FOX News was instrumental in spreading the Big Lie.

We do know that the Republican Party was involved up to their eyeballs in the conspiracy to overthrow an election, from the local and state levels, all the way to the halls of the US Senate and the House of Representatives. They followed the siren call of politics and power down a path of criminality.

Along with Trump, they were all united to overturn an election and to overthrow the legitimately elected government.

Also, they consistently lied to their followers and the American people.

Perhaps they thought they were clever, rather than criminal?

Still, after two years, we are only prosecuting local and state crimes, as with the DA's in Manhattan and Fulton County, Georgia, but still wait for prosecution of the Federal charges.

Who knows when we will get to the end of the road?

Just yesterday, we learned of an audio tape of Senator Ted Cruz. We suspected his involvement all along but the audio tape was proof that he knew of a conspiracy to stop the electoral votes as of the date of January 2nd. We can only assume that Cruz and seven other Senators knew of the plot before January 6th. More than half of the House Republicans voted to not certify Joe Biden as President.

As then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned us, all the roads with Donald Trump lead back to Russia. There may still be a few turns left on this road.

In its depth, it is unprecedented.
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