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What kind of deal is Giuliani trying to negotiate?

We have heard about a "proffer" deal from the Special Counsel and the prosecutors but how much of a break should Rudy actually anticipate?

No one was more instrumental in spreading the "Big Lie" than Giuliani. He lied with reckless abandon.

Not only did he promote the lies about the last election, he also conspired to put fake electors in place that would vote for Donald Trump. He incited the crowd on January 6th, as he stood on the podium with John Eastman, at the Ellipse. He urged "combat".

It appears that Fani Willis has the goods on him in Georgia and he wants to make a deal. He doesn't want to squeal on his buddy, Donald, but if that is the only thing that will keep him out of jail, he will do it. He has no scruples. But, he does have several acquaintances at Riker's Island which he would not want to meet.

But, the question is, how much can he give the prosecution that they don't already have?

Giuliani may be the key to whether or not Donald Trump is convicted of any crimes for January 6th. It is doubtful that he would fall on his sword.

What would be your opinion of America if the people elect Donald Trump as President in 2024?

As July 4th approaches, and patriotic displays are all around us, America will celebrate our freedom and independence as the leader of the free world.

Should we be celebrating? Are we really the leader of the free world?

If the majority of this nation believes what the Trump cult believes, is it really something to brag about?

Or should we be ashamed to be associated with such a country? Is it patriotic to support hate, racism, and division of our people?

Although many of us will continue to fight for higher ideals, we cannot support the lower standards set by Trump and his cult. We must continue to fight for equality and rights for everyone. We cannot agree to go back in time.

In a democracy, if we still have one, we cannot dictate the choices that the people might make. If they choose extremism and fascism, there is not much we can do about it.

But we do not have to celebrate it.

All the guilty people proclaim their innocence.

All the folks that rioted and ransacked the US Capitol say they were justified.

They threatened to hang and kill elected Representatives because they were angry.

They say the election was stolen from them.

They offer no evidence because they have none.

They threaten everyone that disagrees with them.

They threaten our democracy.

All because their Cult Leader whined and cried because he was a butt hurt loser.

Don't you feel their pain?

How do kids, 18 or 19 years old, who can't even get a job at McDonald's...?

...get a loan for thousands of dollars to go to college?

Who is really responsible for the student debt?

Also, during the Reagan years, education was put on the supply and demand scale. They would charge whatever tuition the market would bear.

Now, they have these young people enslaved by debt for twenty or more years.

There is more to this student debt crisis than we are being told.

What is the total number of people involved in the conspiracy to put Trump back in the White House?

Starting with the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives, and many in the US Senate, it's staggering the number of people willing to resort to criminal acts to further the political goal of their leader.

We have to include many leaders in the state legislatures of majority-Republican states. Also, the money men that funded the PACs and the infrastructure of the conspiracy, such as organizing and busing people to events.

There are the MAGA politicians that worked to spread the propaganda of the Big Lie. There are the advisers and the aides that covered up the lies. Many of them lost in their election efforts.

There are people in the right-wing media outlets that promoted the conspiracy from the beginning.

There are family and long-time friends and acquaintances.

The people who assisted in the conspiracy probably reach all the way down to many local officials?

When they are all tallied together, it would have to be one of the largest conspiracies in history.

Of course, we would not count the 75 million voters that voted for him because the majority of them were probably not aware of the criminal activities that were going on?

Donald Trump is not running for President to help the people or to help the country.

He is running to help himself. He is running to stay out of jail.

He is who he has always been. Nothing has changed.

He is still greedy. He is still a liar. He is still a grifter. He is still a racist. He is still a thief. He is still a criminal.

This is not just an opinion.

Look at the facts.

Biden's "Fireside Chat"

During the Great Depression and WWII, FDR gave a series of speeches on radio to the American people. It was meant to inform and re-assure them and make them feel better about the country.

Yesterday, Joe Biden made an appearance on the Nicolle Wallace program and gave a similar boost to the American people. He assured them that he had faith in the American people and that he was willing to let the American justice system work, without interference from the White House.

In a calming, grandfatherly manner, he let the people know that we were ready to stand up for freedom and democracy around the world. He exhibited a leadership style that was not seen in the previous occupant of the White House.

There was just something about Uncle Joe that made people feel better.

Video shows boxes being loaded at Mar-a-Lago on private jet headed to Bedminster

The "Cult" is real.

But it is unprincipled, immoral, and wrong.

Tony Soprano was entertaining. But he was a mobster. He murdered people. He was not someone to look up to as a role model.

Donald Trump is entertaining in a similar way. He has no principles. He is immoral and he is wrong.

But the "cult" loves him. It's like the circus when he comes to town. Everybody dresses for the occasion.

The "cult" doesn't care what he does or what he has done. They worship him. The attack upon our Capitol on January 6th was no big deal. Paying off a porn star to keep her quiet just before the election was a smart thing to do. Stealing military secrets and hiding them in his mansion, including nuclear secrets, doesn't phase them in the least.

They are unAmerican and unpatriotic. They do not love their country or they would protect it from people like Donald Trump. Their support of immoral actions makes them immoral, also. They do not respect any other opinion. And they do not deserve the respect of anyone that has fought for this country or knows someone that has fought and died for this country. They are the dregs of humanity.

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