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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
December 23, 2023

The first question that must be answered:

Was it an insurrection or not?

If the Courts cannot define January 6th as an "insurrection", there can never be a satisfactory solution to the attack upon our Capitol and the halting of an official act of government, the counting of the electoral votes for President.

In my opinion, that is the first step. The Courts must define the acts of January 6th as an "insurrection" or a rebellion. No doubt but that it meets all the parameters of an insurrection. In some respects, it was more of an insurrection than the attack upon Fort Sumter in 1861.

If the Supreme Court cannot define it as an "insurrection", then what do they call it?

Naturally, political careers are threatened by what happened on January 6th, if the truth is totally exposed. It is likely that there were more Congressmen and Senators engaged in the attack upon our Capitol than were complicit with the Confederates during the Civil War?

Until we can get that one question answered, there will be no satisfactory resolution to what happened on January 6th, 2021.

December 21, 2023

Republicans and insurrectionists want a "mulligan" for January 6th attack upon our Capitol.

At first, they wanted people to believe it was nothing more than a normal tourist trip thru the Capitol.

The whole world saw what happened. Now, they are waiting to see what the world's oldest democracy is going to do about it.

Republicans are mostly in a state of denial. No, it wasn't an "insurrection", they say. It was just a march that got out of hand. It was spontaneous, it wasn't planned. But the facts prove otherwise.

They want to say that those jailed for insurrection are "hostages", not prisoners.

They want the rest of America to forget about what happened on January 6th. They want all the attackers upon our Capitol to be pardoned and released. They do not want Donald Trump to be held accountable for anything that happened.

They want people to forget about the "mistake" they made on that fateful day. They want everyone to look the other way. They want a "mulligan".

December 20, 2023

An historic decision for the Supreme Court

In my opinion, they should read and interpret the Constitution as it is written and remove Trump from the ballot in every state. That would be the correct decision for them to make.

The entire country realizes that he incited the insurrection of January 6, 2021 and it is time to stop the self-deception.

Also, I think it would be the best decision for the country.

Because, what is coming down the road could be much worse for Trump and the country. A trial and a prison sentence could be even more divisive than the Colorado Supreme Court decision.

It is best to lance the boil at this time, in my opinion.

Not only would it remove Trump off the ballots, it would force him to try and make a plea bargain. If he did not wish to make a plea, then it could be very hard on him.

Also, it would permit the Republican Party to rid themselves of the pesky demagogue.

However, I do not expect the Supreme Court to rule in such a way. I think they will find some way to put it off until a later date. That would be the worst thing for their Party, Trump, and the country, in my opinion.

December 18, 2023

Guilty as Sin

Naturally, they would say they were innocent and that they never did anything wrong. All criminals say that.

Today, an appeals court turned down Mark Meadows request to move his trial to a Federal court. He tried to say that what he did was a function of his position as the Chief of Staff.

Rudy Giuliani was found liable in a civil suit that called for him to pay a couple of election workers in Georgia $148 million dollars, which is probably more money than he has ever seen in his life. His lies and his promotion of the "Big Lie" have come with a huge price.

FOX News agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems $780 million dollars for the lies they spread about Dominion voting machines, all in the promotion of the Big Lie.

The Big Liar himself, Donald Trump, is scheduled to go to trial in early March, although he is holding on with his fingernails to keep from ever going to Court. He hopes he can win the next election and escape all his crimes. Whether Justice will succeed or not, is yet to be seen.

Trump, formerly Drumpf, is attempting to persuade all his cult followers that he did nothing wrong. But, all two-bit criminals say that.

December 18, 2023

The "Third Rail" of the American Media

Don't ever attack another member of "media" too strongly, no matter how wrong they may be. It's sort of an unwritten rule.

But, it is a failure of the mainstream media that they fail to criticize FOX News, RSNW, Newsmax, and the right-wing outlets that are failing to inform their viewers and listeners of what is happening with the fascist movement in this country.

Not only do they need to criticize them, they need to attack them as if they are the enemy. Because, they are.

News organizations such as CNN and MSNBC do not reach enough of the population to inform the people of the truth about what is happening with Donald Trump and his lying, fascist movement. Those that listen to the right-wing media, such as FOX, will not hear any criticism about Donald Trump's remarks about how "rotten" our democracy has become. They will hear no criticism of his praise for autocratic dictators such as Putin, Xi, Kim Jong Un, Viktor Orban, and others. He praises Xi for his "ruthlessness". FOX and their comrades say nothing.

This is to say nothing about his continuous lies - about how great the economy was under his watch, or how much his $7 trillion dollars in deficit spending led to the recent spate of inflation, or how his cruelty and inhumane comments are not Christian virtues. They do not report on any of it.

Responsible journalists should hold them accountable. Otherwise, our nation will not survive this fascist propaganda coming from these right-wing networks, disguised as "news".

December 12, 2023

He's not dangerous because he is "strong". He is dangerous because he is "weak".

He is the most insecure leader in the history of this nation. Although he likes to brag about his friendship with dictators like Kim Jong Un, Xi of China, Putin of Russia, and other autocrats, they look at him as an easy mark.

He is a weak man who attracts the weakest of followers. Look at the folks at his rallies. They dress up like they are an army of super heroes. When, in fact, they are the weakest of Americans. They are looking for a "strong man" to lean on. Trump has conned all of them. He is the weakest of them all.

His name-calling and false bravado are nothing but a cover. He is running scared. He is deathly afraid that he will be held accountable for the crimes he has committed and the fraud he has perpetrated upon his followers and the people of America.

The day is coming soon when the cards will be laid upon the table. The truth will be presented and it will be accepted or denied. Lies and denial will not change the facts.

The followers of this insecure con artist will be left with nothing except their shame and dishonor.

December 2, 2023

Should the campaign of any politician supersede a criminal trial of that politician?

Whether it be a City Councilman, a Congressman, or a Former President, should a criminal trial be delayed or postponed until the campaign is over?

It's a simple question and one that should be obvious to every American citizen. No, justice cannot be delayed to accommodate a political campaign of any politician.

That would run counter to everything our Constitution stands for.

When that politician says that the Justice Department is interfering with his election, the truth is that he is attempting to interfere with the people's justified pursuit of justice.

The correct response to such a politician is "No, we will not delay your trial and we cannot permit you to interfere with the pursuit of justice and if anything should be delayed, it should be your campaign."

There is no need for the confusion.

November 24, 2023

Is Justice and the rule of law fighting for its survival?

What happens to the concept of justice if the people cannot prosecute a former president?

How much favor should be afforded a former president who has committed serious and treasonous crimes against the people and the Constitution?

Is the Justice Dept up to the task of holding every criminal accountable?

Because if we lose the ability to equally apply justice in our democracy, then we have lost our democracy.

In my opinion, it is not a sure thing that justice will prevail.

We want to feel secure in knowing that Justice is winning and that its gears grind exceedingly fine.

November 24, 2023

As you probably know by now, Donald Trump lies with every breath.

Every breath.

It's sad and unfortunate that so many Americans have chosen to believe him.

He is not a "victim". He simply does not believe in the rule of law.

Not only does he believe in unlimited "freedom of speech", he also believes in unlimited deception upon his supporters.

I do not know how to impress upon those folks to take a second look?

Without truth, all is lost.

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