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Solly Mack

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Busy observing the group dynamics of dust bunnies.

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I'm not commenting on another DUer's comment.

It is time to trust the American people’s judgment about where to strike the balance between what is, after all, their security and their freedom

Feel good about that statement?

I'll wait and see what comes of it.

Yes, it is a shame it took this long to address the topic of spying etc..

We'll see.

Here: Just some info on the board

Board established in 2004

June 21, 2013

Obama to meet with privacy, civil liberties board

June 25, 2013

Privacy and Civil Liberties board works to inform public on NSA leaks

July 9, 2013

Former judge admits flaws in secret court

Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Senate

On January 22, 2013, President Obama nominated David Medine to be Chairman and Member of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board for a term expiring January 30, 2018 (new position). Medine was confirmed by the Senate on May 7, 2013.

July 9, 2013
Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, Legal Perspectives Meeting

July 7, 2013

Pollinator II: Return of the...

I took these later in the evening (than the ones before). I shot these today.

(1/200 shutter speed)

Other things out and about before sunset.

The Giant Robber Fly


The Pollinator

Of course he does.

Now. It's kinda out of fashion now so it's OK to be against it. And, golly, don't he look just so righteous in the doing!

But there was a time not so long ago...

asked Comey to square his personal beliefs on the torture practice with his approval of 2005 memos authorizing the practice during his tenure as U.S. deputy attorney general.

"Do you agree that waterboarding is torture and is illegal?" Leahy asked bluntly.

"Yes," Comey replied.

But the president is reportedly poised to sign off on the nomination of the former number two official in the Bush Justice Department, who twice signed off on torture memos okaying waterboarding, wall slams, and other forms of torture.

Comey gave a second thumbs-up to waterboarding in signing off on the May 2005 rewrite of Bybee II. He reportedly wrote an email to a colleague at the time, in which he said he "concurred" with the new torture memo. At the same time, he strenuously opposed the approval of the second memo combining torture tactics. Waterboarding was okay, as long as it was done the "right" way.

Smell that? It is the smell of the expedient coated with bullshit.

Prosecutions? Hello? Hello? Prosecutions?????????

Silly me. Who needs to prosecute war crimes when everything is made all better by admitting that torture is torture.....now.

Until the next time.
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