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Gender: Male
Hometown: Midwest
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 34,655

Journal Archives

Egad! I am undone!

Thou hast found me philandering here,

cast head upon breasts yet not so dear.

seeking warmth and succor sought not to succeed

in the doing itself, not in the deed!

At costs I cast my heart ascent

to all to only meet the rent.

My eternal!

I must away!

But come cock's crow I shall again, upon that day regard these pages

to see of all would shrift for this, thus lift their shame for all the ages.

Shame on DUers Whom Have as Yet Failed to Purchase a Heart For Me! *NOW WITH POETRY!* Avast!

You may otherwise and at the very least mitigate that shame by kicking this tread.

Regardless, a Blessed Saint Valentine's Day to you all.

Monstrous, negligent creatures of dark perfidy though you may be!


The time is late, I've had my fill,

I'm full of hearts, I'm near to ill!

I now beseech, as I am done

to seek out those who have but none.

To gift a heart to others be

The salve to this great malady.

---proclamation by his royal highness and the vicar, right blessed.

My being a pervert has absolutely nothing to do with my being gay.

Is that grammatical?

One Fumb Duck: is Phil Robertson's Dynasty Done?

I never paid any attention to the Duck Dynasty stuff, but he's pretty gross, even from afar...to each their own. But if those musings of his are "religious ideas", I just dunno. Rambling on about buttholes and what-not. It's all about as appealing as that hamburger carpet he's got moldering on his chin.

Says the duck-charmer Phil: “It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying?"

He (Phil) says, "that's just me" even after going on to imply that his God is also a pretty strict penis-in-vagina advocate.

And so Kurovski asks, don't hetero folks engage in backdoor visits? Know what I'm saying?

And are his views on race really even in the category of religious belief? Like I say, I think he's forever done as a benignly viewed media character.


Reducing intellectual views to "hate" and "love" rather than basing it on content and action...

that is what is the very model of what a child does.

It is disturbing to find individuals continually attributing nearly all criticism and questioning of president Obama to love or hate.

that reductive parody of reasoning is how we used to spot right-wingers in the Bush era.

A child is expected to do it until both maturity and intellectual development is gained. It's disgusting and vile when an adult does it. it is transparent and shameful. Manipulative and cheap.


If this is all that prickwit has as argument against Teh Gay, I ain't worried.

If Rand Paul thinks repealing The Defense of Marriage Act will lead to humans marrying non-humans, he's not doing much thinking at all.

He's a racist, bigoted little troll, just like his papa-doodle.

Everybody knows it.

Justice Scalia is an Irredeemable Bigot of the Most Troublesome and Obvious Sort.

As a Catholic, he hides behind the robes of Christ, but his sorrowful lack of basic human compassion is too vast of a blot to be hidden by any pious falderal on his part.

As a single-minded defender, promoter and bagman for the most powerful one-percent, he seems to have care-zero for anything or anyone outside of his narrow parameters, or as is more likely: his "to-do list".

Since his shameful and transparent ruling in Bush V. Gore, every pronouncement from his straining seat on the Supreme Court continues to demean all that would serve to make America great and keep its promise to all of the nation's citizens.

Along with his cohort/ventriloquist's tool, Justice Clarence Thomas, they will reside as two greasy and poisonous meatballs atop the spaghetti plate of history.

Feh, phooey, and a resounding "go pound sand" to them both.

History is already tired them. It's only cash--and plenty of it-- that makes anyone believe otherwise.

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