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Gender: Male
Hometown: Midwest
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 34,655

Journal Archives

Is it a good idea to click on the link to help the site?

I usually do, but is it a good habit? Any dough-making capabilities?

It's all kindly posted here, but would it be a nice thank you to click on?

If this question seems stupid that's only because I actually am quite fucking stupid.


A love for words has not to wait
for a lover to gesticulate,

on bended knee with earnest look,
all we do is crack a book.

The remedy need not be hard
when playing footsie with The Bard.

As for some line to earn your plate,
DU wishes luck in the aggregate.

Seeketh thou to weep or yet to pine?

Thou knowest wherefore I cast my line.

The plink one hears is not the bait, yet the breath of blood's beat,

a heart which ere sinks come nightfall, into thine own sheet.

Prithy, I now must seem as one discreet, so as then to plunder

more than canst in all attempts to rive we two asunder.

--or some shit. I dunno.


such rules as these I cannot lament,

I'd require a pool cast in cement,

a deed of great doing, or acres vast tracts,

some of these such for loves greatest acts.

Egad! I am undone!

Thou hast found me philandering here,

cast head upon breasts yet not so dear.

seeking warmth and succor sought not to succeed

in the doing itself, not in the deed!

At costs I cast my heart ascent

to all to only meet the rent.

My eternal!

I must away!

But come cock's crow I shall again, upon that day regard these pages

to see of all would shrift for this, thus lift their shame for all the ages.

Shame on DUers Whom Have as Yet Failed to Purchase a Heart For Me! *NOW WITH POETRY!* Avast!

You may otherwise and at the very least mitigate that shame by kicking this tread.

Regardless, a Blessed Saint Valentine's Day to you all.

Monstrous, negligent creatures of dark perfidy though you may be!


The time is late, I've had my fill,

I'm full of hearts, I'm near to ill!

I now beseech, as I am done

to seek out those who have but none.

To gift a heart to others be

The salve to this great malady.

---proclamation by his royal highness and the vicar, right blessed.
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