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Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,556

Journal Archives

Is it possible that some of the redactions includes names of individuals Trump tried

to sell documents to?

Wanna bet Trump does not return to MAL? It is now poisoned for him.

Trump is going to say that the fact that highly secret documents were mixed in with

random notes and memorabilia is proof that he didn't know what he had and therefor didn't intend to break the law.

20 years here as of last week. Seems like yesterday. :-)

Breaking now: House and Senate Intelligence committees have asked DOJ for a classified

"Damage Assessment" of the materials taken from MAL. Brilliant move! (MSNBC just now)

Who helped him? Who else had access to these documents? Were they signed out? If documents were

collected over a period of time, where were they stored at the WH? Did Trump steal originals or were copies made and, if so, who copied the documents? Who was working in the White House who might have seen this activity? When and where were they collected and boxed for a move to MAL and who collected and boxed them? Were documents grabbed willy nilly, or were they carefully and systematically collected with a specific purpose in mind? If some of the top secret documents were about nukes, were they ever shown to Trump and if so, who was involved in that?

He had to have had help and this must have been planned.

I am going to bet that the DOJ knows most of the answers to these questions.

Think about this: we are safer tonight.

Is there any danger the bill just passed by the Senate will have trouble in the House?

Covid. It's interesting to me that when the people I know who

don't believe a single thing the government says about Covid actually get it, they honor the quarantine rules.

Donald Trump was the tip of the spear, the enabler, the chief conspirator and the beating heart of

the failed insurrection. The testimony before the J6 Committee has more than proved this to be a fact. In the face of all of this, Trump continues to foment insurrection and will continue to do so until he faces the justice he so richly deserves. This country will survive the indictment, conviction and sentencing of Donald Trump. It will not survive doing nothing to bring him to justice. A couple of thoughts:

I am not salivating to see this fat old man serve actual prison time.....I would be happy to see him sentenced to many long years of home confinement with no access to the internet, a substantial forfeiture of his wealth and monitoring of his phone calls, correspondence and visitors. His lovely wife is welcome to join him in home confinement under the same conditions or she can reside elsewhere. I would allow him to have unlimited food and free access to his golden toilets. One of the reasons that I'm advocating this is because we, as taxpayers, would spend an obscene amount of money to house him in some government penal country club. Why not have this pestilence spend his own money.

I fondly hope that there are a few good men and women left in the Justice Department to walk out en masse if Garland doesn't indict this rotten bastard and his henchmen.
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