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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 59,372

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Don Quixote was not meant to dress sensibly. Before and After.

O.K., this is the last of my craft therapy. Previously were the Roman "bocca", seahorses, soccer Cup. These little paint jobs were for a change in the near year of quarantine, when cooking was probably the first choice as an escape and now past its appeal. So this craft thing has reached its two weeks' shelf life, and the objects can go back to gathering dust and spider webs.

I had painted these things some 20 years back upon acquisition, and the taste was different at that stage of my life, more "tasteful" instead of garish. So Mr Quixote was done up in baby blue pantaloons to complement the gray armor. Now, the paint technology is metallic and glitter and black light, and it occurred to me that his very essence is batshit cray-cray, so now he is in RED metallic. Red and yellow are (now, not in the 16th Century?) the colors of Spain (are you listening, Hilaria BALDWIN?), so there's this little double meaning.

Not art, barely craft. Before and After.

Our friends, the Artists in their group, are amazingly gifted and accomplished. This ain't it. The seahorses in particular were a bummer just to stay inside the lines. These items have been around here for 15-20 years, faded, dusty, spider webby. Cooking by quarantine is getting old. Was just looking for some mind numbing activity to freshen up things. The Bocca della Verita original in Rome is thought to have been a sewer cover, is gigantic like 5? ft in diameter? And is plain off white marble. With its legend that anybody who puts the hand in the mouth and tells a lie will have it chomped off, as in the Audrey HEPBURN/Gregory PECK Rome movie. As for the Cup, yeah the original real green looks better, but I wanted Metallic paint and the avocado was what had it. As for the seahorse garish colors - the yellow/red/green are Vietnam, and seahorse might suggest Navy (when I say so). ON EDIT, P.S. The Before seahorses were also my paint job, bland colors to be "tasteful" in years past, now I'm old so torpedoes be garishly danged!1 ************ON 2ND EDIT: Corrected the "Cary GRANT" to great Democratic luminary "Gregory PECK" of "Roman Holiday" - surprised that a Lounge movie buff who might have strayed here didn't catch me out.

2fer: Proofing/impervious against Executive Orders. And wingnuts' concept of "unity"

President BIDEN has already fired a passel of the “Acting” goons that the Nameless One had plugged in there to cravenly do his bidding. And as for the SEVENTEEN Executive Orders he signed yesterday afternoon, he wiped out some of the worst that the Nameless One had inflicted – the climate, the environment, et al. Not that he or the Dems need my advice but why can’t these issues be legislated now that we have a chance into solid form so they can’t be easily trifled with by whatever whippoorwill flies down the chimney?

And here's an answer to the current passive aggressive whimpering of the Wingnuts, their claiming that no unity is possible because WE won’t give them what they want: Wingnuts are mentally Scorched Earth, their way or the highway, Fundamentalists, “originalists” (not really), and uncrackable NUTS – in addition to being insufferable, ignorant fools. Any discussion cannot happen when their one or two points (“abortion”, “Christianity"/not-really) are absolute matters of *BELIEF* (only, not of Reason) and anybody differing with their BELIEF is automatically the *ENEMY*, such that every sentence is a *DEAL BREAKER*. There is NO “come let us reason together”.

And my name-calling them here is descriptive, not my own subversion of "unity".

******ON EDIT: The only communication (information exchange) between them and us is: You can't convert me; I can't get past your wall.

Facing it: The wingnuts will *have* only a Balkanized, scorched earth country.

And I realize that my contentious terms ("wingnuts" ) seems like playing their game, but not really.

There is no reaching out, yielding to, or converting them. They won’t have it, period.

We must just put our heads down and focus on our Democratic agenda: Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Social/Economic Justice, and Stewardship of the Planet. That is all.

When the opposition poses hostile stunts that can’t be ignored, fine, we must deal with those, expeditiously and forcefully and get back to our agenda. Otherwise, we can just be watchful of the rest of their noise that is not threatening and just keep plugging along with our agenda. Any of them who are willing to give and take, fine, we'll do that.

Our own pitfall to watch out for is falling under the spell of The Charismatic Leader with Baggage. We’ve been through that before, when we have to shunt our agenda work aside in order to devote all of our energy instead to defending a seriously flawed leader. When one of those charmers is a choice, we need to wipe away a tear and nominate a less charming but more steady character. It takes too long and too much work to finally win power just to squander it away to one person.

No one person is above our agenda. We honor but don't worship.

Need a catch-all thread: Repuke party has forfeited *ALL* of their claimed principles

They can NOT preach about:

* patriotism.
* the military
* small government.
* economic integrity
* democracy
* law and order
* "life"
* family values
* ethics

*****Tell me more.

Ha! LIMBAUGH takes iddy-biddy blame/credit for unleashing "partisanship" on the country!1

I stopped close monitoring him in the Opposition Research mode years ago. I was in the intense phase during my working years since my employer allowed radio, starting from when he went syndicated nationwide until I retired, thereafter only catching random snippets sporadically on errands in the car. (Also stopped Tweety several years ago and Joe SCABS definitely in 2012. I remember SCABS' early days when he went 30 straight work days excoriating PELOSI and when he would verbally and emotionally abuse Mika Mouse before she chose her solution of divorcing her husband and marrying him to make it stop - although recently signs of relapsing. But those are other stories. )

So today LIMBOsevic was on about how lamentable it is that the country is swamped with divisive partisanship. Yes, he was saying that.

Almost immediately, he mitigated this by saying that he his own self takes blame for (much/all) of this, here moving on from blame to credit since he said it had to be done by whatever wingnut because the media had officially, at that time, become a voice for Dems/Libs and no real reporting was happening, or rather that reporting certain things(?) was not happening.

And, yes, in my past summing him up I have said that he, single-handedly, resusitated the Wingnut movement that had been discredited first from the McCARTHY era and last gasp with the John Birch Society. And he laid in Roman concrete the Scorched Earth paradigm of never compromising on anything at all, no matter how little. GINGRICH became the official face but LIMBOsevic was the power.

What I've always liked is when he recites what his opposition (us/Dems/Libs) say about him and all wingnuts - he summarizes who wingnuts are better than we do, starts by saying what "they say about us - that we're racists, homophobes, haters, greedy, ... " on and on, spouting all the things Deplorable-him and his, are.

Also funny is how he has insulted his listening audience constantly all his years, when he says, "With half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair." His fans don't get that he only needs half his brain to appeal to them.

********ON EDIT, Note: I now see, after the posts on ATWATER's deathbed remorse,
that it was misleading when I said he/LIMBOsevic said it was "lamentable ... divisive partisanship". I should have said that he was being arch, pleading wingnut victimhood how us mean Libs don't capitulate to them, crying crocodile tears, etc. In *NO* way of words or tone was he expressing any kind of remorse, and as I did say he immediately shifted to taking *CREDIT* for the partisanship. Since ATWATER became a reference point I will say for me that I don't care that ATWATER repented and apologized and asked for forgiveness because it is almost never enough to make up for extreme harm done. Just as there are stages of grief, there are stages or cycles that perpetrators go through: 1- Bliss, 2- mounting dissatisfaction (increasing emotional, verbal abuse), 3-Explosion (physical abuse), 4- "remorse" (apologies, weeping, promises), 5- Bliss (when the sucker/true-victim forgives) ------and back through the cycle again. Apologies are worthless. And LIMBOsevic never has, never will. I've heard him in many episodes of self-pity - about the drugs, about possibly being frog-marched over the drugs, about how all the millions he has raised for charity have not brought him acceptance from us mean Libs, about being deaf, about the cancer - but have never heard him apologize for anything. When he admits to something like the "partisanship," he is *bragging* about it.

My original Deep Thought tonight:

Remember his persecution hearings of Hillary? He's the Grand Inquisitor

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"


The Inquisition, what a show
The Inquisition, here we go
We know you're wishing
That we'd go away
But the Inquisition's here and it's here to stay


Isn't Turtle obstruction enough? Can our own coalition groups let our own President have some leeway

Not only for the current UNpresident and his regime, but for past administrations, it has been at least lip service that a president is entitled to his or her choice of appointees, even how Repukes have pushed forward unsavory (up to the line of criminality) characters, or especially placing characters (as in almost all Repuke regimes) whose personal philosophy is antithetical to the mission of the position (hostile to conservation at the Interior Department, hostile to diplomacy at State or the UN).

Turtle has been blatant about shoveling Deplorables into the judiciary and other inappropriate agencies, while also blocking Dem nominees. And he has been shameless in adhering to that lip service about Repukes having the right to their choices.

But these days when we have our own President-Elect assembling his team the news is crammed with buzz from this or that sub-group of our own coalition demanding almost-quota slots from their own own sub-group or threats if one of their perceived enemies is being considered for some position.

In the names that have been solidly named so far we already have the most diverse team ever. If this or that name coming down the pipeline is not the first or first-hundred preference to one or another of our constituent groups, can't we as the coalition of the whole take a step back from the one tree to take in the forest?

Been said forever that Dems/Libs look inside for root causes, wingnuts look outside blaming others.

MAHER and others are demonized here for hosting (some) wingnuts, but I've never seen him *agree* with them. I don't watch him much, only by YouTube clips, this only recently, so before I get gigged about this, no I don't have extensive exposure to him. Granted, he's at the Libertarian edge of us. But he goes toe to toe with the wingnut guests and fairly much faces them down.

I don't "discuss" with wingnuts. I attack them out of hand. Yet I claim one of my core values to be freedom of thought. I know that converting others to my/our side, away from their own ingrained beliefs, is mostly impossible. I also regard most who are in the way-Middle or Third-way as being wishy-washy, namby-pamby and sometimes even collaborating with The Enemy.

I saw the MAHER clip the morning after on YouTube, and as usual I expected and got from it somewhat uncomfortable truth, that sensation of admitting to myself that I agree with something outside of my "acceptable" thinking.

I'm a blue collar veteran type, yet am a 3rd generation Democratic Party individual. I check off all the boxes of the Democratic general agenda: Civil rights, civil liberties, social justice, stewardship of the planet.

I'm also a mass or mess of contradictions. I have differed with my Dem/Lib boomer generation. If I get specific, the flaming will ensue here. That's the point about MAHER (and others sort of like him), that we (not him) in our own party know we have to tippy-toe about some things.

I don't believe that those who claim to be "true" Democrats, yet spend more time attacking fellow DU members than they do wingnuts, are deep thinkers or living up to their claims of ideological purity.

****** ON EDIT: And kudos to the O.P. for bravery in hosting a successful discussion on MAHER.

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