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ProfessorPlum's Journal
ProfessorPlum's Journal
August 25, 2016

Insurance company rant

There are millions of people who have things worse than I do, who are facing real hardships in their lives, and who are trapped by the system in horrendously unfair ways.

I have no real right to complain. I've been very lucky in many ways, but if you have a minute, I just want to vent about how f*ing evil insurance companies are.

We were having some routine house work done in February of this year. The long story short of it is that the contractor we hired caught our house on fire. We were able to get the fire department there quickly, but between the chemical smoke and the water pipes bursting and flooding the place we basically lost everything inside.

We have insurance. The contractors have insurance to cover things like this happening. We got three quotes for the cost to rebuild our house all very similar, but our insurance is only giving us 60% of that. No explanation. That's what they are offering.

While we are going through hiring a lawyer to try to figure out how we get the rest of the money for that, we decided to move on to a new house. One of our children has a physical disability and the temporary living quarters we are in isn't working well for them, so we wanted to be in a better place for the start of school. We found a new place, were able to buy it, and are moving in. We got new home insurance from another company.

The new insurance company insists they have to up our rate by $500 per year because of the claim we made for the house fire. Even though they have the fire report and a letter from our first insurance company that we were not the cause of the fire, because we had a claim, they are jacking our rate way up.

What a f*ing joke. Nothing like being victimized three times by three different companies (did I mention that the first insurance company is also jacking our rates up on the first policy while they drag their feet settling the claim?)

Anyway, rant over. In the great batter of injustice in the world, I realize this is just a little raisin. But it burns my toast in any case. Thanks for listening.

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