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ProfessorPlum's Journal
ProfessorPlum's Journal
October 1, 2018

Thank you to Chad Ludington, but his name sounds like he was played by James Spader

with a sweater wrapped around his neck in the movie.

But I'll take someone trying to tell the truth any day of the week

September 30, 2018

Fairness versus Hierarchy

There are two kinds of humans - humans that want fairness to be more important than hierarchy. And humans that want hierarchy to be more important than fairness.

We've seen a stark example of this in the reaction to Thursday's testimony. All over social media, hierarchic humans are bawling about someone at the top of hierarchy being slowed and possibly stopped by someone "below" him.

I know which kind of world I'd rather live in. Fairness would be so beneficial for so many people, it amazes me how much power the authoritarians still have.

And I know what happens when the hierarchy gets too much power - they start committing the ultimate acts of unfairness against those they perceive at the bottom of the ladder. Putting refuges in camps. Creating a police state for immigrants - both legal and undocumented. Crapping on women. Creating vast unfairness for minorities. Dictating the official religion.

We need a better sales pitch for Fairness. Hierarchy explains itself to people fairly automatically (you're better than some people, and $ome people are better than mo$t). It's why we have two justice systems.

It always amazes me how many people would trade fairness (which would shower benefits on them) for being one or two rungs up their ladder.

September 29, 2018

I have an acquaintance on FB who keeps writing about disgusted he is by

the Republicans, but also how disgusted he is by how Feinstein handled/timed the issue - waiting to report the issue and then using it as a delay tactic.

Is there something to that argument? I don't get it - to me, it seems like Feinstein was a) trying to protect Ford and then b) being smart and strategic about how best to leverage Ford's testimony to her (and everyone's) advantage.

He seems to be arguing that the more noble thing would have been to use Ford's testimony/story/allegation in a way that was less effective. That would seem to me to waste and dishonor her sacrifice and courage.

I don't know, is anybody else seeing this kind of shit on FB? It could be just the usual "a pox on both their houses" crap that people who don't actually pay attention to politics spout, but this guy is often pretty smart. I just can't figure out what the complaint is. TIA.

September 27, 2018

We should put Kavanaugh's wife in protective custody so that he doesn't hurt her

when he goes down in flames. He just about lost it talking to a room full of senators.

September 27, 2018

My guess is Kavanaugh is crying because if he doesn't

Get confirmed, the Russians will want their money back.

September 27, 2018

Are you listening to this asshole? "I welcomed any investigation"

Why TF wasn't there an investigation then, K?

September 27, 2018

Can you name a policy that the GOP wants that doesn't lead to more people dying?

I'm curious. Either directly or indirectly.

My thesis is everything they are for leads to more people dying more early deaths.

Healthcare? check
War? check
Medicare? check
Social Security? check
Protection from poisoning? check
Protection from industrial accident? check
Medicaid? check
Less money in your pocket (low/no minimum wage, lowering taxes on the wealthy, against overtime, etc.)? check - because you are now more susceptible to bankruptcy and death from medical bills
Education? check - as a way to keep wages down
Abortion? check
Drug policy? check
Refuges? check

Change my mind. Are they really only interested in things that kill people?

Post edited to include a bunch of other fatal policies I forgot to mention

Food stamps? check
violence against women? check
violence against people of color? check
violence against gay/bisexual people? check
violence against transgender people? check
violence against immigrants? check

September 27, 2018

Men that commit adultery and sex crimes are easy to blackmail and control

the GOP often doesn't put people into positions of power unless they are compromised and can be controlled through extortion.

Putin does it to Trump

the GOP does it to Kavanaugh, and no doubt intended to keep doing it when he was on the SC

Look at Mitch McConnell. Almost certainly gay, he never steps out of line and continues being an enormous demon.

Lindsey Graham. Almost certainly gay, he has now been brought to heel by this cabal.

Dennis Hastert. Elevated to a position of leadership despite a total lack of charisma (that I could find). His one advantage? A child molester, he could be controlled.

Clarence Thomas. Sexual predator, yet amazing consistent in his commitment to being an awful anti-human on the SC. Hmmm.

John Roberts? One wonders.

Kavanaugh's crimes made him the perfect SC nominee for the organized crime syndicate currently in charge of our country. A made man, with no room to repent and do anything good for the country (as if he ever wanted to).

September 27, 2018

I'm getting a little frustrated that the only crime that captures attention is sexual crime

Not that it doesn't count, A LOT, but we still seem to act as if it is the only crime worth pursuing. The Gang Of Predators couldn't get anything to stick to Clinton after investigating him for years, but ended up crucifying him about sex. And the media, and the public, for a short time, acted as if a consensual affair actually mattered.

Kavanaugh is a horrible nominee for the SC, guilty of perjury, obviously poised to overturn Roe, an advocate for torture and warrantless surveillance, probably also paid off and probably being extorted by the information that GOP is "holding back" from his confirmation hearing.

But no one seems to pay much attention (DU excepted, of course) until there are sexual crimes at play. Not to underplay those crimes, or their importance to the world - men need to stop treating women in this horrible, criminal, inhuman way.

But isn't it odd that the only threat to his confirmation arose because of this? It's like we are totally inured to every other kind of white collar crime and corruption. "oh, the GOP is nominating an inhuman monster to the court who will destroy workers' lives and womens' lives? Ho hum. What, he's also a rapist? To arms!"

I don't know. I just wish we could rally a strong response for financial crimes and corruption in addition to sexual crimes. Totally glad Kavanaugh is getting pushback, but wish it had come from his earlier known wretchedness.

September 26, 2018

But wait, how could Kavanaugh have been involved in gang rape

when he was a virgin? I don't get it.

just kidding

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