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ProfessorPlum's Journal
ProfessorPlum's Journal
June 24, 2019

Everyone please keep calling them concentration camps. Not only is it true,

but it drives evil people crazy.

If you must discuss it, tell people we will stop calling them concentration camps when the GOP stops saying "Democrat politician".

June 19, 2019

The Optics of Weakness and Bringing a Rope to a Sword Fight

As I consider my situation, a private citizen who would like to combat and discourage the rise of fascism in my country, and the tools that I have at hand, including my fellow citizens who are also not fans of fascism, there is one weapon in my arsenal that consistently lets me down. It is sword-shaped, but has the consistency of an over-boiled noodle. Fighting fascism is completely impossible with it. And it is the national leaders and the political elite in my country who (theoretically) wield a lot of power but are either on board with fascism or are too afraid to fight it.

Is there any situation in which our nominally anti-fascist political elite would present themselves as STRONG rather than WEAK? Every response to the proto-fascism in this country is marked by weakness, by capitulation, by caution, by inaction. Can we not fashion an action that would both fight fascism and also appear STRONG to our benighted citizenry? It doesn't take much. It doesn't even require actual strength, just the appearance of strength.

Can't we muster a show of strength in our dedication to not become the Fourth Reich that signals to our people that fighting fascism is worth it? Or did that die after WWII?

June 19, 2019

Here's why "We Shouldn't Impeach Because Trump won't be Removed by the Senate" isn't even an excuse

The US Senate has NEVER removed a president that has been impeached. NEVER. NOT ONCE.

They have had two opportunities, once with Andrew Johnson, and once with Bill Clinton. Johnson was a racist clown, and Clinton's impeachment looks more ridiculous every year. So, we already know that the Senate is inclined to keep racist clowns around.

Impeachment really has nothing to do with removal from office. The fact that the threat of impeachment caused another scoundrel to step down before it happened is a historical outlier. We already know that Trump has no shame and wouldn't step down in similar circumstances. So, impeachment (without removal) is the thing we are after - especially highly publicized hearings and discovery during the investigation which are the things that truly hurt Nixon.

Can't we, for once, really hurt Donald Trump? Can't someone, somewhere, in this entire country grab this moronic, traitorous fascist by the neck and give him a good shake (metaphorically, of course). Just once?

"He won't be removed" is a certainty. That has NEVER happened, and is obviously not what the act of impeachment is about.

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