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Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
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The Christie Crime Digest's Closing Chapter

...It looks like Crew Christie are determined not to go gently into that good night, but with a closing volley of their trademark political tone-deafness and vulgarianism.

By the power vested in me by the stewardship of New Jersey's new governor (Democrat) Phil Murphy, and by this thread's original poster DU-er Laxman, I now officially close the books on the Christie Crime Digest -- Chris Christie style.

As I said, I had every confidence that Christie's departure from office would only showcase his boorishness, and I'm delighted to report that he didn't let us down.

Business Insider: On the day New Jersey elect(ed) a new governor, current Gov. Chris Christie fell into an old habit that has come to define his governorship...

(To) a constituent who was upset that the governor hadn't attempted to merge the constituent's township...Christie said..."It's easier to sit here and complain. But you know what? That's the joy of public service. It's serving folks...like you that is really such a unique joy. It really is. You're fabulous."

NJ.com: Christie says he relishes some of the friendships he's made because he was governor: Bono texts him on his birthday and holidays. Jon Bon Jovi and his wife are close friends with Christie and Mary Pat. And there's King Abdullah, who hosted him and his family as a guest several years ago.

But as it turns out, those were only the opening acts.

Bloomberg: Christie...was blocked from a VIP entrance he had used for eight years, and directed to stand in Transportation Security Administration screening lines at Terminal B like anyone else, according to a person familiar with the incident...The order came from police for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport...

About two weeks after being laid off from a job I'd had for nine years, I had to make one last visit to the personnel office. I did so by doing what I'd done practically every day for each of those nine years: entering the office building, getting on and off the elevator, exchanging pleasantries with employees who were also passing through the reception area, and bypassing the reception desk. As I was completing my business with the personnel exec, security guards turned up.

Why? Because it never entered my mind that since I didn't work there anymore, I should have conducted myself as a mere visitor "like anyone else." I suppose I should have been embarrassed by my carelessness, or offended by being considered a "suspicious" character. But all I could do was laugh -- "Force of habit, guilty as charged!"

TalkingPointsMemo: The former governor...attempted to enter the airport through a special access area with his state police escort that he reportedly used when he was governor. A Port Authority officer stopped Christie from using that entrance and escorted him to the regular entrance...

But Christie denied the claims in...tweet(s)...saying he was led to one entrance by a Port Authority officer, but was then informed by the TSA that it was the wrong entrance and he was directed to a different gate. “Neither option was the way I entered the airport as Governor (wrong in the story) and PAPD officer never denied me entry at either place (also wrong in story),” he said...

If Christie was "led" to the first gate, it was most likely the result of his telling the PAPD officer that he wanted to use the gate for the New Jersey governor because he considered it a privilege that he still had: the same innocent mistake that I had made. But his response was classic: portraying himself as the victim -- then elevating himself to the hero -- by attacking "false" reports that he'd tried to "evade" both gates.

Nonetheless, I'm delighted that the Christie Crime Digest is ending on such a sour note. In addition to making it that much easier to say "Good riddance, Governor Soprano," it also makes me that much prouder of the time and effort that everyone invested in the Digest's creation and reading. So I won't say goodbye -- I'll just say, "Thanks, Laxman," and "Would you please take off your flip-flops before passing through the scanner, sir?"


The 2017 9/11 Memorial Film Festival

Introductory remarks byJon Stewart.

An opening short subject by fellow DUer Symbolman:

And the feature presentation:


My web host also offers domain name registration; my domain name registrar also offers hosting

and my Internet service provider also offers both. I pay for each of mine separately -- and this kind of situation is precisely the reason why.

Handing off control of your ad placements is one thing, but if you don't control your files and hosting, you DON'T control your content and editorial. And I hope Snopes has the actual Snopes.com name registered independently.

The owner of an international message board I frequent threatened to sell it off because we wouldn't all buy subscriptions. The price included the board's Web hosting server, but I pointed out that if the board couldn't be sold without the hosting, it wasn't really his to sell. Only the board's physical files, databases of posts and user accounts, and domain name (in most but not all cases) were of value. The hosting, Internet provider, and message board software could (and should) be acquired by the buyer, requiring a considerable reduction of his asking price. He changed his mind about selling.

When the company where I started my first blog was sold, and when I've needed Web hosting with better pricing or more advanced features, I've simply found a new Web host; uploaded the latest copies of my databases (which I have emailed to me daily) and physical files (which should be on your home computer anyway -- not exclusively in some faraway cloud) to its server; and informed my domain registrar: that's what you should be able to do when things get "acrimonious."

Let this be a lesson to all: A web service provider's job is to provide web SERVICES -- controlling your content is YOUR job.


Christie Crime Digest Volume V: The Epilogue

Welcome to the beginning of the end of the Chris Christie era.

As the sun sets on Chris Christie's political life and personal credibility, I was more than happy to accept the keys to the Christie Crime Digest from thread starter DU-er Laxman. But I have to confess that between there being just six months left to the Governor Soprano Crime Family regime and the shutting of the Bridge(t)-Gate, I honestly didn't think that another volume would be necessary. No such luck: it looks like Crew Christie are determined not to go gently into that good night, but with a closing volley of their trademark political tone-deafness and social vulgarianism. So here we are...and here are the links to:

My first order of business will be to tie up the loose ends on Bridge(t)-Gate:

Chapters 352, 353: Cue the guy with with the Dragnet hammer - Baroni, Kelly and Wildstein sentenced

Chapter 354: HorizonGate-ShutdownGate-BeachGate: What Chris Christie Did On His Summer Vacation

Chapter 355: Meet one of David Wildstein's character references who wrote the judge who decided his fate.

Chapter 355a: A closer look at Wildstein's plea for leniency -- and self-made banishment from respectability -- plus a link to the complete statement.

Chapter 356: The count is 0 and 2: Christie strikes out as sportscaster, takes in baseball game as fans cry foul (ball).

Chapter 357: It turns out that Christie is qualified to nominate himself as New Jersey senator should a replacement be needed for the indicted Bob Menenedez before Christie's term ends. Too bad he's long since disqualified himself for the job.

Chapter 358: Beach-Gate post mortem: Christie plays the kid card -- even they noticed that perhaps he'd abused his power. And don't miss the video tribute.

Chapter 358a: The New Jersey Dem-pire locks the Beach-Gate shut.

Chapter 359: Why a six-month-old story about something that happened to Christie three years ago suddenly has news significance.

Chapter 359a: Why a seven-month-old story about something that happened to MRS. Christie suddenly has news significance.

THE FINAL CHAPTER: The beginning of the New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy era, for which we give "Eternal Thanks" to Laxman and all the Digest's contributors; "Eternal Gratitude" to the Digest's past, present, and future readers; and most important of all, "Eternal Good Riddance" to you-know-who...

UPDATE: An even better video from the Greater Miami Area Patch

Click here to fast forward to the six-minute mark. At 6:08, a white car pulls up and stops at the first intersection. Venus pulls up and stops behind it at 6:22, but the white car doesn't start moving until 6:30. No oncoming traffic prevents the car from proceeding, so why does it just sit there for least twenty seconds? Because its light was red, most likely.

At 6:33 (and presumably after the light has turned green) the white car completes a left turn, and Venus drives through the first intersection unimpeded. At 6:38, she stops at the second intersection and yields the right of way to a car going in the opposite direction of the Barson car -- strong evidence that Venus was truthful about her light being green. Why? Because of how unlikely it is that her light had turned red ONLY FIVE SECONDS after it had turned green!

While the car she yielded to clears the second intersection, two cars in the lanes next to Barson's pull up and stop at 6:41. Venus starts up again at 6:42 when Barson barrels past the two cars into the intersection, with impact at 6:43.

No way is Venus at fault. Mrs. Barson either failed to yield the right of way to Venus (like the drivers of the two cars that stopped when they got to intersection and let Venus go through), ran a red light, or both -- and she's definitely guilty of entering the intersection at an inappropriate speed. Instead of extorting money, Mrs. Barson's lawyers should be trying to persuade the D.A. that the loss of her husband is punishment enough.


Christie's "Glinda" Moment

NJ.com: At the core of Gov. Chris Christie's campaign to kill newspapers jobs is the claim that his bill will save money. He puts the number at $80 million...It's another lie. And I don't mean it's an innocent mistake. I mean it's a...whopper with a dark purpose behind it...

The last time this came up, the Legislature's own researchers found that locals might not save a dime, and that it could even cost them more to handle the job themselves online...(L)ocal governments (that) don't use newspapers...will have to establish secure web sites and hire someone to process...and track...these ads...

So where did Christie get the $80 million figure?..."Multiple state agencies sampled public notices in all daily newspapers in New Jersey over a consecutive 30-day period extrapolating the data over 12 months..." the press office said...(The) League of Municipalities...say this number did not come from them...A survey answered by 147 towns, which tended to be smaller towns, showed the average cost to be just over $7,000...

This is not about saving money. This is the governor's attempt to exact revenge on newspapers, and the reason is that we...point it out when he lies. What's depressing to me is that the Legislative leaders are joining hands with him. It's part of a deal, all struck in the back rooms, as usual. And it was bipartisan...

But like that scene in The Wizard of Oz, the N.J. Dems finally realized that Christie no longer had absolute power over them and dropped a house -- specifically, a house of representatives -- on him!

NJ.com: Finally, Democrats in Trenton are revolting against a craven backroom deal struck by their leaders, a sign of life in a party that seems to have lost its moral compass.

"I am so disgusted with my colleagues," says Sen. Ray Lesniak (D-Union). "There is no Democratic Party," says Sen. Loretta Weinberg. (D-Bergen). "Where are our core values?" asks Sen. Richard Codey (D-Essex).

...(T)hey are (also) grumbling about the sweetheart book deal, too. Why waive an ethics law to allow the governor to profit from a book while he is in office? Hasn't he ignored his job enough? And the big question: What is the motive? What did Democratic leaders get in return for these big concessions to the most unpopular governor in the country? They got a raise for their staffs and judges, but is that all it takes? Is their price that low?

I asked. They won't say.

What is there to ask? Christie has lost his political leverage, that's all. He hasn't got the support of either the Democrat majority in the state legislature, President Trump, OR the voters. It is now "safe" to just say no to him -- especially when the public interest is hanging in the balance.

NJ.com: In a stunning defeat for Gov. Chris Christie, state lawmakers...blocked a pair of controversial bills (Christie) was pushing for, stalling a measure that would end a requirement for legal ads to be published in New Jersey's newspapers and killing legislation that would have allowed Christie to profit from a book deal while in office...

Democratic leaders of the Senate said they would not even discuss the bills until it was clear how the Assembly would vote...Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson) announced he was postponing a vote on the newspaper bill and that the book measure would not be reconsidered.

...Christie...has often cut deals with Democratic leaders and party bosses to usher through legislation over the last seven years...

Negotiating is not legislating, and bullying is not bipartisanship. Ding, dong, the Christie deals are dead!


He's "socially" awkward in more ways than one

AmericanNewsX: Multiple reports tell us that the shooter has cited various terrorist groups that are actually bitter rivals of each other as his "connection." When investigated, more than once, it was found that he had no such ties and was more than likely trash talking when he felt threatened...(T)his guy really doesn’t seem to have any real connections to any real terrorists at all...

On the other hand, a consistent pattern of him being a regular at the Pulse (club) for about three years has emerged. Witnesses are coming forward who had interactions with him and are swearing to the terrorist being a gay man. He also had a profile on a gay dating site...

So far, the patterns of a secret life-leading, self-loathing gay Muslim are much more consistent than anything directed by any of the rival terrorist groups that the terrorist claimed to be with at various times and seeking any kind of religious martyrdom. If this turns out to be factual, many of those demanding we ban and scrutinize Muslims more in America will have egg on their face, yet again.

Telegraph UK: ...Sitora Yusufiy...(a) former wife of Mateen...has said he was mentally unstable and beat her...(S)he fled their home after four months of marriage...

Orlando residents...say that Mateen was a regular at the club and a homosexual seeking to pick up men. Jim Van Horn, said he once struck up a conversation with Mateen, but his friends pulled him away – saying there was “something strange” about him...Another couple, who work together as drag-dancing performers, said they had seen Mateen as many as a dozen times at Pulse, and that he went to the club to escape his home life.

Chris Callen, who goes by the stage name of Kristina McLaughlin, said Mateen began showing up about three years ago..."It could be he just went crazy. Maybe he got radicalised and hated who he was.”

TMZ: There are mounting claims that Omar Mateen was gay and looking to hook up on apps and in clubs -- but it appears he was also actively hitting on women -- a strong sign of a possible struggle with his sexuality.

Cord Cedeno says he connected with Mateen a couple years ago on Grindr...Mateen -- whose profile was a pic of him in a tie -- would only say "Hi" over and over. He says he eventually blocked Mateen, but knows 4 friends who say the Orlando murderer remained active on other apps. He says Mateen used Adam4Adam to send shots of his penis to men, but never showed his face...(Cedeno) has no knowledge (of) Mateen...hooking up with a man.

On the other hand, a female user on Plenty Of Fish says Mateen reached out to her 18 months ago. She says he was "nice, normal...mentioned he had a child, but said he was single and looking for a good woman to marry." She told us Mateen...rant(ed) about Islam and the Quran, saying people misunderstood his religion. She says he wanted to meet face-to-face, but she too blocked him because he seemed "emotionally unstable."

Oh, well, this is QUITE inconvenient -- it blows away (if you'll pardon the expression) the anti-American jihadist martyr narrative, and just as the presidential election season was getting under way. All the anger, fear and hate of Muslims that the mainstream media, the Rethugs and the gun industry were planning to cash in on has to be replaced by patriotism and sympathy of the gay and pro-gay victims and another round of gun control talk? What a buzzkill! However, one man's buzzkill is another man's buzz -- we'll jut have to take comfort in enjoying things like this:


Biggest Rat Deserts the Bundy Standoff Sinking Ship

OregonLive.com: Jason C. Blomgren, one of the 26 people now indicted...in the armed seizure of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon...pleaded not guilty to a new indictment charging him with conspiracy to impede federal officers and possession of firearms in a federal facility...

(The) Federal Magistrate Judge...agreed to release Blomgren from custody once his father arrives in Portland to return with him to North Carolina in Blomgren's vehicle. (He) will be on electronic monitoring and home detention, pending trial.

Blomgren...drove...from North Carolina several days after the leaders seized...the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge...(He) left his two sons with his elderly parents...(He) needs to return to North Carolina to help his 17-year-old son who has autism because Blomgren is the only one who can calm him down, said his court-appointed lawyer...

But Blomgren's autistic son has managed to manage without him for the better part of a month, and apparently Blomgren's father isn't too "elderly" to travel from North Carolina to get him. Sorry, but that doesn't make sense. And dare I hope that Blomgren will receive his ankle bracelet BEFORE leaving Oregon custody?

ReverbPress.com: It appears as if there were extenuating circumstances that warranted (the pretrial release)...but it’s hard to imagine that his confession of what the Oregon standoff leaders had planned didn’t play a role...

“Blomgren told authorities that the occupation leaders never booby-trapped the wildlife sanctuary but talked about using ‘IEDs,’ or improvised explosive devices, when planning for a worst-case scenario and using at least two drones to spy on the FBI, the prosecutor said.”

The seismic tremor you just felt was the result of a collective orgasm going through the entire Oregon federal system.

During the end of the standoff, one of the holdouts kept accusing the Feds of planning to bombard them with enough additional charges to keep them in jail permanently. It sure sounds like she was right, which makes Blomgren's release that much more mysterious. But if his statement about their discussing IEDs and drones gives the Feds a way to bombard them into prison permanently with the ULTIMATE domestic terrorism charges...Now, THAT makes sense!


An Amazing Summation Of Christie (Written Thirty-Five Years Ago)

about a character that was invented nearly one hundred years ago:

The Great Gatsby...is a very great American novel with a considerable bearing...on any story in which social idea...reality, spirit, and money are understood in their relation to each other...

A half century ago...(Gatsby) was already inventing American society although he mistakenly supposed that it existed, and that it was Daisy and Tom Buchanan. What defined his life was not our present-day belief that money buys class, but the far more radical conviction that if money was legitimately come by, it was class, and...(therefore) conferred moral stature. When he died, Gatsby was still seeking not only a means of self-realization but a means of social incarnation as well...

(The Great Gatsby's author) F. Scott Fitzgerald was not afraid of the word "vulgar"...

-- Diana Trilling, Mrs. Harris: The Death Of The Scarsdale Diet Doctor, 1981

Substitute Governor Soprano for Gatsby, Donald Trump for Tom Buchanan, Bruce Springsteen for Daisy Buchanan, and you've got a remake in the making!


Here's how I originally heard the joke

"Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?"
"Would you sleep with me for five dollars?"
"Hell, no! What do you think I am?"
"We've ESTABLISHED what you are. Now we're just negotiating the price."

Misogynistic and vile? Hell, yes -- because the joke trades on the inconvenient truth that people who exchange money for sex (traditionally male) have moral, social, and legal ascendancy over people (traditionally female) who exchange sex for money. But if you substitute loyalty, integrity, or ambition (especially political ambition) for the sex, and any kind of reward or favoritism for the money, the joke also functions in the "respectable" world. I actually heard an MSNBC commentator say it of a politician, "Well, now we know what he is -- AND we know his price!"

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