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Home country: USA
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It's the Twelfth Annual Rocktivity/DU "You Call This NEWS?" Awards!

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Hello, and welcome yet again! First of all, sorry about the unscheduled delay of this year's ceremonies. The last time they were held late was out of respect to Gabby Giffords. This time, I got caught between being gentrified by my web host AND my internet service provider deciding to take a weekend vacation. But I am now comfortably settled in my new cyber-digs, and the ISP is giving me a one-month credit!

I suppose I should be depressed about the Republicans re-taking congress, but if anything, it puts us in that much better a position to bring more progressivism into the White House. And I hope Obama sees the wisdom of holding the line on net neutrality -- with the mainstream media in an even tighter right-wing grip, it's more important than ever that the netroots have room to blossom. So I'd like to dedicate this year's ceremony to Chuck Todd for media charlatanism below and beyond the call of duty -- from trying to compete with us with his First Read blog to directing politics at MSNBC to running the ratings of Meet the Press into the ground!

And now, on to 2014's other false media prophets -- unless you'd like to refresh your memories by going through the archives first:

[div style="text-align:center"]PREVIOUS AWARD WINNERS
2003 - Bush's Ancestor's Bank Seized (Grandad - Germany/Nazi)
2004 - Cheney May Help or Hinder Bush's Chances

[div style="text-align:center"]PREVIOUS AWARD CEREMONIES
2005 - U.S. Army Report: Military Lost Dominance In Iraq After Invasion
2006 - Iraq On Brink Of Becoming A Failed State
2007 - Iraqis Blame U.S. Invasion For Discord
2008 - Bush sees no recession coming
2009 - Bottled water sales dry up - Industry Asks 'Why?'
2010 - Former Head of FEMA says Bush Administration Downplayed Severity of Hurricane Katrina
2011 - Wal-Mart: Our Shoppers Are "Running Out Of Money"
2012 - CIA Docs Confirm: Cheney Is A Liar!
2013 - It's official: Pope has not abolished sin, says Vatican

[div class="excerpt" style="text-align:center;border: 2px #000000 ridge"]TWELFTH ANNUAL ROCKTIVITY DU/LBN "YOU CALL THIS NEWS?" AWARD WINNERS

[div style="text-align:center"]SPECIAL ACHEIVEMENT AWARD
The New York Times Just Issued the Best Correction You'll Read All Week
Media Source: Mother Jones.com
Posted by: N2doc
An earlier version of a summary with this article misstated the former title of Dick Cheney. He was vice president, not president.
Best Post (Other Than Mine): "Is Judith Miller running the paper?"
-- NYtoBush-Drop Dead

[div style="text-align:center"]SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS:

Pimp sues Nike for $100 million for lack of warning label after beating victim with Jordans
Media Source: Oregon Live.com
Posted by: Alp227

Best Post (Other Than Mine): "I admire a pimp who's willing to beat his slaves on behalf of oppressed children."
-- Orrex

John Boehner’s Lawyer Quits Because Lawsuit Against Obama Could Harm His Credibility
Media Source: PoliticsUSA.com
Posted by: CatWoman

Best Posts (Other Than Mine):
"Bought to you by the party who claims to be against frivolous lawsuits."
-- Lob1

"Orly Taitz, please pick up the white courtesy phone..."
-- Jberryhill

[div style="text-align:center"]HONORABLE MENTION
43 House Republicans Are Suing President Obama For Being The President of the United States
Media Source: PoliticsUSA.com
Posted by: MrScorpio

Best Post (Other Than Mine): "The problem with the...GOP is real simple: There's a black man in the White House and he's NOT the butler."
-- Hobbit709

[div style="text-align:center"]HONORABLE MENTION:

Gun access tied to greater suicide, murder risk
Media Source: Yahoo.com
Posted by: Onehandle

Best Post (Other Than Mine): "Totally shocking to me that a piece of equipment designed to kill people makes it easier to kill people, including oneself. "
-- Truebluegreen

[div style="text-align:center"]THIRD RUNNER UP
Non-White Prisoners are more Profitable for Private Prisons
Media Source: AllGov.com
Posted by: The Straight Story

Best Post (Other Than Mine): "Oh, great. Another example of the white man getting passed over.."
-- Orrex

[div style="text-align:center"]SECOND RUNNER UP
Juan Williams Suggests Calls To Impeach Obama Have Racist Undertones
Media Source: Talking Points Memo.com
Posted by: Alp227

Best Post (Other Than Mine): "At long last, the Clue Bird has pooped on Juan Williams' head."
-- The Velveteen Ocelot

[div style="text-align:center"]FIRST RUNNER UP
Corey Knowlton, who won auction to kill endangered black rhino, now fears for his life
Media Source: Raw Story
Posted by: Judi Lynn

Best Post (Other Than Mine): "How's it feel, f*cker?"
-- Tabasco

[div class="excerpt" style="border: 2px #000000 ridge"][div style="text-align:center"] AND THE WINNERS OF THE TWELFTH ANNUAL

(State) trooper wants job back because raping that girl was just a ‘moral mistake’
Media Source: RawStory.com
Posted by: DonViejo

Best Post (Other Than Mine): "In related news, the estate of Adolf Eichmann has petitioned..."
-- Loaded Liberal Dem

[div style="text-align:center"]

Congrats to all the posters and commenters, and that goes double for Alp 227 for winning twice and Judi Lynn for winning her second! And for this year, let's send the bar bill for the after party to Elizabeth Warren -- since she's not running, she'll need SOMETHING to do with the money being raised to draft her!


Terri Schiavo was not persistently vegetative, she was as dead as a doornail.

...The blue areas are remaining brain tissue but most of the scan shows black areas which are essentially fluid (cerebrospinal fluid). The normal body reaction to irreversibly damaged tissue is to replace it with fluid and this is clearly what has happened after Mrs. Schiavo suffered severe anoxic damage to her cerebral cortex. Most of what remains of her brain is essentially a fluid filled sac surrounded by a thin shell of brain tissue rather then the solid structure we normally associate with a brain...

At the time, Terri Schiavo was neither persisting, vegetating nor pining for her native Florida Everglades; she had passed on. She was no more; she had ceased to be. She had expired and gone to meet her maker: Terri was late. She was a stiff, bereft of life and resting in peace. If she hadn't been impaled by feeding tubes, she'd be pushing up the daisies. Her metabolic processes were history; she was off the twig. She had kicked the bucket, shuffled off her mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisible -- SHE WAS AN EX-TERRI!


DING DING DING! Rocktivity, you're our grand prize winner!!!!

"Disintermediating the labels" -- is that the legal term for "We are no longer ON a record label because our last album proved that Queensryche minus Tate equals zero, so we've gone into desperation mode"?

I was wrong about that. But I wasn't wrong about this:

...(S)eeing as (new singer) Todd (Le Torre) won't be getting anything out of the holding company, is it unreasonable to conclude that "generating" HIS income will depend on the crowdfunding?

I've dug up original singer Geoff Tate's side of the story:

I think it really began around February of (2012)...about moving our merchandising to a third party. We had control over our own merchandising company for years and years and we ran it ourselves. It's a very successful entity, and the other three guys wanted to...hand it over to somebody else and pay them more money to operate it...Our manager found another company that would do it for considerably less...

(W)e had a gig in Sao Paolo, and before the show we had a meeting...They said that they weren't planning on replacing me, but they had just fired our manager, our office assistant and one of our guitar techs, who all happened to be my family members...They had worked for us for ten years...

Of the 144 songs that Queensryche has released, I've written 116...I'm a 25 percent holder in our companies... (They want to) cut me out...split (my) 25 percent...and hire some young guy that's gonna work for a weekly wage...

And this from Queensryche's label Century Media:

...Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton have successfully agreed to...buy out their former lead singer's share of the Queensr˙che corporation while allowing him the ability to be the only one to perform Operation: Mindcrime and Operation: Mindcrime II in their entirety.

(Tate)...can only refer to himself as the "Original Lead Singer of Queensr˙che or "Formerly of Queensr˙che" for a period of two years...(after which)...he can(not) mention Queensr˙che at all...As of September 1 (2014), there will be only one Queensr˙che entity (who) will continue to perform selections from their entire musical catalog including songs from Operation: Mindcrime...

But if they still have a record deal, WHY are Queensryche trying to raise $2 million AND doing crowdfunding? Proof yet again that the simplest explanation tends to be the right one: Buying Tate out most likely included giving him the rights to most if not all of their entire back catalog -- and they are just plain flat broke!

If (what's left of) Queensryche no longer have either publishing income or the bandmembers who generated that income, that leaves the band's name as their sole asset (which makes their eliminating their newest members from the holding company extra inexcusable). Tate, meanwhile, has already signed a record deal, putting his ex-esteemed colleagues just one Operation Mindcrime Live album away from being the world's best Queensryche tribute band.

Detection of desperation mode accomplished: I love the smell of vindication in the morning.


Queenryche "missed" when they "divested" themselves of their most valuable "assets."

You're absolutely right about it being so much harder to be a rookie non-Top-40 act these days, and for the need for a new paradigm. The problem with Queensryche's paradigm is that without singer Geoff Tate (and original lead guitarist/co-composer Chris DeGarmo), it feels more like something that the Kramer character on the Seinfeld show would have come up with. Anything you invest in is supposed to have inherent growth potential -- where is Queensryche's?

If a Bon Jovi or a Rolling Stones or a Judas Priest were doing this because they had lost their record deals, didn't want to invest their own money, and most important, still had their most profitable members, it would be intelligible, at least: investing in those bands would be a gamble worth taking.


You're right -- Time to post my DU Thanksgiving traditions

A classic one:

A new one:

And a carol:



Rumors about Kristen began when her then-band Sugarland hooked up with Bon Jovi

rumors that I resented greatly because they seemed to be based on her not being as "hot"-looking as her bandmate Jennifer Nettles:

In 2006, Hall alleged that she left Sugarland to "stay home and write songs," but that was hard to swallow. They were just about to start peddling their second album as the opening act on the Kenny Chesney tour; a song Jennifer did with Bon Jovi was shooting up the pop, rock, AND country charts; and both bands joined up for a TV special: Sugarland were about to "arrive." Was Hall "advised" that her "image" -- perceived or real -- would "hold the band back?" Was she threatened with being outed? Was she promised to be spared the "you'll never work in this town again" routine if she left quietly? And why did she have to sue for her share of Sugarland's profits? (The suit was settled in 2010.)

Irony alert: Jennifer Nettles, who married in 2011 and has a child, says she's finding HERSELF to be the subject of gay rumors!


This was going to be HIS weekend: TONS of great national press

New York, New Jersey Set Up Mandatory Quarantine Requirement Amid Ebola Threat
On Friday, a health care worker landed at Newark after treating Ebola patients in West Africa, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said at the news conference. A legal quarantine was issued for the woman, who was not a New Jersey resident and was set to go on to New York afterward.

“This woman, while her home residence is outside the area, said her next stop was going to be here in New York,” Christie said. “Governor Cuomo and I discussed it before we came out here, and a quarantine order will be issued.” The woman will be quarantined in either New York or New Jersey, Christie said.

Cuomo and Christie said it no longer matters if someone is showing symptoms or not...

In Lincoln, Christie stumps for Ricketts, catches NU-Rutgers
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stopped by Lincoln on Saturday to take in some of the football game and to stump for fellow Republican Pete Ricketts.

“I’m here because I want people to focus on this race in these last 11 days,” before the election, he said. “I want the people of Nebraska to not take anything for granted and to know that their vote matters. We want Pete to have a big, comfortable victory on Nov. 4.”

Christie credited his confidence, in part, to advertisements the GOP governors group sponsored this fall in Nebraska...

While blistering Obama, Christie praises George W. Bush’s leadership
Governor Christie argued Saturday night that President Obama did a lousy job as a world leader. But Christie also made the case that Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, did a better job.

“When we have folks around the world who wonder any longer (sic) what’s it mean(s) to be a friend with the US, and what would the United States do in return for our friendship, that never, never had to be worried about in the past administration (sic). Everyone knew where George Bush stood and who he stood with,” Christie said during a fundraiser-birthday party for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad in a Des Moines suburb.

...Bush...nominate(d) Christie for United States Attorney in 2001. It was the role that elevated Christie and positioned him for his 2009 campaign for governor, in which he soundly defeated then-Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat. Christie would not be standing on any stage in Iowa or the Jimmy Fallon Show, as a potential 2016 presidential candidate if not for George Bush.

That quickly turned into milligrams:

Christie defends Ebola quarantine announcement, saying he's trying to protect N.J. residents
The governor, speaking to reporters along the Republican Governor Association campaign trail in Iowa, stood by his Friday announcement with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to quarantine some travelers reentering the country...

“My first and foremost obligation is to protect the public health and safety of the people of New Jersey,” Christie said. "And so I’m sorry if in any way she was inconvenienced, but the inconvenience that could occur from having folks who are symptomatic and ill out and amongst the public is a much, much greater concern of mine. This is a difficult situation to deal with and my heart goes out to her because she’s someone who’s been trying to help others...

Obama forces Chris Christie into embarrassing U-turn to allow Ebola nurse to leave New Jersey quarantine tent
Chris Christie was forced on Monday to allow a nurse being kept in a tent in a hospital parking lot to go home after intense White House pressure to relax a mandatory 21-day quarantine the New Jersey Governor had imposed at a state level.

The embarrassing turnaround came after Obama chaired a White House meeting on the rules and successfully lobbied Christie's New York counterpart, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to relax their quarantine rules – even as Americans grow more concerned about the possibility of a pandemic emergency.

Cuomo gave in on behalf of New Yorkers. But as of Sunday Christie was still pushing for more aggressive measures to protect New Jerseyans, saying he had 'no second thoughts' about the policy.

Unapologetic, Christie Frees Nurse From Ebola Quarantine
“I didn’t reverse my decision,” Mr. Christie said from the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Fla., where he was campaigning for that state’s governor, Rick Scott, a fellow Republican. “She hadn’t had any symptoms for 24 hours. And she tested negative for Ebola. So there was no reason to keep her. The reason she was put into the hospital in the first place was because she was running a high fever and was symptomatic.”

“If people are symptomatic they go into the hospital,” Mr. Christie said. “If they live in New Jersey, they can quarantine at home. If they don’t, and they’re not symptomatic, then we set up quarantine for them out of state. But if they are symptomatic, they’re going to the hospital.”

And he wants to be seen as a Bush II-like leader? Proceed, governor!


Lets REALLY be honest: Miley is a slut-GAMER

she's in the business of being slut shamed!

Miley is a very good country singer -- so why ISN'T she one? Because her record label wanted a big-bucks video pop-parazzi tart of their own, and she accepted the job. You call it artistic license? I call it slut-GAMING, as invented by Miley's grandmother Madonna thirty years ago. You dress like a clown, act like a slut, sing as an afterthought, subsist on the resulting controversy -- and if anyone dares to call you on it, you accuse them of being an anti-feminist pearl-clutching slut-shamer.

Your record label makes more money off you than their other "serious artist" acts, and the only down side is that you're forced to invest more and more in your visual style than your artistic substance. But by supporting your right to "control your sexualization," your fans and media parasites retain their right to ogle you -- until you do something so outlandish they HAVE to dump you, or they trade you in for a younger model.


For my parents' generation, it was discipline, not abuse -- and "everybody did it"

because it was considered "normal" and "proper" child-rearing -- spare the rod and spoil the child, the Good Book says.

My parents (Mom mostly, Dad was only called in for major infractions) would qualify as abusers by today's standards, I suppose. But it's a moot issue anyway, because it didn't work on me. I came to resent not being physically punished as the only reward of "being good" -- it's sparing positive reinforcement that "spoils" a child. And since my parents' brand of discipline also proved to me that might makes right, I came to derive more pleasure in getting revenge against authority figures than trying to appease them.

I know Peterson is barely 30, and I hope I'm not being unfair, but I do think he should have known better. Reacting to all child rearing situations with anger and physical force has long since been disproven. If he'd done just a little basic research, he would have known his son is at least a year away from truly grasping the concept of taking turns, and just cutting off access to the toy would have worked better.


2014 9/11 Day Memorial Film Festival

Introductory remarks byJon Stewart.

An opening short subject by fellow DUer Symbolman:

And the feature presentation:

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