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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 44,393

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DING DING DING! Siwsan, you're our grand prize winner!

Both women offer(ed) the same explanation for the killings...I think both women had the same attachment issues, but definitely not the same socio-personalities...

At her trial, a psychiatrist testified that Broderick exhibited all nine symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder -- five is the minimum needed for a formal diagnosis. She was so adverse to being dumped and replaced, she never bothered to consider the consequences of her actions and reactions.

I think Jean Harris' problem had more to do with her not wanting to face the fact that despite Tarnower's fame, fortune and prestige, he was NOT "a good catch." He had broken off their engagement, but leaving him was out of the question: It would be tantamount to announcing to the world that she, a divorcee, had once again picked the wrong guy.

It also didn't help that Broderick and Harris were replaced by women who were supposed to be their social inferiors: receptionists. That had to hurt, too -- and I still say that if Emily "Get Out Of The Way" Miller had lost her GOP VIP fiance to the owner of a manicure salon rather than a mere employee, there probably would not have been a Jack Abramoff scandal!

Both Broderick and Harris claimed that they were the ones they'd intended to "punish." But that's the ultimate copout: when push came to shove, their attempts at suicide ended up extracting "justice" from whom they saw as the true perpetrators.


You can't go wrong when the organ lessons are from the masters


UASREC Civilian, Madison Avenue Division, 1977 -1987

Worked in creative group at ad agency that did the Army's BE ALL YOU CAN BE campaign. Promoted from secretary to copywriter in 1982. Wrote print ads, a TV spot, and radio commercials (one of which won an award). Visited Forts Lewis and Benning, but, oddly, not the Army's recruitment headquarters (USAREC) Ft. Sheridan.

Of course, we had saner commanders-in-chief back then.


Hurricane Sandy: My Final Fury

When I "commuted" from my motel near Newark Airport to my local polling place, I learned that the neighborhood had gotten its lights back on the night before. No Internet though, so there was no point in coming home until yesterday.

This morning, I got up at 8AM, saw that the time on my cable box still read 12:00, and self-piteously went back to bed. When I got up again, the time read 12:43, and it really WAS 12:43 -- my Internet and cable were back! So I guess my chapter of the Hurricane Sandy saga is officially over, and it's time for gratitude to all who helped me cope.

With only a radio to rely on, I bounced between Seton Hall U. WSOU (music), WFAN/ESPN (sports coverage and derision at Mayor Bloomberg's not cancelling the NYC Marathon), and NJ 101.5 (local info and broadcasting the Red Cross benefit NBC-TV did). And thanks to DU and the motel's Wifi, I didn't have to rely on major network coverage (though I did enjoy glimpsing at all the sad faces on Fox). All I had to do keep refreshing the Latest Threads link on my cellphone!

Lessons learned? I have a radio, and I've always kept a supply of batteries, lights, candles, and matches, so I was prepared in that sense. Though I didn't lose gas, I also have some chafing dish burners so I can cook over tin cans supporting an oven rack. And since Hurricane Irene, I've followed a DUer's advice to keep a gallon jug of water in the freezer, which kept my food cold for three extra days. If there's anything I regret, it's not having a personal hotspot for my cell phone -- I couldn't make calls until Saturday.

But for thousands of others, Hurricane Sandy won't be over for a very long time. There's still much to be done, and I hope you won't forget them just because there will be less media coverage. Join me in doing whatever you can to help.

Well, until the next perfect storm...



The media isn't talking about it, but that doesn't meant that WE can't

The other day, somebody suggested that the capture of bin Laden has been Obama's silent ace in the hole. Though it hasn't been a front-row feature of the campaign, it gives him a huge edge in terms of pure public sentiment. I think Obama had a similar advantage over Hillary: It wasn't her fault, of course, but I believe that subconsciously, a lot of voters were turned off by the prospect of a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton-(Jeb?) Bush progression.

In the same vein, I believe that though Seamus and the tax returns are "ancient history" as far as the MSM is concerned, those two insights into Mitt are still burning brightly in the psyches of the voters (if only because his subsequent behavior has reinforced them). And for Mitt to suggest that harping on them are a waste of time when it's "issues" that should be discussed, well, the quality of one's personal character is very much a political issue. Just ask Bush. And Clinton. And Bush. And Clinton. And (Jeb) Bush.



The wire was temporary -- until they could perform a surgical implant


In 2008, I knew that Obama would win when McCain picked Palin

because Palin's youth and inexperience took away McCain's strongest and most legitimate weapon against Obama -- OBAMA'S youth and inexperience!

In a similiar vein, I believe this election is over as long as rMoney refuses to show more income tax returns, because it's taken away HIS strongest and most legitimate weapon against Obama -- equal footing with independent voters. It's not equal anymore:

Of course, criticizing Obama for not having enough business experience while his running mate has even less doesn't help, either.


Biblical Styles of the 2012 Presidential Candidates

Divine inspiration provided by DUer Scuba.


The kerfuffle over Clint Eastwood's RNC performance

has compelled me to return to this conversation, because I mentioned that social media would give us "you peoples" even more skin in the political game.

Barely before Clint was finished, Twitter was set ablaze by #insertchair, #invisibleobama, #clinteastwooding. Nobody sat around waiting for the MSM or the network-connected blogosohere to instruct them on how they ought to react -- they reacted with thousands of tweets, with the more skilled among them linking to quickly-constructed cartoons:

in response, the Obama camp tweeted:

This seat's taken.

Twitter says it was the most popular retweet during the RNC convention, and Obama's most popular retweet next to the one he sent out supporting same-sex marriage. Yet I'm supposed to believe the MSM'S insistence that it's still a dead heat right now.


2012 Republican Convention, Democratic (Underground) Backdrops

Thanks to EarlG's GOP Convention Backdrop "Photoshop Fun" thread!

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