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DING DING DING! Siwsan, you're our grand prize winner!

Both women offer(ed) the same explanation for the killings...I think both women had the same attachment issues, but definitely not the same socio-personalities...

At her trial, a psychiatrist testified that Broderick exhibited all nine symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder -- five is the minimum needed for a formal diagnosis. She was so adverse to being dumped and replaced, she never bothered to consider the consequences of her actions and reactions.

I think Jean Harris' problem had more to do with her not wanting to face the fact that despite Tarnower's fame, fortune and prestige, he was NOT "a good catch." He had broken off their engagement, but leaving him was out of the question: It would be tantamount to announcing to the world that she, a divorcee, had once again picked the wrong guy.

It also didn't help that Broderick and Harris were replaced by women who were supposed to be their social inferiors: receptionists. That had to hurt, too -- and I still say that if Emily "Get Out Of The Way" Miller had lost her GOP VIP fiance to the owner of a manicure salon rather than a mere employee, there probably would not have been a Jack Abramoff scandal!

Both Broderick and Harris claimed that they were the ones they'd intended to "punish." But that's the ultimate copout: when push came to shove, their attempts at suicide ended up extracting "justice" from whom they saw as the true perpetrators.


You can't go wrong when the organ lessons are from the masters

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