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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 44,424

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The wire was temporary -- until they could perform a surgical implant


In 2008, I knew that Obama would win when McCain picked Palin

because Palin's youth and inexperience took away McCain's strongest and most legitimate weapon against Obama -- OBAMA'S youth and inexperience!

In a similiar vein, I believe this election is over as long as rMoney refuses to show more income tax returns, because it's taken away HIS strongest and most legitimate weapon against Obama -- equal footing with independent voters. It's not equal anymore:

Of course, criticizing Obama for not having enough business experience while his running mate has even less doesn't help, either.


Biblical Styles of the 2012 Presidential Candidates

Divine inspiration provided by DUer Scuba.


The kerfuffle over Clint Eastwood's RNC performance

has compelled me to return to this conversation, because I mentioned that social media would give us "you peoples" even more skin in the political game.

Barely before Clint was finished, Twitter was set ablaze by #insertchair, #invisibleobama, #clinteastwooding. Nobody sat around waiting for the MSM or the network-connected blogosohere to instruct them on how they ought to react -- they reacted with thousands of tweets, with the more skilled among them linking to quickly-constructed cartoons:

in response, the Obama camp tweeted:

This seat's taken.

Twitter says it was the most popular retweet during the RNC convention, and Obama's most popular retweet next to the one he sent out supporting same-sex marriage. Yet I'm supposed to believe the MSM'S insistence that it's still a dead heat right now.


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