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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 44,422

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The 2017 9/11 Memorial Film Festival

Introductory remarks byJon Stewart.

An opening short subject by fellow DUer Symbolman:

And the feature presentation:


My web host also offers domain name registration; my domain name registrar also offers hosting

and my Internet service provider also offers both. I pay for each of mine separately -- and this kind of situation is precisely the reason why.

Handing off control of your ad placements is one thing, but if you don't control your files and hosting, you DON'T control your content and editorial. And I hope Snopes has the actual Snopes.com name registered independently.

The owner of an international message board I frequent threatened to sell it off because we wouldn't all buy subscriptions. The price included the board's Web host, but I pointed out that if the board couldn't be sold without its hosting server, it wasn't really his to sell. Only the board's physical files, databases of posts and user accounts, and domain name (in most but not all cases) were of value. The hosting, Internet service provider, and message board software could (and should) be supplied by the buyer, requiring a considerable reduction of his asking price. He changed his mind about selling.

When the company where I started my first blog was sold, and when I've needed Web hosting with better pricing or more advanced features, I've simply found a new Web host; uploaded the latest copies of my databases (which I have sent to me directly) and of physical files from my home computer (not from some remote exclusive cloud) to its server; and sent redirect instructions to my domain registrar: that's what you should be able to do when things get "acrimonious."

Let this be a lesson to all: A web service provider's job is to provide web SERVICES -- controlling YOUR web content is YOUR job.


Christie Crime Digest Volume V: The Epilogue

Welcome to the beginning of the end of the Chris Christie era.

As the sun sets on Chris Christie's political life and personal credibility, I was more than happy to accept the keys to the Christie Crime Digest from thread starter DU-er Laxman. But I have to confess that between there being just six months left to the Governor Soprano Crime Family regime and the shutting of the Bridge(t)-Gate, I honestly didn't think that another volume would be necessary. No such luck: it looks like Crew Christie are determined not to go gently into that good night, but with a closing volley of their trademark political tone-deafness and social vulgarianism. So here we are...and here are the links to:

My first order of business will be to tie up the loose ends on Bridge(t)-Gate:

Chapters 352, 353: Cue the guy with with the Dragnet hammer - Baroni, Kelly and Wildstein sentenced

Chapter 354: HorizonGate-ShutdownGate-BeachGate: What Chris Christie Did On His Summer Vacation

Chapter 355: Meet one of David Wildstein's character references who wrote the judge who decided his fate.

Chapter 355a: A closer look at Wildstein's plea for leniency -- and self-made banishment from respectability -- plus a link to the complete statement.

Chapter 356: The count is 0 and 2: Christie strikes out as sportscaster, takes in baseball game as fans cry foul (ball).

Chapter 357: It turns out that Christie is qualified to nominate himself as New Jersey senator should a replacement be needed for the indicted Bob Menenedez before Christie's term ends. Too bad he's long since disqualified himself for the job.

Chapter 358: Beach-Gate post mortem: Christie plays the kid card -- even they noticed that perhaps he'd abused his power. And don't miss the video tribute.

Chapter 358a: The New Jersey Dem-pire locks the Beach-Gate shut.

Chapter 359: Why a six-month-old story about something that happened to Christie three years ago suddenly has news significance.

Chapter 359a: Why a seven-month-old story about something that happened to MRS. Christie suddenly has news significance.

THE FINAL CHAPTER: The beginning of the New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy era, for which we give "Eternal Thanks" to Laxman and all the Digest's contributors; "Eternal Gratitude" to the Digest's past, present, and future readers; and most important of all, "Eternal Good Riddance" to you-know-who...

UPDATE: An even better video from the Greater Miami Area Patch

Click here to fast forward to the six-minute mark. At 6:08, a white car pulls up and stops at the first intersection. Venus pulls up and stops behind it at 6:22, but the white car doesn't start moving until 6:30. No oncoming traffic prevents the car from proceeding, so why does it just sit there for least twenty seconds? Because its light was red, most likely.

At 6:33 (and presumably after the light has turned green) the white car completes a left turn, and Venus drives through the first intersection unimpeded. At 6:38, she stops at the second intersection and yields the right of way to a car going in the opposite direction of the Barson car -- strong evidence that Venus was truthful about her light being green. Why? Because of how unlikely it is that her light had turned red ONLY FIVE SECONDS after it had turned green!

While the car she yielded to clears the second intersection, two cars in the lanes next to Barson's pull up and stop at 6:41. Venus starts up again at 6:42 when Barson barrels past the two cars into the intersection, with impact at 6:43.

No way is Venus at fault. Mrs. Barson either failed to yield the right of way to Venus (like the drivers of the two cars that stopped when they got to intersection and let Venus go through), ran a red light, or both -- and she's definitely guilty of entering the intersection at an inappropriate speed. Instead of extorting money, Mrs. Barson's lawyers should be trying to persuade the D.A. that the loss of her husband is punishment enough.


Helpful hint for the day: Avoid social media if you're trying to avoid the cops

AV Club.com: There are millions of intelligent people out there who also happen to be ***** fans, but the guy with the Nazi tattoos who was arrested...after his friend posted their...tickets on Facebook is not one of them...

(B)efore you feel too sorry for him...(he)...was arrested on charges of aggravated kidnapping...(O)ne of his friends posted a picture of his confirmation email for ***** tickets on Facebook, along with a seating chart marked with the exact spot where he and his +1 would be sitting...(S)heriff’s deputies showed up at the concert, and -- well, there they were...

Click here if you must know where this took place and who this genius went to see -- I have decided to withhold that information out of consideration for both the performer(s) and his/her/their intelligent DU fans. Just suffice it to say that the guy is no longer running free, and can look forward to about twenty wasted years because he's now a prisoner, not a free man...


But wait...there's more...

Man Flashes Guns and Cash on Facebook Live, Gets Raided on Facebook Live

Candidate for the Self-Snitching Hall of Disdain:

22-year-old Breon Hollings, a Jacksonville, Fla. resident, was seen flaunting handfuls of cash during a Facebook Live stream ...while speaking to the camera, but becomes distracted when he sees lights outside of his window... (link)

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