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Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
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Kareem Hunt Is Released By Kansas City Chiefs After Video of Him Attacking Woman Is Released

First, Ray Rice:


Then Dante Fowler:


and now this:
KC Chiefs Kareem Hunt in February 2018 Video Attacking Woman

Kareem Hunt's status with the Kansas City Chiefs was in limbo Friday night after video surfaced of the reigning NFL rushing champion striking a woman during an incident at a Cleveland hotel...Police were called to the scene during the Feb. 10 incident, but no charges were filed...though two police reports were created. Hunt is listed as the suspect in one of them and a woman, Abigail Ottinger, is the suspect in the other one...

The video, published by TMZ, shows Hunt knocking over and kicking a woman in the hotel hallway...(and) lunging toward a woman and several others...(T)he second-year pro (was) restrained several times...Hunt later shoves an individual and knocks down a woman, whom he then kicks on the ground.

The Chiefs and the NFL have been aware of Hunt's incident since it occurred...Hunt was at the Chiefs' facility earlier Friday in preparation for Sunday's trip to Oakland, but was excused and sent home...Hunt could be placed on the NFL's Commissioner Exempt List, which...means the player is paid and does not count against the club's 53-man roster, (b)ut he can't practice or play until he is removed from the list.

When asked about the offseason incidents during training camp, Hunt replied: ''I've learned from it and just focus on football.''

Maybe Hunt should have focused on outbidding TMZ for the video...


I winced when I learned that Lady Gaga was in the newest remake of A Star Is Born

I knew instantly that it wouldn't work for me because her voice is too generic.

I had no problem imagining the characters played by her predecessors Judy Garland (in 1954) and Barbra Streisand (in 1976) being told, "Sorry, but while you have the right voice, you don't have the right look," and needing someone further up the ladder to help them through the door. Fortunately, director/co-star Bradley Cooper realized that in these times, Gaga's character would be told "Sorry, but you don't have the right voice OR looks," and has her complain instead that she's not good-looking enough for her songwriting abilities to be noticed, never mind respected. But that's a crock, too, of course: if her songs WERE any good, someone would have noticed and given her the opportunity to sell them to superior vocalists who could make them BOTH rich and famous!


Shift - Pinprick


HDMI? Never "heard" of it until now

I grew up turning up the bass and turning down the treble on the stereo, which evolved into pushing up all the levers on the graphic equalizers on the stereo. As the home computer age favored digital over analog recording, I came to miss that warm, natural, 3-dimensional vinyl-y sound where you didn't have to increase volume to increase audio quality.

About five months ago I had to cough up twenty dollars for new computer speakers, and last week I had to replace my monitor. I had used a DVI-to-HDMI cable on my old monitor, while my new monitor has HDMI and VGA sockets. I decided to get a HDMI cable instead of a VGA-to-HDMI cable or VGA adapter simply because their prices was about the same, and besides, how much of a difference would it make? Such a difference, it turned out, I was compelled to do some research on the subject -- apparently, HDMI enhances the audio as well video signal!

While my new monitor's sky-high graphic and video resolution is indeed dazzling, it's no match for what I'm hearing: My natural 3-D analog vibe has returned, and my speakers now sound like they cost five times as much! No more "cranking it to crank it" -- so I get to appreciate the DU Music Appreciation Group all over again!


You're welcome.

And may you be diagnosed soon.


SOP for Kanye -- serving up a controversy-sells salad with meltdown dressing

And just in time for the release of new album, of course!

One minute he's a pioneering advocate of independent thought, the next minute he's a henpecked husband. He's in a sunken place, all right -- a mental and marital prison.


The college I graduated from required a 1000 total SAT score. Mine was 850

But I got credit for graduating in the top fifth of an academically reknowned high school. I graduated from the college with a B average.

I was once asked if it was "fair" that I had "taken" a spot from a student with a higher SAT score. I replied, "It must have been, since the students who got in with higher SAT scores but graduated with LESS than a B got to stay!"


The Truth About The Kanye West/Taylor Swift "I Made That Bitch Famous" Feud

Taylor posted this on Instagram in July 2016:

2009 was when Kanye interrupted Taylor's acceptance speech at an awards show and announced that Beyonce should have won, inspiring President Obama to call him "a jackass."

"Where is the video of Kanye telling me he was going to call me 'that bitch' in the song?" is an excellent question. Unfortunately for Taylor, this is also an excellent question: "Why didn't you ask that question five months ago?"

If Taylor had complained that "The lyrics Kanye read to me did not contain the word 'bitch'" when the song was released in February 2016, Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian would have had to keep their mouths shut about the video -- not so much because they may have recorded it illegally, but because it would have proved that Obama was right.

While all three of them are guilty of lying by omission, Taylor would be running victory laps over "Kim-Ye" in her stiletto heels if she also hadn't counted on no one being able to prove that she'd lied by omission. Sorry, Taylor, but the only assassin of your character is you.


Nowhere near presidential enough

The first African-blooded United States president is placed in what is essentially a jungle? And while the artist did manage to capture and project his essence, he's been colored an oompah loompah orange.

The painting of Michelle, meanwhile (I cannot consider it a portrait) comes across as the work of an earnest but wall paint-supplied junior high schooler: it's two-dimensional, the dress is the star of the show, and doesn't resemble her in the least.


The Christie Crime Digest's Closing Chapter

...It looks like Crew Christie are determined not to go gently into that good night, but with a closing volley of their trademark political tone-deafness and vulgarianism.

By the power vested in me by the stewardship of New Jersey's new governor (Democrat) Phil Murphy, and by this thread's original poster DU-er Laxman, I now officially close the books on the Christie Crime Digest -- Chris Christie style.

As I said, I had every confidence that Christie's departure from office would only showcase his boorishness, and I'm delighted to report that he didn't let us down.

Business Insider: On the day New Jersey elect(ed) a new governor, current Gov. Chris Christie fell into an old habit that has come to define his governorship...

(To) a constituent who was upset that the governor hadn't attempted to merge the constituent's township...Christie said..."It's easier to sit here and complain. But you know what? That's the joy of public service. It's serving folks...like you that is really such a unique joy. It really is. You're fabulous."

NJ.com: Christie says he relishes some of the friendships he's made because he was governor: Bono texts him on his birthday and holidays. Jon Bon Jovi and his wife are close friends with Christie and Mary Pat. And there's King Abdullah, who hosted him and his family as a guest several years ago.

But as it turns out, those were only the opening acts.

Bloomberg: Christie...was blocked from a VIP entrance he had used for eight years, and directed to stand in Transportation Security Administration screening lines at Terminal B like anyone else, according to a person familiar with the incident...The order came from police for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport...

About two weeks after being laid off from a job I'd had for nine years, I had to make one last visit to the personnel office. I did so by doing what I'd done practically every day for each of those nine years: entering the office building, getting on and off the elevator, exchanging pleasantries with employees who were also passing through the reception area, and bypassing the reception desk. As I was completing my business with the personnel exec, security guards turned up.

Why? Because it never entered my mind that since I didn't work there anymore, I should have conducted myself as a mere visitor "like anyone else." I suppose I should have been embarrassed by my carelessness, or offended by being considered a "suspicious" character. But all I could do was laugh -- "Force of habit, guilty as charged!"

TalkingPointsMemo: The former governor...attempted to enter the airport through a special access area with his state police escort that he reportedly used when he was governor. A Port Authority officer stopped Christie from using that entrance and escorted him to the regular entrance...

But Christie denied the claims in...tweet(s)...saying he was led to one entrance by a Port Authority officer, but was then informed by the TSA that it was the wrong entrance and he was directed to a different gate. “Neither option was the way I entered the airport as Governor (wrong in the story) and PAPD officer never denied me entry at either place (also wrong in story),” he said...

If Christie was "led" to the first gate, it was most likely the result of his telling the PAPD officer that he wanted to use the gate for the New Jersey governor because he considered it a privilege that he still had: the same innocent mistake that I had made. But his response was classic: portraying himself as the victim -- then elevating himself to the hero -- by attacking "false" reports that he'd tried to "evade" both gates.

Nonetheless, I'm delighted that the Christie Crime Digest is ending on such a sour note. In addition to making it that much easier to say "Good riddance, Governor Soprano," it also makes me that much prouder of the time and effort that everyone invested in the Digest's creation and reading. So I won't say goodbye -- I'll just say, "Thanks, Laxman," and "Would you please take off your flip-flops before passing through the scanner, sir?"

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