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Hometown: New Jersey
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Ironically, "Is it OK to be white?" would have made a great subject for a Dilbert strip

During the Feb. 22 episode of “Real Coffee with Scott Adams,” he referenced a Rasmussen Reports survey that had asked whether people agreed with the statement “It’s OK to be white.” Most agreed, but Adams noted that 26% of Black respondents disagreed and others weren’t sure.

“It’s OK to be white” is not a "statement," but a race-baiting attempt from a polling company known to be politically biased, and as an experienced satirist of corporate culture, Adams should have seen right through it. I mean, exactly what does "It’s OK to be white" mean -- WHAT makes WHAT okay to be white, and in what context?

I've enjoyed Dilbert's jabs at corporatism for decades, but I will be donating neither money nor tears to Adams' cancel culture fund because he cancelled himself. To paraphrase Shakespeare, he threw away the dearest thing he owned -- his ability to take jabs at corporatism for a living -- as though it were a careless trifle.


"...The firm disputed many of his theories..."

Remember those 11M additional votes Trump got in 2020 that he couldn't stop bragging about? His "theory" seemed to be based on his getting them from Democrats with "buyer's remorse." Actually, they came from the 26M voters who were either too young or too apathetic to vote in 2016: Biden got the win because he got the rest.

Add that excess of 4M non-2016 voters to Trump's 3M popular vote margin of defeat in 2016 (how likely is it that the "landslide majority" of them came down with buyer's remorse?), and you get Biden's 7M-vote margin of victory.

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