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Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,756

Journal Archives

BLM protesters shut down Interstate to Columbia, SC

Source: WIS-TV

There was a Confederate flag raising by about 150 today at State House, with a few dozen protestors. Seeing on WIS TV Twitter now that protestors walked about two miles and blocked I-26 into and out of Columbia.

Read more: Link to source

Hillary's "theft" of the California primary

I saw a post yesterday that said that Sanders might be on his way to a "landslide victory" as a result of a recount in CA, and another that speculated on some BS fraud investigation.
I just got around to reading last week's copy of The Economist. Their article, which was published a few days before the CA vote, showed Clinton with a consistent 7-8 point lead. So, I guess the fact that she won by 12 is evidence of fraud

Posted this here so I don't have to listen to (fill in the blank, I could easily name the 5 or 6 that would probably respond) tell me how I just don't get it......

Please, read this report on the Nevada mess

I think Rolling Stone magazine has some credibility as a source, but I also know some people automatically put anyone who is not fully in step with his or her views in the enemy camp. This is a short read that gives an objective look at what happened:

According to various reports, Sanders supporters yelled, threw chairs and booed Clinton surrogate Barbara Boxer, incensed by a process they saw as rigged in Clinton's favor. Clinton backers responded by calling for the disruptive Sanders delegates' arrests.
According to the Nevada Democratic Party, the Sanders campaign had a sizable advantage in delegate slots (2,124 to Clinton's 1,722) going into the convention, but it failed to fill all of those slots — only 1,662 Sanders delegates showed up on Saturday, compared to 1,693 Clinton ones.
Of the 64 disputed Sanders delegates, the party contends, only eight showed up at the convention on Saturday, and six were ultimately seated. The remaining 58 were disqualified, the party claims, either because they were not registered as democrats by May 1st, or because they did not respond to the party's attempts to verify their names, birthdays and addresses.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/wtf-happened-at-the-nevada-democratic-state-convention-20160517#ixzz48wpmOEO2
Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

Sanders and turnout

I expect Sanders to do well in the 3 caucus states tonight but not because, as their campaign asserts, he does well when there is high voter turnout.
An article in my local (Columbia, SC) paper today says that he does best when "there is almost no turnout."
As example, he received 18,640 votes in winning the Idaho caucus. Clinton's margin of victory in my home county alone was more than that (she received 39,322 votes).
For those keeping score nationwide, Clinton has thus far won 8.9 million votes to 6.4 for Sanders.
Sounds like a pretty favorable stat for the General Election.

This was the only forum where I could post this without it being overrun with people basically disenfranchising all black and Southern voters to discredit the fact that Hillary is on her way to the nomination and the White House.

SC newspaper: "Bernie fans starting to sound like Trump"

I won't be sticking around here to answer the certain avalanche of criticism over this post, but wanted both sides to see the perspective from a Charleston SC journalist who is often criticized for his Democratic and Progressive slant on current events. Link at the bottom; emphasis in excerpts is mine:

Bernie's fans are starting to sound like Trump
Don't Be a Sore Loser

By Will Moredock

I recently received an email from an old friend I had not heard from in several years. She included me along with a few dozen other friends and acquaintances she felt needed to know her mind.
Seems my old friend is a Bernie Sanders supporter — a passionate, angry, uncompromising Bernie supporter.
"It will most likely not surprise y'all to hear that I have transformed myself into a walking billboard for Bernie Sanders," she writes. "Anytime I go anywhere where I will be around the public, I wear either a Bernie T-shirt or one of my Bernie pins."


Then the young man called her out on her righteous rant. "Do you know the difference between the supporters of your candidate versus mine?" he asked. "We will come out and support Bernie if he gets the nomination, but you people will not support Hillary."
She responded, "Some Bernie supporters will support Hillary, but true progressives like me will not. We simply cannot vote for a DINO [Democrat in Name Only] who is a warmonger and a corporate tool."
And in that sanctimonious outburst we have the recipe for a disaster on Election Day in November.

Final excerpt:
No difference between Bush and Gore? Really?
In her email, my friend denounced President Barack Obama gratuitously and meanly, criticizing him for......


I am an ignorant racist

Me and everyone else in my state is (fill in the blank) and not real Americans.

Just getting the conversation started for what will be all over DU when Clinton wins the SC primary next Saturday. I could probably even give you the names of who is going to post the hateful and derogatory statements about the outcome in SC.

Just look at the thread concerning Rachel Maddow if you want to see how viscously certain people attack when someone is judged not to be ideologically pure by the standards of their revolution.

What is this strange place?

This alternate universe called The Lounge where everyone does not seem to hate each other like in General Discussion: Primaries.
Don't you know that the other side is evil and intent on destroying our way of life? How can you be so cheerful here (and can I hide here for while? It's brutal in the other forums.)

Spoiler !!!

Other time zones: It's 2016.

Clinton no longer leading 2:1 in SC primary

I posted a week ago about Clinton opening better than a 2:1 lead in South Carolina, which is the 3rd primary after Iowa and NH. New CNN poll has changed those numbers:

Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton has a 45-point lead over Bernie Sanders, 65% to 21%. Martin O'Malley, the third candidate in the race, has 3%.

Link: http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/09/politics/donald-trump-south-carolina-20-points/index.html

Now a 3:1 lead, with Clinton having locked up virtually every major endorsement in the state (Minority Whip Congressman Jim Clyburn, all three living Democratic ex-Governors, large majority of legislators, etc.)

Ready for everyone to weigh in on why this is irrelevant since some City Council member in Smallville just endorsed Sanders.

Trump not even elected yet...

and he is already screwing the taxpayers of SC:

Donald Trump’s plan to foreclose on a failed North Charleston business co-founded by one of his sons was approved by a judge Monday while the presidential candidate was traveling to the area for a campaign rally.
The foreclosure plan is a complex real estate financing move that could potentially allow the senior Trump to profit from a $3.65 million loan that son Donald Trump Jr. and two other borrowers personally guaranteed to finance a building products company called Titan Atlas Manufacturing but did not repay.
Taxpayers are among the most likely losers in the deal, because the company’s unpaid state and federal taxes and other government payments totaling more than $96,000 can be recouped only if the winning foreclosure bid is high enough to cover nearly $5 million in secured debts that are first in line.


I know that what he is doing is technically legal, but this is how he thinks the free enterprise system is supposed to work. I would love to see the asshole have to actually work and draw a check to get by sometime. Same as W Bush - never realized that it was an accident of birth and not his business skills that made him rich.


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