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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,746

Journal Archives

How many candidates are left?

For real.
Biden is definitely still in, and Klobuchar has dark horse status, but it appears the current field is down to 5.
Is there an argument for any others to still be considered as contenders?

Trump: "I'm the only one that can do it."

He was right.
There was absolutely no one else who could have made Nixon look innocent, and Bush look intelligent.

(btw- stolen from someone on the internet this morning)

Think Lindsey reads DU?

Maybe I can leave a message for him here. I just called my Senatorís Office (gag) and got the usual THANKS FOR CALLING recording, followed by SORRY MAILBOX FULL.
And Iíve gotten that twice in the last week during office hours.
I know my emails through his website are filtered straight to the Trash file by now.

While he votes just as bad, at least with Tim Scott I get a real person who is polite, takes my message and thanks me for calling.

I donít think we can beat Lindsey, but I think we can scare the shit out of him that he might not get the payback from selling his soul.

Is Trump actually a Christian?

Yes, he is a porn again Christian who speaks in tongues.

Trump retweets Rep McCarthy

McCarthy says he will introduce a resolution in support of the Iranian protestors. He says they ďneed to know they are not alone.Ē
I wonder if he will promise them that Trump will protect and defend them like he did the Kurds if they put their lives on the line for the USA?

Question about Senate trial and witnesses

The critical issue impacting the upcoming trial is whether witnesses will be subpoenaed to appear.
The Democratic House issued subpoenas, and on Trumpís orders all of the crucial ones were ignored. Would it be any different if the subpoena came from the Republican Senate?
If the pressure gets too much for McConnel and some of the vulnerable Senators, what would prevent them from calling for witnesses, just to have Trump refuse to let them appear because he is protecting executive privilege for future Presidents?

I guess the main difference is the Chief Justice serving as the judge in the Senate trial, but I wonder how refusing to appear for a subpoena might shake out in the Senate.

Thinking of changing my DU signature

Heard this the other night, no idea if it is attributed to anyone:

You can't worship the child in the manger if you ignore the child at the border.

Americans have literally fought and died

for the right to vote, so I am certainly not questioning anyone's right to choose whom they will support, but......................

how is Tulsi still getting 1% in the DU poll after the event of the past few weeks?
I never see anyone posting in her defense here, and I can't imagine how a Democratic enthusiast could support her or her platform.

Any ideas?

A warning about Nikki Haley

There are several threads currently about Haley, with excerpts from her recent book. As a SC activist who watched her career for years, you better be very concerned about her.
If you think Trump is bad, think of an attractive Trump with impulse control and political savvy. She is just as far right as the Trumpers but can mask it and present it as a legitimate political stance. Being of Indian heritage, she gets a pass on the racist label while still dog-whistling the rednecks and Nazis.
I saw her do it in SC and she has plans to do it in the national stage.

Trump can do the work of three men

----Larry, Moe and Curly

I heard this ancient groaner the other day; I think the Stooges were still alive the first time I heard it.

But, on reflection, I decided that it does accurately sum up Trump's personality:

He exhibits the mean bullying of Moe;
The complete cluelessness of Larry;
And the sophisticated and controlled temperament of Curly.
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