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Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,762

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What happened to good guys with guns?

I thought the rationale for arming every sentient being in the country was to insure that the good guys would be able to stop the bad guys with guns.
When’s the last time a civilian stopped a tragedy, instead of caused it? As usual, it is the police that move in to stop the carnage.

The world is treating me bad


Another cascade of tech replacing workers

Attending the Spoleto Arts Festival in Charleston SC.
At a chamber music performance today I noticed the pianist and one of the violinists were looking at iPads instead of sheet music, and had a small wireless device on the floor that they could tap with their toe to go to the next page. So no page turners (which we’re probably unpaid interns anyway).

"You can't impeach a popular President."

Richard Nixon had carried 49 states less than two years before he was impeached.

Someone needs to explain to Trump that the residual stock market run will not insulate him from the Constututional remedy.

First SC polling on primary - good news for Biden

The sample included only those who said they were likely to vote in the 2020 primary. Of those likely to vote Democratic, Biden got 36%, while Sanders had 14 and Harris 13. Booker, Warren and O'Rourke were all around 10%,
Interestingly, the black voters in the poll selected Biden by 43%, while Booker, Sanders and Harris were all tied at 13%.
Other findings:
The full sample showed support for the Wall tied at 43%. If Trump's not winning this debate in a state as red as SC he is in trouble with his signature issue.
Good news/bad news on the fortunes of our state Democratic Party and chances of defeating Graham in 2020: while the Senator has an overall disapproval/approval deficit of 44/36, less than 41% of the sample said they were likely to vote in the Democratic Primary.
One other good sign was that 55% of our gun crazy rednecks said that military style weapons should be restricted and universal background checks should cover all sales.

Two notes: I don't have a link since I jotted down the numbers while listening to a story on local NPR this morning. And remember that, after Iowa and NH eliminate a few serious candidates and elevate a few mid-level folks, SC often selects the eventual winner. Hillary's campaign never recovered after Obama trounced her in 2008, and Bush's toxic 2000 race basically ended McCain's bid.

(edited to correct an error- see link to story below by still_one)

found today on Bildungblog:

Christians have been warning about the AntiChrist for 2,000 years, but when he finally shows up, they vote for him.

Read up on John Dingell

I just spent a half hour looking at several sites and stories about him. He retired in 2015 after 59 years of service. He and another Congressman who retired at the same time were the last WW2 vets to serve in Congress.
As an 18 year old page he was in the Chamber when FDR gave his Day of Infamy speech following Pearl Harbor.
Amazing to think of the history that he saw and was a part of for almost 100 years.

Thank for for all of your service, Sir.

Quick, turn on the TV

Every station is carrying what I think is a Bizzaro World edition of The West Wing.

Seen on Trump's twitter feed:

The Republicans should build the wall out of Hillary's emails since there is obviously no way to get over them

We won the SC legislature (well, kinda)

Bad news: Rs still have roughly a 2:1 majority in the State House.

Depressing News: 2/3 of the races were not even contested, about as many Dems and Rs, which shows how completely the state is gerrymandered.

GOOD NEWS: We flipped 2 House seats and they flipped one, for a net gain for the Democrats. State Senate didn't run this year except for one special election (an R 20+ year incumbent had to resign to go to prison) and we flipped it.

side note: 2 of the 3 seats that flipped were in Congressional District 1, where Joe Cunningham won a surprising victory to take Mark Sanford's old seat where Trump had helped a horrible Tea Party woman to win the nomination in the primary. This almost certainly is a result of all the new and energized voters that came out to flip the US House seat.
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