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Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,746

Journal Archives

Just had a Eggs Benedict served on a hubcap

Cause there's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise.

I hope this is a joke.....

A man awakes in a hospital bed with his wife sitting next to him. "What happened?" he asks. "The last thing I remember is going to the Apple Store to get you the new iPhone X for Christmas."
"You were in a horrible car wreck," she answers. "A drunk driver ran across the centerline and hit you head on. You've been in a coma for almost a year, but they told me it looked like you were about to wake up."
He thinks about this for a moment, and then his first question is, "Is Trump still in office?"
"Yes, but not for long. The Democrats took back the House and Senate in a landslide last month, so as soon as the new Congress is sworn in the impeachment hearings will begin."
"Well, did we go to war with Korea? Is the economy in shambles?"
"No, the Chinese and others have managed to keep the lid on the Korean situation, and the disastrous tax reform was just starting to hurt the economy when the Democrats won the election so the stock market hasn't crashed and, overall, the economy is still in pretty good shape. But he sure managed to screw up a lot of things in two years."
He smiles, and says, "We had just had our house appraised at $200,000 since we were thinking about selling; has it kept its value?"
"Well, that's hard to say," she replies.
"Why? What is its current appraisal?"
"Oh," she replies, "The last time I checked it was about Twelve Million Rubles."
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