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Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,757

Journal Archives

Question: advice needed on very old cat

Can't find anywhere this fits, so thought I would post it here.
We have an 18 year old cat, and it is going to devastate my daughter and wife when he goes.
He has had regular vet visits, and we were told some time back that he had an underactive thyroid and failing kidneys. The medicine for his thyroid made him throw up almost daily, where it had been infrequent before, so he came off of that. The vet says all she can do is run a battery of tests which probably won't show us anything new.

We had been giving him 1/3 to 1/2 can of soft food in morning, and 1/3 cup of dried food at night. He has about quit eating the hard food, so we have switched him to all soft. He doesn't seem to throw that up as bad.

Any suggestions for diet that will help? Thanks.

A real simple question

The first time I can remember studying the Great Depression in school, it was probably in 7th or 8th grade history, the simple answer to "What was the trigger that caused the Great Depression" was: An international trade war set off by the Smoot-Hawley (both republicans) Tariff Act.
The world economy is past time for a recession, and Trump's action today on steel and aluminum imports (which has already caused the market to drop over 500 points) could be the spark to set it off. I know a lot of people, especially those on the low end of the income scale, get hurt during recessions, but if the blame on Trump causes him and the GOP to wiped out in the next two election cycles it will be somewhat worth it.

(Most economists agree that buying stock on margin and other problems with the stock exchanges were the underlying cause of the Stock Market crash that led to the Depression, but the tariff bill was what caused the system to come unravelled when it did.)
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