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Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,746

Journal Archives

Thank you, Arizona !

McCain’s thumbs down on ACA repeal and Flake’s end run around old man Grassely have to be two of Trump’s biggest Fuck You’s since the bastard defiled the White House.
Trump may hate Arizona more than California.

A prediction for tomorrow

I think we move to an FBI investigation.
I think several repubs, mainly Flake, Murkowski, Collin, maybe even Corker, might jointly state that they are not ready to vote Yes until the FBI takes a look.

What Trump might then do about the DOJ would be anybody’s guess, but I think there are at least a half dozen dedicated republicans who are afraid that this process is going to permanently damage their party.

Just throwing that out there. Wouldn’t want to have to bet money on it.

This is better than burning your Nikes to hurt the company's feelings

A SC man set his house - and himself - on fire to get back at his wife.


from the article:
An Inman man tried to burn himself alive in a rental home and setting fire to the house instead, according to a police incident report.
The man was soaking wet and had a nose bleed, according to the report. Officers stopped him and asked him what happened.
The man said he was upset with the mother of his children and “just tired of dealing with her,” according to the report. The man then decided to pour gasoline throughout the house.
He told police he laid down on the bed and started the fire, according to the report. The man then realized “fire was hot” and tried to put himself out.

Who says people can't learn and grow from their mistakes. Once he found out that "fire was hot" he took steps to correct the situation.

"What was Nike thinking?"

That was the text of Trump's oft-maligned tweet this morning.
To give the 'businessman' a non-snarky answer, it was just reported that Nike's online sales jumped 31% after the news broke about the new ad campaign. So, maybe they were thinking about a money-making move that also fought against the climate of racism that is present in this society and endemic in this Administration.

And, while their stock price did drop about 3% when the story hit, it has since recovered much of that drop and is still trading near its two year high.

So, unlike you, maybe they were actually thinking.
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