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Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,751

Journal Archives

MAGAts are really owning us libs these days

They’ve convinced a majority of Americans that we are concerned about the health and well-being of others, believe in science, oppose racism, and would like to see competence in government.

Trump obituary

Donald Trump.
Devoted husband to three.
Loving father to two out of five.

I'm not going to vote in the Dem primary

There’s not a single damn race on my ballot.
That’s good in a way since we are settled on our candidates against Little Lindsey and Joe You Lie Wilson.
Thinking of getting a GOP ballot if I can tell there are actually some “lessers of two evils” to vote for, but I think Lindsey’s two opponents are running to the right of him. One is a regular fetus sign guy in front of the Statehouse.

CNN Headline

Current story says: Trump concerned that aides contracting Corinavirus will undercut his message that the outbreak is waning.

Translation: trump very scared that if people who work for him die, it will be bad for him politically.

He is barely human.

Good quote from FB:

So you want our kids to die for your guns, our older people to die for your stock market, and you just want us to get back to work. Explain to me again why we have to have capitalism?

Trumpers are confused

I do sympathize; it must be very hard to keep changing your narrative to cover each of trump's lies and reversals.
I post a lot in my local paper's comment section. They are surprisingly liberal, with profanity about the only thing that will bring a post down.

One person I often spar with used one of his/her favorite memes yesterday: That there would be no lockdown and panic if we had a Democrat in the White House, and we would be treating this just like another strain of flu and protecting our economy.
I asked them to specifically address two points.
1- Does this then indicate that the Democrats tricked trump into declaring a national emergency over what was basically a partisan hoax designed to make him look bad?
2- How all-powerful are the Democrats that they got every country in the world to also declare this an emergency, with most of them imposing restrictions at least as strict as ours and in most cases more severe?

Still waiting for an answer.
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