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Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,757

Journal Archives

We shouldn't compare Trump to Nixon

Trump's recycling of several of Nixon's famous dog whistle slogans - such as Silent Majority, Law and Order, and Outside Agitators - draws obvious comparisons between the two.
But a post on Presidential historian Michael Beschloss' twitter feed today shows a much closer comparison to another candidate from 1968. In a letter to a constituent concerning the issue of segregation, George Wallace wrote the following in 1968:

"We have never had a problem here in the South except a few isolated instances and these have been the result of outside
agitators....I personally have done more for the Negroes of Alabama than any other individual."

Don't forget that Wallace won several Democratic primaries in 68, including Michigan. Those voters were the ancestors of Trump's 38% of supporters today, who are still agreeing with the kind of crap Wallace was peddling 50 years ago.

SC Treasurer wants to go viral

The SC State Treasurer is usually a rather obscure position, and most people hold the job until they die or retire. The current Treasurer is noted mainly for using taxpayer money to keep his face before the public with frequent TV ads promoting the state's tax free college investment plan, which is run by his office.
His twitter feed usually consists of little more than the picture of a small pretty rural church each Saturday evening with the tag line "Have a blessed Sunday..."

For some reason, he decided to go full Qanon/Trump on his private account. This is getting a lot of coverage here, and is showing up around the country, but it won't hurt if anyone wants to help this go viral. The screen shot below was put up yesterday and just taken down about an hour ago. I am eagerly awaiting his "in the unlikely event I offended anyone I guess I am a sorry" apology.

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