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Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,488

Journal Archives

Question about Impeachment trial

Can’t find a google answer: Is the Senate going to skip Saturday as requested by one of Trump’s lawyers who says he is an Orthodox Jew and can’t work from sundown Friday through Saturday?

I know they’re saying now that the trial will last at least till Monday.

I tried to defend Trump on a social media site

The post had his picture with the usual "Best President Ever" caption, and asked people not to post anything derogatory without admitting to some of the good he had accomplished. My post:

All he did was send a mob to try to kill Congress. And they took him off Twitter just as he was getting ready to post his
taxes and his beautiful healthcare plan (remember, the one he was going to release the afternoon of his inauguration?). He did
try to build a wall and harass black and brown people. Promises made, promises kept, country trashed.

New Georgia Senators

I've seen several posts about when we can expect the two new Senators to be sworn in.
GA Sec of State has until January 22 to certify the results. Two points: He can do it before then; and both races ended up outside the 1/2% margin for automatic recount.

Once he certifies, they can be sworn in right away.
So, since the House and Senate have adjourned until the 19th, they likely could be ready to take their seats once the new President is sworn in.

Then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars......

2016: GOP had Trump, House and Senate

And in just 4 years, the world’s greatest deal-maker, who said we would get tired of winning, has lost every bit of it, and left the Republican Party a fetid, burning mess.

If I were in his office, I would be crying and saying, “Sir, thank you Sir, only you could have done this.”
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