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Well Luntz seems to have nailed it

I see him as more of a manipulator and influencer rather than an actual pollster but he got this right.

Tip of the rug to ya.

And the 2020 Heisman Trophy winner is.........

Devonta Smith. Wide receiver Alabama.

Dr. Rick the Parent-Life Coach is back (insurance commercials) 😆

1:15 Mockumentary

Trump Dalton GA rally security (I think)



Trump "dancing" to YMCA


Wrong number draws mistaken calls, ire from Trump supporters

Wrong number draws mistaken calls, ire from Trump supporters


But when a trickle of calls and texts Sunday became a torrent of hundreds that continued into Monday, it wasn’t funny anymore.

The recipient, who goes by the name O Rose and uses non-gendered they/them pronouns, has a phone number nearly identical to that of Lee Chatfield, former Republican speaker of the Michigan House, whose term expired this month.

The posting provided email addresses and phone numbers for Chatfield and Shirkey. But the number listed as Chatfield’s actually belonged to Rose, who moved from northern Michigan to the Oakland, California, area five months ago.

But people kept calling, many refusing to believe Rose wasn’t Chatfield.

“They’d argue with me. They said everything I was saying was a lie,” Rose said. “One of them called me three times. He said, ‘Well, if you’re happening to have lunch with Chatfield or something, could you tell him?’ I said, ’No, dude, I don’t know this person.”

A rally you say? Let's rally around some MEMES 🥳🤪😆🎆

Here we go. Phone call excuses- Cruz "distraction". OANN reporter "national security leaks"?



First the good news sir....

Override complete. Defense bill. 81-13 and 322-87


The 81-13 vote in the Senate followed an earlier 322-87 override vote

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