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White Privilege Card - California would-be terrorist carried one

Napa Man Arrested For Explosives Had 'White Privilege Card', Allegedly Planned to Blow Up Twitter and Gavin Newsom


A Napa businessman whose January 15 arrest we learned of last week, turns out to have been allegedly plotting to attack the state Capitol, as well as Twitter and Facebook, all in the name of Donald Trump.

Much like this unhinged idiot in the East Bay who was arrested by the feds this week, Napa resident Ian Benjamin Rogers, 44, was taken into custody by federal agents earlier this month following a tip that he was in possession of several illegal weapons. As KTVU reported, Napa County sheriff's deputies served a warrant at Rogers's business, British Auto Repair of Napa, on January 15, and found a cache of over 50 firearms, including illegal assault rifles and automatic weapons, as well as five homemade pipe bombs, 15,000 rounds of ammunition, and several pounds of gun powder.

A federal bomb squad went about detonating the five devices outside the business, using a makeshift bunker made out of rubber tires. The Napa Valley Register, whose offices are very close to British Auto Repair, reports that employees were instructed to stay on the newspaper's property while the bomb squad and its robot were at work.

Among his possessions, according to federal agents, was a piece of Trump-era swag for the white supremacist set: a White Privilege Card that looks kind of like an old Diners Club card or something, with the number all made out of "45" and the tagline "Trumps Everything."

China deploys anal swab tests - including surprise tests at Beijing airport

China Deploys Anal Swab Tests To Detect High-Risk Covid-19 Cases


State-run channel CCTV reported that the tests are reserved for high-risk cases, although there does not appear to be a coordinated policy for them, with reports of surprise tests for some individuals..

This includes passengers arriving in Beijing, residents of quarantine centers and, according to local officials, a group of more than 1,000 schoolchildren and teachers believed to be exposed to the virus.

The test involves inserting a cotton-tipped swab about 1-2 inches into the rectum, which will then be tested for the virus.


Not all experts agree with the use of anal swabs to test for a respiratory illness.

50 things that are better already


7. Qualified and knowledgeable nominees have been selected for senior spots

20. We have a White House staff that looks like America

30. No Soviet-style fawning over the president by his subordinates

31. The president takes daily, in-person intelligence briefings

44. No more work-free “executive time” in the presidential living quarters


Interesting Super Bowl Map


Chronicling Trump's 10 worst abuses of power (CNN)

Analysis by Marshall Cohen

#1: Subverting the 2020 election
#2: Inciting an insurrection
#3: Abusing the bully pulpit
#4: Politicizing the Justice Department
#5: Obstructing the Mueller investigation
#6: Abusing the pardon power
#7: The Ukraine affair and cover-up
#8: Loyalty oaths and personalizing government
#9: Firing whistleblowers and truth-tellers
#10: Profiting off the presidency


Bernie at a Cracker Barrel. This is TOO FUNNY 😂

"that's not real" Fox News host informs viewers Time cover is really a drawing NOT A PHOTO

Fox News Host’s ‘That’s Not Real’ Rebuke Of Satirical Trump Time Cover Baffles Many
“The only clue the casual viewer would have that this deceptive deep fake is not real is that it’s obviously a drawing,” one Twitter user mocked anchor Harris Faulkner.


Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner baffled many on Friday with her criticism of Time magazine’s satirical cover depicting President Joe Biden standing in a trashed Oval Office that he’d inherited from former President Donald Trump.

“I mean, that’s not real. That picture isn’t real,” the anchor continued. “Don’t we care, I thought we were a nation who cared about the facts?”

“Let’s see if others in the mainstream media have the gumption to call out the fact that that’s just a complete lie,” she added.



Who remembers big rock concerts?

"Lolos very nearly executed the perfect crime," 😆 Trump terrorist busted at airport

Alleged Capitol Rioter Gave Himself Away By Repeatedly Yelling ‘Trump 2020’ On Plane


Alleged Capitol rioter John Lolos might have gotten away with it — if only he hadn’t been kicked off of his flight out of D.C. for yelling “Trump 2020!” then caught the eye of a police officer who recognized him from Instagram.

“Lolos was a passenger and was disturbing other passengers on the airplane by continuously yelling ‘Trump 2020!’ Due to the continuing disturbance, the flight crew decided to turn the airplane around and go back to the gate to escort Lolos off of the flight,” the affidavit alleged.

Fate intervened. Forty-five minutes later, the airport officer who responded to the incident was scrolling through his personal Instagram when he came across a video of the Capitol attack two days earlier.

The airport officer notified some nearby Capitol Police investigations division officers of his discovery. Those officers subsequently detained Lolos at the gate. After the arrest, police searched Lolos’ luggage and allegedly found the same flags he was waving in the video from the Capitol, still hooked together — “further corroborating his involvement in the January 6, 2021 events.”

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