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IN-SUR-RECTION. say the whole thing with me class. Schumer goofed 😆


Lived in O'Hare airport for 3 months - arrested on Saturday

Economics degree from University of London
Started masters degree in hospitality management in 2018
Currently social media director for a cartoon bear
Former manager and analyst at Deloitte

California Man Lived Undetected at O’Hare Airport for 3 Months, Officials Say


Among those passengers was Aditya Singh. But on Oct. 19, he did what few passengers had ever done: He walked off his aircraft, entered an airport and simply never left.

Mr. Singh, 36, of Orange County, Calif., who managed to avoid detection for three months at O’Hare International Airport, was arrested on Saturday and charged with impersonation in a restricted area of the airport and theft of less than $500, said the Chicago police public information officer Karie James.

Mr. Singh, who had flown from Los Angeles to O’Hare, one of the country’s largest airports, somehow managed to not be noticed as he roamed endlessly inside a network of walkways, waiting areas, restrooms and eateries that countless other passengers, pilots and employees pass through every day on their way to somewhere else.

A prosecutor in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office said that Mr. Singh said he was “scared to go home due to Covid,” The Tribune reported.

He DID have somewhere else to go 😁

Okay President Biden, it's almost noon - stop screwing around

We were promised taco trucks on every corner.
Sure that was 4 years ago but we didn’t forget.

The office ladies are changing into their walking shoes getting ready to go get lunch. You better have your game ready, MAN!

What do we want?
Taco trucks!
When do we want them?
Well I was thinking about noon unless the lines too long, then I can wait.

President Joe Biden took 17 executive actions on Day One


Bernie is a hit! 😁 on his way to the Post Office







President Biden

The autofill on my iPhone already offers Biden after I type President.

I’ve never typed that before either.

How is this the 59th Inauguration?

Help me here. Yes I looked it up but I can’t find anything.

Trump left a letter for Biden 😆


Weather forecast for tomorrow 😁

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