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Trump - How it started & How it's going

I tried making a meme. No luck.

Acosta CNN - Pardons - chatter about Tiger King

“Joe Exotic”
High priced and placed friends who are petitioning for their clients are red hot . “If that dipshit gets it I’ll be pissed” I think that was the quote.

‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic books limousine ahead of expected pardon from Donald Trump


SKY4 spotted the limo he booked to pick himself up from a prison in Tarrant County parked outside of his attorney's office on Tuesday afternoon in Fort Worth. His legal team also said Exotic, if pardoned, would get properly dressed and styled before speaking publicly.

Exotic was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison for a murder-for-hire plot involving nemesis Carole Baskin as well as violating wildlife laws in the selling and death of some tigers.

Exotic’s attorneys filed a pardon application with the Department of Justice back in September.

Trump last ditch all-out effort to get a crowd for tomorrow's Goodbye

Hey! You! On the motorcycle!

I wonder what Michelle, Laura, and Hillary will think tomorrow

Jill too since she has been around the White House for years.

Under her direction, the Red, Blue, Green, and Diplomatic rooms have all had touch-ups, as has the bowling alley in the White House residence that dates to the Nixon administration.

Of course there’s also the tennis pavilion and the Rose Garden.

Siri, what does crazy look like? 😳

131 seconds. It really snowballs 🤪

"Field of Flags" 200,000 on the National Mall for those who can't attend.

‘Field of Flags' at National Mall Represents Americans Unable to Attend Inauguration


Nearly 200,000 U.S. flags are on display at the National Mall ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration. The "Field of Flags" represents the American people who were unable to travel to Washington, D.C. for Inauguration Day amid the coronavirus pandemic and security threats.

Tonight, the Presidential Inaugural Committee also lit up the "Field of Flags" with 56 pillars of light that represent the 50 states and U.S. territories. The pillars lit up for 46 seconds — marking the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden.

Top of Fox News website - take a guess before you click here 🔴


Inside Twitter's Decision to Cut Off Trump (NYT)


On the line was Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s top lawyer and safety expert, with an update from the real world. She said she and other company executives had decided to lock President Trump’s account, temporarily, to prevent him from posting statements that might provoke more violence after a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol that day.

But Mr. Dorsey was not sold on a permanent ban of Mr. Trump. He emailed employees the next day, saying it was important for the company to remain consistent with its policies, including letting a user return after a suspension.

Many workers, fearing that history would not look kindly upon them, were dissatisfied. Several invoked IBM’s collaboration with the Nazis, said current and former Twitter employees, and started a petition to immediately remove Mr. Trump’s account.

After the meeting, Mr. Dorsey and other executives agreed that Mr. Trump’s tweets that morning — and the responses they had provoked — had crossed that line, the people said. The employee letter asking for Mr. Trump’s removal was later delivered, they said.

Two funnies 😁 - an new alternative and new nicknames 🤪😳😆



Biden Inauguration and Trump GTFO countdown clock - links.

Biden Inauguration clock

Trump countdown

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