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I-95 apparently swimming with cops in Virginia

Just heard from a friend. Cops are all over the place on I-95 from Richmond to DC. Preemptive presence seems to be the consensus.

Oh just for stopping by - the Air Force Colonel that got busted at the riot’s nickname at the Air Force Academy was “Torch”. Not because of his red hair but because he dropped ordinance early and set a bombing range on fire. He’s an idiot to start with.

Mississippi's new flag

Mississippi ratifies and raises its new state flag over the state Capitol for the first time

CNN) Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on Monday ratified the new state flag, and Mississippi flew its new banner over the state Capitol for the first time, months after the state retired its decades-old flag that displayed a Confederate battle emblem.

The moment was historic for the southern state that had been the last in the nation whose flag featured the Confederate battle insignia, and emotional for advocates who fought for years to change it.

Amid the protests, Mississippi state lawmakers passed a historic referendum to retire and replace the flag with a new design that "shall honor the past while embracing the promise of the future." The bill established a commission to select a new design that would exclude the Confederate battle emblem and include the phrase "In God We Trust."

In September, the commission selected the magnolia flag as the design Mississippi voters would consider on the November ballot.


Mom jokes - yeah this is where the seditionists have us 🤪

Gaetz and Gym Jordan on Fox. Shhhhut up Beavis


QAnon Buffalo Boy's Mom says he only eats organic. Not eating in jail.

💩 —— is this organic enough for ya?

‘QAnon Shaman’ Hasn’t Eaten Since Friday Because Jail Won’t Feed Him All Organic Food, Mother Says

A man charged for his participation at the D.C. insurrection has not eaten since Friday, his mother says. It is because the jail is not giving the so-called “QAnon Shaman” all organic food.

He is currently being represented by a public defender, according to ABC 15. In a hearing on Monday in Phoenix, Arizona, the attorney said the defendant was on a restrictive diet, maybe for religious motives, and had not eaten since being arrested. The judge called this “deeply concerning,” and ordered the public defender to sort out the dietary issues with U.S. Marshals.


Funny comments here

CHAD WOLF (Acting Homeland Security) is gone. Resigned.

Just as security is reeeeeaaaaly important.


The Office on the Peacock app - Super Fans channel


On the Super Fans channel:
There are trivia questions when you hit pause but I haven’t seen them provide the answers.
Commercial free episodes (the commercials are quick 30 second ones normally) provided by Subaru Target etc.
There are little bits of footage added into episodes
Compilations of “office romances” or “parties”
Similarly, there are other character-specific playlists included, such as Best of Jim, Best of Pam, Best of Creed, Best of Dwight, Best of Kelly, and Worst of Toby.

Trump's claims to being the "401K President" are about to change meanings


Sadly just a few days away.

Damn! ANTIFA was there 😳😆🤪

Sen. Manchin on CNN. Impeach - yes. Legal investigation of Trump not sure of Senate trial.

Won’t say if Hawley and Cruz should resign or be expelled but he doesn’t know how they live with themselves.

Admires Kelly Lofeller for changing her objection.

$2,000 checks - not a yes or no question. Targeted not just everyone - Wants to help people who need it not people who still are working. Infrastructure investment.

Eliminate filibuster - No

Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico - not sure.

Semi-automatic guns - went to the range yesterday. eh there are some things that don’t need to be in people’s hands.

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