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In an odd twist of fate-next week is INFRASTRUCTURE WEEK! ____One. More. Time.

Everything revolves around Joe Manchin now

We have to have 50 for the Vice President to break the tie.

Has anyone checked Trump posting to MySpace?


Just started following someone on Twitter @RealJohnBarron

Melania "checked out" but got the photoshoot done during the terrorist attack


Professional lighting, the sort used for photography and videography, could be seen through the windows of the White House. "Photos were being taken of rugs and other items in the Executive Residence and the East Wing," a person familiar with the day's activities with the first lady told CNN. Trump -- who, as CNN has reported, has expressed interest in writing a coffee table book about decorative objects she has amassed and had restored in the White House -- was overseeing the photo project, said the source, with her remaining time in the White House dwindling.

Instead, the first lady was quiet, and has remained so. Her disinterest in addressing the country was indicative of being "checked out," said another White House source, who added, "she just isn't in a place mentally or emotionally anymore where she wants to get involved."

Except with the furniture.
But this week was not one of those times.

CNN has reached out multiple times to the East Wing, both before and after Grisham's departure, to ask for comment on the first lady's thoughts about Wednesday's events, or if she had any comment at all. The requests were not answered.

Trump and Ivanka actually had a "Bunker" moment on Wednesday-

Posting the part about Melania separately


At the White House, panic was setting in. "The President didn't want to listen to people telling him he had to get these people to stop doing this," a White House official told CNN.

"Everyone else was told to leave the room," a different source close to Ivanka Trump told CNN of her emergency meeting with the President in the Oval Office. Trump had been called on by multiple people, both in person in her West Wing office and from Capitol Hill, where she had multiple contacts. "The message was, 'President Trump has to tell these people to stop. He's the only one they'll listen to,'" said the source, who noted Ivanka Trump was already more than aware the rioters were wreaking irretrievable damage.

In their meeting, Ivanka Trump argued her father must make an immediate, televised address to the nation, the source said. The President was hesitant, with multiple sources telling CNN he appeared at times to enjoy watching the chaos he had unleashed unfold. Trump turned down the request for an immediate televised address, but would eventually compromise with a milquetoast version of reproach from the Rose Garden, which he then tweeted. "We love you," he said in a recorded video to the people who forced lawmakers and staff to hide under chairs, scared for their lives. "Go home," as though they had stayed too long at a dinner party.

"He will do what he wants to do," said the source close to Ivanka, referring to the President. "But if she wasn't in there yesterday, his tweets would have been a lot different," the source added. Ivanka Trump has often received public criticism for taking credit for working "behind the scenes" on issues related to the President -- and this time will likely be no exception. But the source told CNN Wednesday's actions were not "virtue signaling by her."

Who needs a laugh? 👍

Like it or not, we all may have something in common with Betsy DeVos

and Elaine Chao

Riot body count - gunshot, heart attack, not sure, trampled, beat with fire extinguisher

No links. Just from reports Iíve read and some comments on TV (not RW news)

The woman shot who bled out
The 55 year old guy who had a heart attack. Possible tasering of self....like his SELF
No reports on the other medical emergency that Iíve seen
The 34 year old woman who passed was apparently trampled to death
The Capitol police officer died as a (possible stroke) result of incident with rioters. Iíve heard that a fire extinguisher was involved.

What a horrible mess. All of it.

Sen. Hawley tweets - Simon & Schuster publisher drops him

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