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RI_____OT_____ER. Please.

Can the media say all three syllables PLEASE?
It sounds like many of them are saying “riders”. They aren’t on a bike or a ____ing pony.

Facial ID - the great irony of the Trump riot

If ever it was okay to wear a mask in public it’s right now. No! Their Dear Leader has convinced them not to. It’s an ID in and of itself proclaiming themselves FREE!! LIBERTY!! FREEDOM!!

And now at least 4 have already been ID’ed.



DoD $$$ and the Chewbacca bikini 😆


The Trump Zombie Cult was told the brains and Kool-Aid were in the Capitol.


Two jokes in one there. Take your pick but use responsibly.

Say No kid. Say No! 😆😁😁


NIGHT SHIFT - DC Police deal with the curfew

The responses are hilarious.
I guess this is “black Twitter”???


How the riot against the media started today (52 seconds)


Steny Hoyer is speaking directly at the Republicans. Berating them.

These words were written before the events of today.
Watch what we say.
Some here say that they work for “the people” (pointing thumb over his shoulder) “if THOSE were the people, we are in BIG trouble”

Swalwell is sitting right behind him. He hasn’t looked over at the Republican yet.

Sen. Durbin said Trump provoked the mob today

I don’t have an exact quote. He said that Trump wanted what happened today to happen simply because he can’t accept losing.

At the end “Are we going to feed the beast of ignorance or (something about the people)? We saw that beast roaming the halls here today. Let’s not invite it back”
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