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1. (of a person) excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily.

2. (chiefly of minerals) having a greasy or soapy feel.

Trump, Hawley and Cruz will each wear the scarlet ‘S’ of a seditionist


The three repulsive architects of Wednesday’s heartbreaking spectacle — mobs desecrating the Republic’s noblest building and preventing the completion of a constitutional process — must be named, and forevermore shunned. They are Donald Trump, and senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.

Trump lit the fuse for the riot in the weeks before the election, with his successful effort to delegitimize the election in the eyes of his supporters. But Wednesday’s explosion required the help of Hawley (R-Mo.) and Cruz (R-Tex.).

And Cruz, by organizing support for Hawley among other Republican senators and senators-elect gave Hawley’s grotesque self-promotion an ersatz cloak of larger purpose. Shortly before the mob breached the Senate chamber, Cruz stood on the Senate floor. With his characteristic unctuousness, he regretted the existence of what he and kindred spirits have not only done nothing to refute but have themselves nurtured — a pandemic of suspicions that the election was “rigged.”

“I want to take a moment to speak to my Democratic colleagues,” said Cruz. “I understand your guy is winning right now.” Read those weasely words again. He was not speaking to his “colleagues.” He was speaking to the kind people who were at that instant assaulting the Capitol. He was nurturing the very delusions that soon would cause louts to be roaming the Senate chamber — the fantasy that Joe Biden has not won the election, but is only winning “right now.”

Rand Paul on Fox - one vote. No more state-by-state objection

Per Rachel Maddow reporting on MSNBC. Paul apparently appeared on Fox News.

Vote on Arizona and drop the rest.

Trump tweet (frozen) - glorification, victimization, righteousness, victimization, making of legend

How do you know that wasn't Antifa? Seeing it already on Facebook

All over the place. All the pics of all the Trump flags, rebel flags, QAnon Buffalo guy — they are really claiming it’s Antifa.

DoD denies request by DC for National Guard

Per Washington Post reporter tweet on CSPAN

Shots fired. Armed stand off at House side.


C-Span Senate shows the thugs walking around unbothered.


Trump - Lied Piper taking his crowd to Capitol Hill today?

So I’m putting together that he’s speaking at the rally. Announcing that he’s going to the Hill this afternoon. Probably thinks he can intimidate or at least have some sort of tough guy visual. He may really just be encouraging this crowd to head towards Capitol Hill and create what could be a real mess.

MAGA rally today playing "Funeral for a Friend" YES! WE HAVE VIDEO!


Victory Lap - checking into DU today

I was about to do something and thought “Let me check in on DU and take another Victory Lap”

I humor myself. It’s like a victory lap and we haven’t even gotten to 1PM yet.

I had to go get this little guy
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