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Best summary of Trump's "healthcare vision" I've seen

You should have that looked at.

A friend sent me that in a text. 😁😆

Trump's healthcare "vision" is nothing. Executive Orders listing wishes but nothing else

Big surprise huh? I just got home and was watching Trump run his mouth in North Carolina.
He seems to think there will suddenly be a whole bunch of plan options just appearing out of nowhere. Here are a few articles on this.

Trump's health care 'vision' punts on two major issues

The first executive order will state that it's US policy that people who suffer from pre-existing conditions will be protected, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a call with reporters.

The second executive order directs Congress to pass legislation to address surprise medical billing by the end of the year, and if lawmakers don't achieve this, Azar will seek to do so via executive or regulatory action.

Patients are often hit with surprise medical bills when they receive emergency care from an out-of-network provider that they did not choose. Roughly 1-in-6 emergency room visits or in-hospital stays generated at least one out-of-network bill in 2017, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Efforts to address the issue in Congress have been bogged down amid a lobbying and advertising blitz by the health care industry. Insurers favor the government setting a benchmark rate, but hospitals and other providers -- often backed by private equity firms -- strongly support resolving the matter through arbitration.

President Trump Finally Laid Out His Healthcare Plan. It Doesn’t Do Anything.

Both key planks of Trump’s healthcare vision Thursday essentially boil down to directing Congress — which has repeatedly failed to repeal Obamacare or offer a consensus replacement plan — to figure it out.

THE EMMY's live is unique and funny but...

Christina Applegate sitting in from a fireplace was NOT necessary

No fair.

Pants not required

First day of voting in the Commonwealth!!!! 🇺🇸

Yeah us!

WH Presser - Atlas says vaccine could be available in January

for top priority people (health workers and elderly).

Now Trump is saying that Redfield’s timeline was wrong.

Yes this is politics related - Big 10 football in October

Trump has been promoting this for a while now. Expect him to take credit for it. Big medicine in Michigan Ohio Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Minnesota

Sources: Big Ten to announce October return to college football

The Big Ten is expected to announce on Wednesday a return to football in October, sources confirmed to ESPN.

The news was first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Big Ten on Aug. 11 postponed all fall sports seasons, including football, because of concerns about the pandemic. The league's presidents and chancellors voted 11-3 to postpone, with only Nebraska, Ohio State and Iowa electing to proceed. A vote to play a fall season would require at least 60% of the presidents and chancellors (nine or more).


1,126,501 students.

We were watching Mayor De Blasio a bit ago on CNN.
A million kids. Everyday. At least lunch. A million people. Amazing.


#95 Terry Poe - Dallas Cowboys- took a knee.

Apparently known about.... still ....F. U Jerry.

60 Minutes - Woodward- on now

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