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Sorry for a negative but this is really alarming

Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air. 😯😖🥴

Oh, who played Dr. Cristina Yang, the brilliant and ambitious best friend of Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), was part of the cast when it debuted in 2005. She left the Shonda Rhimes medical drama in 2014, as Yang left the hospital for a top job in Switzerland. But the phenomenally successful show has continued, and it's currently in its 17th season on ABC.

The Mega Power Frunk

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Mega Power Frunk

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning features a super-versatile front trunk, also known as a frunk.


This looks to be an ideal place to store messy or dirty items, the Lightning's Mega Power Frunk is washable and has drain outlets, so hosing it out shouldn't be a problem if your hiking boots leave mud streaks everywhere. Access to this space is super easy, too. You can open the frunk six ways -- from the key fob to a grille-mounted button to the exterior keypad, just to name a few.

(NPR) America's Satanic Panic Returns -- This Time Through QAnon

Great 11 minute listen on NPR. I had an actual “driveway moment” sitting and listening to the whole thing. Geraldo isn’t in the text summary but his TV documentary lead to many other such reports especially on local TV stations.


The first time sociologist Mary de Young heard about QAnon, she thought: "Here we go again."

De Young spent her career studying moral panics — specifically, what became known as the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s, when false accusations of the abuse of children in satanic rituals spread across the United States.

The McMartin Pre-School case became one of the longest and most expensive criminal cases ever tried in the United States. It ended when Buckey was acquitted of dozens of charges in 1990.

"They see themselves as heroic," says Wright. "And how can you be heroic in today's world? Well, you protect the children — you protect the children against this cabal that is out to turn them into sex slaves. How could there be anything more important than that?"


January 6th? What about 1 week later when Trump was IMPEACHED for January 6th?

We have forgotten January 13, 2021 already? Well MSM clearly has

I find it amazing there's almost no discussion that Trump was Impeached over this actual day
There is almost no mention anywhere that I’ve heard that his second impeachment was due to instigating January 6th. Prior to, on, and during the day of the attack.

The House passed the article of impeachment on January 13, 2021, by a 232–197 vote. All 222 Democrats voted to impeach, joined by 10 Republicans (including House Republican Conference chairwoman Liz Cheney). Four Republicans did not vote, and the other 197 Republicans voted no.

Second impeachment trial of Donald Trump - Wikipedia

Two wordy but funny memes. 😆😁🤪

The Doors "Waiting for the Sun" photo shoot

CDC-Gas mask funny 😆


Hi-YAH! new to me at least TV Channel on SlingTv

Hi-YAH! is your new favorite martial arts and Asian action movie channel!

Featuring hundreds of hours of programming, refreshed monthly, including your favorites from Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa, Johnnie To, Yuen Woo-Ping and more.


I think it’s on a test/tease basis for now. Not really my kind of thing but I just saw it right there beside HGTV in the guide.

Hey Hey Hey.....let's be safe out there 😁

Cleveland Browns play Ravens two games in a row

With the Bye Week in between

Nov. 28 at Baltimore
Bye Week
Dec. 12 vs Baltimore

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