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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 65,330

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

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Welcome to DU, GreedIsGood!

Great to have you with us! Funny. You ask a pretty basic question there. One that was left begging, pretty much, throughout the trial.

As a mom, I just can't even imagine what Trayvon's mother is going through at this moment. I'm just heart-sick about it. After the verdict, by the time we went to bed, I laid there wide awake for hours, not able to sleep. I couldn't even pray! I kept trying to start an "Our Father," and just somehow wasn't able to complete one.

Welcome to DU, PsychGrad!

Glad you're here! And thank you for this post! I am NOT a psychologist. Just an observer and mom and older woman who's been around for long enough to spend a fair amount of time studying and pondering human nature a little bit. TOTAL amateur here, but I do like trying to figure out people's deep-seated motivations to understand what makes them tick and do what they do, and what kind of behavioral displays to expect. Not that you can predict what people do, but I think you can piece together trends, or inclinations, of some sort, and at least get some minimal idea of who/what you're dealing with.

Your assessment is incredibly interesting and valid, I think. I'm sure the "macho" thing plays out HUGELY with this particular individual, and in all the permutations you've considered.

And I walk a weird line here. I do indeed fervently hope that he will get his someday, even while I hate the idea of wishing evil on anyone. I also hate the whole idea of rewarding and reinforcing bad behavior, as I fear this jury's ruling will do - not only with Zimmerman but also with all the Rambo-wannabes out there with grudges and hard-ons to play Lone Ranger and the certainty that God is on their side, especially with firearms so easily accessible. And I just LOVE that ridiculous, unbalanced, nauseating "it's God's will" cop-out crap that these types inevitably tend to hide behind.

Sadly, he HAS NOT been given the message that what he did was not okay. Quite the opposite! So he will learn nothing from this. Which is very bad news for all the rest of us who have to live with him and be alert about him, and keep even our older children safe from him, and watch over OUR shoulders for his approach. After all, as far as I know, he has been allowed to get his gun back. His track record even before this was NOT good. There's no reason to expect that he'll learn or grow from this, or get beyond it, or deal with some pretty awful, deep-seated stuff that drives him to this kind of response. He still stands in total unrepentant certitude that he did the "right" thing and has nothing to apologize for, or regret.

We are ALL at risk as long as he walks free.

I think your conclusions are spot-on. Thanks for posting them!

This angry white female looks forward to him STAYING the most hated man in America.

For a LONG time.

O.J. Simpson never got free of it. Yes. Time has passed. And people forget. And they don't care anymore. And it doesn't register on a lot of them anymore. But there's still plenty of people who won't forget - and refuse to. It's almost like keeping a vigil. In a VERY small way (and I don't in ANY way mean to minimize the trauma and pain here) it's almost like the Jewish community with its "Never Forget" view of the Holocaust. If you forget, it ceases to exist. It fades away and loses its impact, importance, and relevance. And a lesson like that MUST NEVER EVER EVER be forgotten, or allowed to fade from public consciousness or become diluted into "meh, it wasn't all THAT bad..." Because if you forget a wound as grievous as the Holocaust, it will be that much easier for conditions to build back up toward allowing it to happen again.

Take a lesson from what's happening now, politically. We ARE, in actuality, seeing this play out with the CONservative and republi-CON mindset, every time one of them talks about how "we don't need Glass-Steagall..." or "we don't need the Voting Rights Act..." because some of the issues that those measures sought to remedy have, to some extent, been addressed, or corrected, or at least mitigated - lessened in their impact. But the minute you lift those restrictions, or do away with the rules and containments and restraints and checks-to-bad-behavior, then the bad behavior can, and does, resume - unchecked. We are witnessing it at this very moment with what's happened at the state level just since the recent Supreme Court disaster regarding gutting the Voting Rights Act. These things are ALWAYS needed in order to address the "if you won't behave, we're gonna have to MAKE you behave"/"they won't do it unless they're FORCED TO" part of human nature.

It's like putting up a dam or a levee to hold back the certain threat of floodwaters. After awhile, when the floodwaters don't come anymore, or they stay contained, people in the town below grow complacent and sloppy, and start wondering what that big concrete eyesore that's so expensive to maintain is still doing there, and why we can't just pull it down? "Gee, do we really need it anymore? After all, there hasn't been flooding here in 50, 60 years!" (Or MY personal favorite that I've heard some so-called "moderate" republ-CON women say about protecting the right to choose - "meh, NUTHIN'S GUNNA HAPPEN." "Not gonna happen." - calimary: "OH YEAH, WANNA MAKE A BET???" Okay, so go ahead then. Have it your way. Dismantle the wall. And see what happens next.

We ALL need to remember the advice Mad Eye Moody gave to Harry Potter: "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!!" Unfortunately, we cannot afford to drop our guard for even a nano-second, and even after we think it's slam-dunked! Look what's happened to us women when we did that regarding our right to choose - didn't stay vigilant, didn't make sure the ground we'd gained was protected, and well-guarded, and reinforced. Many of us figured it was a done deal and that was that and the problem's solved so now it's time to move on to other things. And ever since, the enemy stayed awake, and focused, plotting and strategizing and working-working-working to dismantle and do away with it, in whatever ways, methods, and strategies they could, while our movement took its collective eyes off the ball. And NOW, what we have is legions of women scratching their heads in utter bewilderment, and saying "But I thought this was SETTLED!" and "I thought we dealt with this YEARS ago! WHY do we still have to keep fighting for this?"

If you too are bewildered that this is happening, you've been asleep for too long. Or you're naive and don't really understand or appreciate the virulence of your enemy - that always lies in wait and ALWAYS is waiting for that moment when they know you're asleep and you've dropped your guard. You've taken what you've accomplished and fought for and finally won - for granted. And those against you are just gonna keep at it, against you, until they finally succeed in taking away what you fought so hard to win, and dismantling everything you fought so hard to build.

They don't post 24-hour guards and build alligator-infested moats around the castle for nothing....

Welcome to DU, Wgles!

Glad you're here. As glum as we are. At least we have each other with whom to commiserate. This weekend, in between doing my work, I seriously NEEDED to come here and hang and vent and post and read, and feel some sense of solidarity. It's been good to be in this good company. You get the reassurance and validation that you're not alone in how you feel. So many of us, white, black, male, female, gay, straight - come down on the same side on this issue, among others. He's a flat-out, unrepentent, self-anointed vigilante MURDERER. Pre-determined. The instant he spotted the black kid where HE decided that black kid had no right to be - unless he was obviously up to something. Judge-jury-executioner all in one. The one-stop shopping murderer guy. Sweet. And they let him walk.

I found myself thinking that, too. I would have hung that jury.

I could not, for the life of me, see him excused from this having done nothing wrong. He MURDERED that kid. MURDER. And I don't care if it was a paltry four minutes as his lawyer tried to diminish things. Four minutes was plenty long enough for him to decide ahead of time that yet another "fucking punk" was going to go down, and he was gonna make sure of it, because as we all know, "they always get away." He determined the minute he spotted Trayvon that he was personally gonna make sure this "fucking punk" wasn't going to get away. There was enough time for a little premeditation before the fact, the way I see it. I don't care if you plot for two years ahead of the killing or four minutes. He decided he was gonna take this "fucking punk" down and make sure he wasn't one of those who "always get away." Open and shut.

I would not have given in. Zimmerman is a certified menace to society. He didn't just have a loaded gun. He WAS a loading gun - just itching to go off so he could be John Wayne or Clint Eastwood or Rambo. Zimbo, maybe.

Welcome to DU, meanit!

Glad you're here. He does take on an aura of a "new O.J. Simpson" doesn't he? Your point is excellent and I'll bet that's exactly how it plays out. He's the teabaggers' newest toy. And they'll tire of him, especially if he keeps getting into trouble and drawing adverse publicity and attracting attention. Which I think he's destined to do. As pointed out earlier in this thread - he's plenty dysfunctional already.

That was my thinking as well.

He is gonna be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

Just consider the type of person I think we can surmise he is, from his behavior. WAY overreacting, criminally-so IMO, in this case. A history of violent, disruptive behavior - nothing to the severity of having killed someone, but it looks as though he has anger issues and complexes of all kinds. Can't get into the police force to which he presumes he's ordained. Can't get his woman to obey (so he assaults her), can't get those "fucking punks" to stop defying him (because, remember, "they always get away". There are several manifestations of these. I read somewhere in the midst of all this, a theory about the kind of individual with some pretty profound authoritarian issues - he MUST be obeyed. OR ELSE. Has to be "in charge," "the enforcer," the guy to be feared - what the heck went on in his house when he was a little kid???? WHAT is he trying to compensate for? Needed that gun with him.

With the kind of mental/moral turmoil he's in, he needed to underscore his Alpha Male status, especially with a dad with a distinguished career (retired judge - a civic leader with kind of standing judges have) whom perhaps he feels he has to out-do. He's got a brother in there, too that he has to assert dominance over as well. They probably fought over that and everything else as kids. JUST GUESSING HERE, but I'm trying to figure out this guy to assess the kind of danger he now poses to the general public - as the new president of the "Beat-the-Rap Club." Still very likely keeping the "Most Hated Man in America" title - heck, MORESO now.

Seems like a jumpy guy. Otherwise why would he feel the need to be packin' heat all the time? WHY would he want a concealed carry permit? Why would he be going out for all these police positions, hanging out and befriending officers and City Hall people (maybe contacts through his dad?) and be hung up on self-defense class. What was it he was taking? MME or something? Several hours a week, three times a day? And given all this, he still felt like such a weenie that he insists that was him screaming like a little boy for help in an altercation with an unarmed teenager while he himself was armed? I mean, WHAT kind of macho-wannabe, tough-guy complex is THIS???

My guess is that George Zimmerman has been simmering for a long time in a witches' brew of negative emotions and conflicts and fears - LOTS of fears and insecurities and uncertainties in this guy. TONS. A paranoiac, too. He seems like a guy who sees boogey men everywhere. And personally, he's had problems with his wife, they've had money problems - surely he deserves a MUCH more kingly sum than whatever he's been getting paid. I mean, look at the first thing they did with all the donations that flooded in? Went straight to their credit cards that had high-five-figure debts accumulated. Perhaps he's the kind of guy with his manhood all tied up in his earning power and his ability to be Lord Breadwinner, as his father probably was (on a judge's salary). So he probably has a complex about that, because with all that debt piling up, he evidently wasn't able to stay on top of it with what paychecks he brought in. No fair. Upstanding guy, deserves better out of life, and the "bad guys" are getting away with everything! Gotta blame somebody for it all, because seriously, it can't possibly be HIS fault. He's the real victim here. Criminy, his ENTIRE position in this crime was based on fear!

So if he was fearful and paranoid, believing the worst in some "types" of people, BEFORE he shot Trayvon Martin, he'll be consumed with it now. I would recommend against making eye contact with him, if ever one chanced upon him. And get as far away as quickly as possible. As good as it may ever get for him - probably the Pox Noise brigade will be offering him a contract or at least frequent face time and there'll be book deals and the speaker circuit sponsored by the NRA and/or the Heritage Foundation or some such crackpot organization - he will always be in discomfort. Unsure. Uncomfortable in his own skin. Jumpy. Fearful. Paranoid. I would imagine what's in him will get him into trouble again. He thought he might have enemies before. Unfortunately, he definitely does now. But he has NO ONE to blame. And maybe deep down, this little itch in his conscience keeps telling him that - and he keeps insisting he's innocent of that, too. Being around people in denial, what I've noticed is that the denial often covers up a deep-down realization that it really IS you at fault. But if you have enough scapegoats and excuses maybe you can drown it out or ignore it or somehow make it not so.

This guy's a mess. Inside he'll be messed up for a long time, worse than ever now. I expect to see something in Latest Breaking News one of these days, detailing some new fuck-up of his, some new fight he was in or arrest or the cops called to his house or some such thing (THAT will be someone else's fault too - just watch).

I heard he was even going to get his gun back. Oh boy! Sounds like the last of the ingredients is set out on the kitchen counter again. Now we just wait til he turns on the stove.

Not offended.

Not offended by what you SAID. But I am VERY MUCH offended by the reality behind what you said. THAT is offensive as hell.

My fear as well. He just got a gold star for proper behavior from the jury.

And from this "system" everybody still wants to praise as being the best in the world. Doesn't look like that so much, on this day-after. Zimmerman, and others like him, will take this as approval, validation, and vindication for what he did. And if he was, in effect, told by the jury and the system and the law that he did nothing wrong, indeed WHAT IS TO STOP HIM from doing the same thing again, if ever in a similar situation? And what's to stop others like him from pointing to his case and saying "SEE? NOTHING wrong here! No harm, no foul! Carry on!"

You too? I laid there in bed for several hours, looking at the ceiling, trying to calm my mind.

I kept trying to say an "Our Father" for the Martin family but couldn't even get all the way through it. Just laid there in mental torment. I'm tired today, as a result. And yeah, I have work to do, and I just can't deal with it. Too messed up, internally - at least at the moment. Your answer is terrific, ms liberty. "At least I have a heart to bleed."

As my late mom used to say (I'd apply it in this case to the CONservative mindset), "heart like a BB."
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