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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 63,383

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

I hope they are, Eleanors38!

I hope they're shitting through both ends over her. I hope every damn one of 'em wakes up every morning reaching for the Maalox bottle because of her. I hope they lose sleep. Followed in short order by their jobs. I sent Davis a donation during all the fundraising deadlines at the end of June. SHE was my choice.

True, but this makes me think of Buckminster Fuller's trim tab metaphor.

Trim tabs are small end pieces on a wing or a rudder or something, that facilitates a change in direction of a very much larger object, like a ship or plane. Large objects like those are hard to move. You have to start small with something that's easy to manipulate. The trim tab moves the rudder and the rudder moves the larger vehicle.

It's remarkable how little and seemingly insignificant things can launch or accelerate something much larger.


You never know who's reading in, here. Alan Grayson does. Elizabeth Edwards used to. Fans of higher-profile writers like Will Pitt. We ALL have the potential to be trim tabs here. I just read a report linked from here that cited the Daily Kos and DU as manifestations of the Obama-is-fucked-and-nobody-supports-him-anymore interpretation. There's another level of extension beyond those "few thousand" regular readers of DU. The effect compounds and can start metastasizing like a cancer.

I just worry about damaging the brand. It can lead directly to republi-CONS snatching the White House again.

I don't regard a woman's right to choose as a "distraction issue."

And we're NOT getting wins on that, which further underscores my point. There's a psychology to this. You damage the Democratic brand by adding to the public perception that Dems are a gang that can't shoot straight or at fault for everything and then the general gullible impressionable and easily manipulated public take-away is simply "oooh, Democrats baaaaaaad." That, in turn, translates to republi-CON votes, OR it leads Democratic voters to throw up their hands and stay home on Election Day - while the GOP is motivated and fired up as all hell and their voters show up to vote and they win.

And then you start getting Kansas. Ohio. Wisconsin. Michigan. Virginia. Texas. And on.

This kind of thing Does. NOT. Happen. when Dems are in charge! And frequently, when Dems are in charge, you also have more women in charge because there are more female politicians among the Dems than among the GOP. To me as a woman, and as the mother of a young woman of childbearing age, this adverse turn of events is distressing as hell! It's become THE issue for me as a voter, first, last, and damn near always. ANY politician who is against a woman's right to choose is a non-starter for me as far as whether I'm ever gonna vote for that person, and it doesn't matter WHERE he or she stands on any other issue. Including other issues I care about deeply. But I care about this more. I have at times been forced to be reduced to one-issue voter status - it's THAT important to me. As Joe Biden would say, "this is a big fuckin' deal." I see our rights as women being eroded by the day, in state after state, in situations where men have the governing majority and that same majority is also republi-CON. We fought hard for that right, and it's systematically being taken from us, at a rate I've never seen before - and I'm 60-years-old this year. I dread seeing the GOP with such a hammer-lock on so many states. It's no good for women's rights. And they've started coming after you, too, voters-and-potential-voters-who-are-not-white-skinned. They've already gained a lot of ground going after unions also. And DAMMIT, IT'S NOT THE DEMOCRATS DOING THAT OR INITIATING THAT OR PUSHING IT THROUGH BEHIND CLOSED DOORS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WITHOUT WARNING OR SIGNING IT INTO LAW!!!

Sorry to yell. But that's the way I feel about it. It's starts and ends with that, for me. A woman's right to choose is an absolute. It's not up for discussion, or up to ANYONE but the individual woman. It is non-negotiable. And I see an astonishing few republi-CONS on my side of this issue, while Democrats are visible everywhere. The two parties are NOT the same. There IS a difference. A big one. And when a woman controls her own body, she controls her own destiny, her own future, and her own economics, both within her own domicile and filtering out into the surrounding community at large. Which, btw, sooner or later impacts and addresses every one of your concerns.

It's always easier to say no. Or to say "you can't."

I hope Joan Walsh is correct.

Just how many of our hard-won and struggled-for rights will it be just fine and dandy to take away? I don't think women want to go back. As a woman, I certainly have NO intention of going back.

I'm sorry - your screen name just made me fall on the floor laughing!!!!!



Well, I hate to stir up a shitstorm but it does make me wonder

what other DUers griping about how both parties are just all the same and just all working for the same master have to say about this.

Tell me again how the GOP and Dems are just all the same?

Madame Silverspurs makes a most excellent point.

Tell me what you expect when we beat up on Democrats relentlessly so as to damage the brand?

How pleased are we with what's going on in the various states where there aren't enough Democrats in office to stop the Bronze-Agers from trying to turn back the clock on things like women's rights, workers' rights, civil rights, and voting rights? Or are those things merely a bunch of bothersome annoyances that we really don't need anymore? You're pleased, then, with what's going on in Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan, Virginia, Texas, and more - with republi-CONS in total control?

Give that dude an anal probe - with a Rolex watch on it.

Maybe the probe should be one of those fancy designer stilletos.

THEN kick him out the door.

Perhaps. But did you see the Democrats lining up to block a certain demographic's right to vote?

Was it the Dems leading the charge to deny a woman the right to have the last word over what happens to that little piece of real estate between HER OWN neck and HER OWN knees?

Who was most likely to be active in the Occupy movement? The CONS?

Who is it - more interested in cutting taxes for the wealthy so we can pile on the poor and the working poor?

Which party is it that's more likely to want to push for a minimum wage? Oh yeah, that's a BIG heart's-desire thing for the GOP, now, isn't it?

I can't subscribe to the "meh, they're all the same" line of thinking. BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT ALL THE SAME!!!!! Unless one considers a brick to be identical to a grain of aquarium gravel, just because they both happen to be really hard.

THEIR side would have no room for an Elizabeth Warren. OURS made her a United States Senator. THEIR Side will gladly saddle you with the rand pauls and ted cruzes.

Nope. I can't concur that both sides are just basically the same.

You're not ranting anything that I myself haven't ranted, too.

Or that thousands of us here posting a lot on DU have ranted, also.

I've had this conversation with two people I know and see fairly often, who are just stuck in republi-CON-ism. One brought up that way, and one probably just rebelling against a liberal-leaning parent who - um - really wasn't all that great at parenting.

"Okay, you hate the Democrats and liberals and you believe in the GOP way of doing things...

...but you're a union member and you need those benefits because that's the only insurance coverage you can afford." (Silence.)

"...Um, you don't like government intrusion into your doctor's office - AND you have a daughter of childbearing age and you don't want the government up inside HER vagina either..." (Silence. Followed by a little half-hearted stammering about baby-killers that kinda fades off.)

"...Um, you're actually concerned about climate change and the party you embrace doth not know science, logic, climatology, or other assorted nuisance facts..." (Silence.)

"...Um, you hate racism..." (Silence.)

"...Um... you were bothered seeing all those lines around the block for hours, waiting to vote, and you thought it looked like we're a Third World country..." (Silence.)

"... Yeah, um, you disapprove of the efforts to curtail the right to vote, you actually think that's kinda not fair..." (Silence.)

"...Um, you're actually OKAY with the idea of restricting the right to vote - when it should really be open to as many people as possible?" (Silence.)

"... And you hated the war..." Them: "...but, but, but, Democrats voted for it TOO..." Me: "And who led the way? Who told the lies? WHO was out there on the front lines, and sold that bullshit to America?" (Silence.)

"...Um... you want your pot holes fixed - you know we all pay taxes to cover stuff like that. (Silence.)

"...Um... you'd have a shit-fit if there were no more food-safety inspectors and you wound up buying bad meat to feed the kids that night." (Silence.)

"...Um - you fly a lot. Don't really need all those air traffic controllers anymore, right? They cost too much. And that airline doesn't need maintenance - let 'em go ahead and cut corners to save a buck! Stupid regulators..." (Silence.)

"...Um - you didn't have ANY insurance at all were it not for the Affordable Care Act." (Silence.)

"...Um - those disability benefits you DEPEND ON, because you're unable to work and you live alone and that's the only regular income you have - DAMN those stupid liberals who fought to get that for you, correct? Let's just get rid of that!" (Silence.)

"...Um... all those meds you have to take, at least you know they're safe. But hey, we don't need all those stupid federal drug inspectors and testing then, how 'bout it? Costs too much. Heaven forbid we have to pay taxes to cover that stuff." (Silence.)

"...Um - because you depend on state aid and welfare, that means you're nothing but a lazy moocher, then, doesn't it?" (Silence.)

"...Um - those stupid fire fighters and first responders that gave their lives recently in that awful fire. But that just costs too much and we have to cut taxes even more, correct? I mean, who needs 'em?" (Silence.)

"...You believe in Jesus Christ and what He taught - like in the Beatitudes and elsewhere, in which He talked about the needs of the poor, homeless, and hungry. You say you're a Christian, but those people are just lazy moochers." (Silence.)

Then I go back to...

"...Um, you hate the idea of government intrusion into your private life or ANYBODY'S private life..." (Silence.)

Then one of them might say ... "but, but, but... right to life... baby killers... it's a baby from that moment ... my daughter, ... but God if she got raped... " Me: "... and WHOSE decision should that be - that affects HER body? Hers? Or yours, even though she'll be 26 in a few weeks? Or some politician's - who's probably a man?" (Silence.

They just don't have answers. They just don't. They can't really respond. They do anyway, of course - they've got lots of talking points and Pox Noise indoctrination and other crap to spew, but it doesn't hold water against these annoying little nuisance things that keep popping up, called FACTS. The truth, reality, facts - just don't fit the picture that's been painted for these poor folks, the way they've been indoctrinated.

At that point you'll probably start getting such retorts as "... well, I dunno..." or "meh, whatever." That's when you usually hit a brick wall. And they do too. Because they don't have good comebacks for any of this when it punches them in their own noses. The standard pull-the-string-and-the-dolly-talks talking points don't fit here. It has the unfortunate effect of forcing them to think, HERE in the real world. And that's uncomfortable. Besides, it doesn't fit with the Pox Noise propaganda they're dutifully swallowing every day. The best you can do is rattle their cages. With one of my friends - all she watches is Pox Noise. I can tell, because stuff she says comes straight out of the mouth of that-guy-whose-name-rhymes-with-Vanity. The only time she hears any other side is when she's over here at our house. And it's very confusing to her.

I guess that's where it starts. Rattling their cages and making them uncomfortable. I think you probably have to do that repeatedly before any of it cuts through and leads them to start questioning, seriously, the propaganda they're being fed. Or maybe even switching the channel from time to time to something OTHER THAN Pox Noise. But some of this is deeply ingrained.

Sometimes all you CAN do is rattle their cages. Make it just a wee bit more uncomfortable and difficult to continue mindlessly embracing these totally UN-Christian "ideals." They don't change easily because nobody wants to admit they were wrong, or worse - that they were gullible and allowed themselves to be fooled and led down the garden path. But that's where it has to start. It has to be brought down home, and the point made intimately and personally - to apply directly to THEM. Part of the problem we have to fight against is the whole notion that it's "those OTHER people" out there somewhere in Teabagger Fantasy Land who are to blame. It has to be brought home - that THEY are directly and personally affected.
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