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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
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Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

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AND she's from California. SAN FRANCISCO, California, to boot.

Blue state. Bad enough. California in particular and especially San Francisco both embody a lot of what they hate. The most broad-minded state in the union, at least I think so (biased, of course), and I think also the biggest of the melting pots. We have EVERYBODY in this state, and lots of the key demographics that are making the most noise, challenging the status quo the most, and poised to dominate or go fully mainstream in the future. The fading power of the previous Alpha category, White Male, is provoking desperation and bringing out the worst in them in the form of very negative and even antisocial reactive behavior. It's acting out. Which explains the rise of the rowdies and bullies and goons and the whole aggressive teabagger phenomenon. I'm being diplomatic in describing them as a "phenomenon." "Abberation" is more like it, IMHO. That's what happens when you start to feel outnumbered. And then add Old to the category and that makes things even worse! As it ages, it loses potency - WHICH HAPPENS TO EVER CARBON-BASED LIFE FORM ON THIS PLANET, okay????

Nancy Pelosi is on the cutting left edge of the country and represents the inevitable change that's already happening in this country, in demographics and power and general public mindset. The freepers and others of their ilk, teabaggers too, and religious whackos that have taken over the GOP know that this big tsunami is already on the way toward land and they can't do quite enough to stop it, and it's going to take over the world as they presumed to know it. They don't want it to happen, and they're NOT taking this well. And instead of trying to evolve, they're fighting it, kicking and screaming every micron of the way.

It's to be expected. Evolution is not without pain. Neither is growth. There will always be people who don't want to change. I mean, look at the Amish in this country. But they're a peaceable people. The freepers and teabaggers and so forth are anything but.

As far as Nancy Pelosi herself, what probably burns their burgers more than anything is that she's in such a safe district. Hell, even Cindy Sheehan couldn't beat her. So there's certainly no way any knuckle-dragger has any hope running against her. Nancy will never leave that seat until she chooses to walk away from it.

Welcome to DU! Good point!

Glad you're here. We need you! And you're quite correct - the simpler the message with this crowd, the better. After all, I believe it was kkkarl rove who once said "too much education isn't necessarily a good thing" - because the better-educated you are, the more likely you'll embrace the liberal view.

Now get to work. We have a reelection to secure.

Great summary, TrollBuster9090! REALLY good. Like the way you listed them, too.

I made myself a couple of copies of them. This may well provide me with the next response to one of those crackpot anti-Obama emails I get every so often. Always good to be well-supplied with rebuttals!

And yeah, your point at the end is EXCEPTIONALLY well-taken! CRITICAL to remember that you aren't just voting some candidate into the Oval Office. You are ALSO voting for all the advisors, donors, back-room friends and fellow schemers and others of like mind who DON'T have so much on the line with the public. So they can go stealth and exert all kinds of influence on judicial nominations, Cabinet officers, advisor postings, policy, etc. That's another big problem I have with wrongney. His foreign policy department is crawling with PNACers and their unfinished business left over from the truly DREADFUL dubya years.

And women in combat. I share your fury, longship!

Such small, scared, threatened people. Such very little people. Amazing the weight they can throw around.

Yes. WHY NO ERA????

And we only got an equal pay bill signed into law - with THIS presidency. How many years after this photo was that?

Welcome to DU!

This has been their way since they got nasty back in the '80s. Heady times for them with this whole seismic political shift when ronald reagan came onto the scene and brought a bunch of pre-Cambrian teabaggers with them - like newt gingrich and all his little friends in that 1980 freshman class in Congress. AWFUL. He swaggered around declaring himself a "back bench bomb-thrower" with an ego the size of the state of Alaska. And all his little friends were emboldened. And further more, because of reagan embracing and USING the passions of the religious extremists (those wackjobs FINALLY found their hero to bring them in out of the cold! Sigh!), they all assumed that victory meant THEY had God on THEIR side. When you stir a cocktail like that together, you get a pretty damn shitty drink, and an AWFUL hangover - that unfortunately lasts for decades.

Only problem with that: meg whitman.

Madame Ebay outspent Jerry Brown for CA governor by a factor of I think 12-to-1. The results were: congratulations Governor Brown!

So nobody with the big bucks learned anything from that lesson. I imagine since their behavioral pattern defaults on willful, even proud, ignorance, chronic denial, and a tendency to deflect blame onto the opponent and not accept responsibility for what they enable, they might default on all those things yet again. As in "we weren't _______ enough!" I bet a huge cross-section of them will be led by the "not CONservative enough" because they simply won't get that America is NOT as hysterically reactionary as they are. They WON'T get that. They WON'T take delivery on that. Anymore than any of them now will take delivery on the idea that you can't balance any kind of budget if you refuse to raise taxes while also refusing to cut what's popular while also refusing to put the Pentagon on a diet. Who wants to take delivery on the idea that what you believe in is not popular? Or is racist? Or is utterly stupid and not based on fact? WHILE at the same time you're being constantly media-massaged and propagandized that you're okay and that shit ideology of yours is just magic-underwear wonderful and freedomy-freedomy and free markety-free markety.

I'm guessing most of them are still thinking THIS time it'll work. And they're not ready to give up just yet. They'll go down fighting.

We are NOT dealing with a mass of people who are grown-up enough to concede, willingly, that they were wrong and their ideas and world view all SUCK. Most of them will go to their graves firmly convicted they were "right." Souls CAN be saved. And there's no reason not to try. But not every soul is salvageable.


We don't have this thing won yet.

It's looking good but this is mid-SEPTEMBER. We have to get through the first week of November. As they say... a lot can happen in just seven weeks or so. We DARE NOT take these polls too much to heart. When the enemy becomes desperate (as many suspect might be starting to happen now), God in Heaven only knows what they might try.

And we CANNOT be asleep at the switch. All hands on deck. Nobody takes any days off for the foreseeable future! We're at DefCon 5. And Red Alert. Ironic, but also literal.

This old crazy-ass dude my mother used to "keep company with" in her last years

is sending "those" emails around again. The latest one is about the ambassador's body desecrated and/or dragged through the streets.

Because it's from him, I a) don't open it - the headline in the email says it all, and b) don't believe it because it's just another one of those wrong-wing screeds that I am used to seeing from this guy.

No it's not just you! And her ladyship ann of dressage, or "ayn" for short, just doesn't get it.

SHE is "other." She and her husband. They do NOT get it. They don't even begin to get it. They're from another reality, another world. A world where you have the best that money can buy, and there is no shortage of money to ease your way and grease your skids, and nothing's a problem. Who cares if you get knocked up again? Your rich hubby can afford to keep you in comfort and style so you could just keep on spreading your legs anytime you want with no consequence. You'll never want for the finest prenatal care, the finest and most chic maternity room, the best of the first-class doctors, the best baby clothes, the most lavish nurseries, and all the nannies and household help money can buy.

Furthermore, there's so much money that you can afford to raise those kids in style! The finest schools and tutors and clothing and summers in the most luxurious style, the best Christmases money can buy, the best of everything, the finest colleges that your money can probably get them into with no sweat whatsoever so it doesn't even matter what kind of report cards they have!

As a matter of fact, you have so much money that you can afford to give them - what was it? Each of the five wrongney sons, who are healthy and strong and never had to serve in the military, was given ten million dollars to get them started? Or 20 million dollars each? I forgot how much - but what I did remember was that: the MOMENT these five boys even started out, they were set for life. Even if they did NOTHING for the rest of their lives but sit around and watch TV. They could live off that personal endowment like princes of the realm for the rest of their lives, and probably have enough that their kids would each inherit enough to live like kings for the rest of THEIR lives.

If ANYONE in this presidential campaign is "other," it's THEM! If ANYONE in this campaign is "not like us," it's the wrongneys! They're on another frickin' PLANET than the rest of us, forcryingoutloud!

No DUH! Smart people know better. He can be king of Dumbfuckistan as some call it.

sanctimonium will have to stick to the dumb shits, but unfortunately they are legion.