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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
May 1, 2020

I look at those goons with their big ol' bad-ass guns (hmmm... somebody overcompensating?)

and I find myself immediately wondering "what could possibly go wrong?"

What could possibly go wrong? And with hotheads like these, yelling, screaming, shouting, working VERY hard to intimidate and bully (as in, bully the governor AND those they see as contrary state legislators), brandishing all these military-style assault weapons, and turning the heat up all around them, emotionally, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

May 1, 2020

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/1/20 - New month, same old catastrophe :(

All times Pacific, source: Johns Hopkins/NBC News

At 9:11am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,276,447
Deaths worldwide - 234,122
Confirmed cases US - 1,080,194
Deaths US - 63,618

At 9:12am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,277,485
Deaths worldwide - 234,168
Confirmed cases US - 1,081,232
Deaths US - 63,664

At 10:05am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,281,354
Deaths worldwide - 234,295
Confirmed cases US - 1,085,101
Deaths US - 63,791

At 10:10am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,282,042
Death worldwide - 234,356
Confirmed cases US - 1,085,789
Death US - 63,852

May 1, 2020

Evidently the accuser didn't pass the Ronan Farrow test.

I read that the guy who broke the Harvey Weinstein story interviewed the accuser in depth, as did the two NY Times writers who won the Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of Weinstein’s downfall. And they found nothing but inconsistencies and factual inaccuracies in her story. And none of them chose to pursue it.

They’d know. If any one of those three said there’s nothing there, that’s good enough for me.

I just think it’s awfully fishy. Joe Biden has been around for a long time. Several decades of high profile positions and public exposure. He’s just never shown himself to be that kind of guy. That kind of behavior was never there. All the women who worked with him or worked for him in his Senate offices over all those years - not one of them ever lodged a complaint. There would have been rumors and whispers all over Capitol Hill.

Nothing. I don’t believe this accuser. She surfaces at a most suspicious time. I smell a Russian - or maybe Roger Stone.

May 1, 2020

Welcome to DU, KS Toronado!

That's a good idea! Let word get around.

May 1, 2020

Welcome to DU, mollie8!

Awwww... Good thing there always seems to be a doctor in the house, 'eh? Fix 'em up good as new!

May 1, 2020

Another update -

At 8:08am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,211,692
Deaths worldwide - 227,990
Confirmed cases US - 1,048,735
Deaths US - 61,131

At 9:22am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,216,179
Deaths worldwide - 228,068
Confirmed cases US - 1,048,735
Deaths US - 61,131

At 10:35am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,221,519
Deaths worldwide - 228,614
Confirmed cases US - 1,048,735
Deaths US - 61,131

At 11:21am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,221,775
Deaths worldwide - 228,645
Confirmed cases US - 1,048,991
Deaths US - 61,162

At 11:23am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,222,542
Deaths worldwide - 228,708
Confirmed cases US - 1,049,758
Deaths US - 61,225

At 11:27am
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,223,536
Deaths worldwide - 228,766
Confirmed cases US - 1,050,752
Deaths US - 61,283

At 12:04pm
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,226,657
Deaths worldwide - 229,138
Confirmed cases US - 1,053,873
Deaths US - 61,400

At 1:05pm
Confirmed cases worldwide - 3,228,515
Deaths worldwide - 229,200
Confirmed cases US - 1,55,731
Deaths US - 61,462

At 6:06pm
Confirmed cases US - 1,069,439
Deaths - 62,825

The figures slow up as of afternoon, Pacific time, and we don't see the rush of numbers that reflect increases hour after hour, and sometimes noticeable increase few minutes after a few more minutes.

I thought we'd never reach the Vietnam War-level casualty figure of 58,220. Surely it wouldn't get THAT bad...

April 30, 2020

You're welcome.

Just kind of compulsive about watching the numbers these days.

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